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Image Data from "Mechanophenotyping of 3D multicellular clusters using displacement arrays of rendered tractions"

Leggett SE, Patel M, Valentin TM, Gamboa L, Khoo AS, Williams EK, Franck C & Wong IY

Is ability group placement biased? New data, new methods, new answers

Ana P. Cañedo Paul T. Von Hippel

Teacher Preferences, Working Conditions, and Compensation Structure

Andrew C. Johnston

rchive for Developing a Spatial Approach for Toxic Transferal from Industrial and Vacant Land Uses to Green Infrastructure

Texas A&M University Brown University

Dillon Fuchsman, Tim R. Sass, Gema Zamarro

Teacher Turnover Testing

Supplementary materials from "Variability Among States in the Prevalence and Healthcare Utilization of Assisted Living Residents with Dementia"

Kali S. Thomas, Wenhan Zhang, Portia Y. Cornell, Paula C. Carder, Lindsey Smith & Brian Kaskie


Samuel Bell, Daniel Spade & Andras Zsom


Samuel Bell, Daniel Spade & Andras Zsom


Samuel Bell, Daniel Spade & Andras Zsom

Best Fit Models

Samuel Bell, Daniel Spade & Andras Zsom


Samuel Bell, Daniel Spade & Andras Zsom

The Unavoidable: Tomorrow's Teacher Compensation

Eric A. Hanushek

Data from "Automated identification of multinucleated germ cells with U-Net"

Samuel Bell, Daniel Spade & Andras Zsom

Project: Interventions for Substance Use Disorders in Adolescents: A Systematic Review

Dale W. Steele, Sara J. Becker, Kristin J. Danko, Ethan M. Balk, Ian J. Saldanha, Gaelen P. Adam, Sarah M. Bagley, Catherine Friedman, Anthony Spirito, Kelli Scott, Evangelia E. Ntzani, Iman Saeed, Bryant Smith, Jonah Popp & Thomas A. Trikalinos

Effects of Charter School Competition on District School Budgeting Decisions: Experimental Evidence from Texas

Christian Barnard Corey A. DeAngelis

Rhode Island Municipal Hazard Mitigation Plans

State Of Rhode Island

Supplementary Materials for Jon Nelson's Dissertation

Jon Nelson

Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank Municipal Resilience Program Summary of Findings Reports

Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank

Can Camp Get You Into a Good Secondary School? A Field Experiment of Targeted Instruction in Kenya

Daniel Rodriguez-Segura Beth Schueler

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