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D53 Lamp

Jonathan A. Weiland

Full ICV Coordinate Table

Eric Klein

Tracking neocortical dynamics using genetically-encoded bioluminescent molecules in vivo

Manuel Gomez-Ramirez, A. Ian More, Nina G. Friedman, Jeremy M. Murphy, Akash Pal, Diane Lipscombe, Ute Hochgeschwender & Christopher I. Moore

Passive Solar Oven High School Lesson Plan

Appendix 2 Data

Leah Nation

Appendix 3 Data

Leah Nation

Chapter 5 Data

Leah Nation

Bioprinting Landscape: Technology and Trends Report

Andrew Thomson

The Myth of the Mundane: Situating Mudbrick Royal Palaces in Ancient Egyptian Cosmology

Luiza Osorio G. Da Silva

The Effect of Lubricin on TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Hyung Jin Lee

Mining Spatio-temporal Data on Industrialization from Historical Registries

David Berenbaum, Dwyer Deighan, Thomas Marlow, Ashley Lee, Scott Frickel & Mark Howison

Table of Contents

Jordan Jones & Luís Gonçalves

Angra e os primos da América

Diniz Borges

Three Poems

Stuart Blazer

Portuguese-Americans in the Judiciary

Hon. Phillip Rapoza

Table of Contents

Luís Adão Da Fonseca, Onésimo Almeida, António Costa Pinto, José Luís Cardoso & Mafalda Soares Da Cunha

The Memory of the Portuguese First Republic throughout the Twentieth Century

José Miguel Sardica

Inquisitorial Punishments in Lisbon and Évora

R. Warren Anderson

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