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Three types of hypoglycemic agents (DPP- 4Is, GLP-1RAs, SGLT-2Is) for patients with type 2 diabetes: effectiveness and safety evaluation network meta-analysis

Sun Feng, Liu Fengqi, Yu Shuqing, Gao Le, Yang Zhirong, Wu Shanshan, Zhang Yuan, Chai Sanbao, Ji Linong & Zhan Siyan

Defending Labor Rights: On the Barricades and In the Boardroom

Michael A. Santoro

Explaining the Violent Solution in Indonesia

Freek Colombijn

European Foreign Policy in the Making

Per Stig Mller

Weighing the Scales: The Internet's Effect On State-Society Relations

Daniel W. Drezner

Digital Dilemmas: Transnational Politics in the Twenty-First Century

M.I. Franklin

Left Behind? Women, Politics, and Development in India

Niraja Gopal Jayal

Gender Inequality and Religious Personal Laws in India

Archana Parashar

The World Bank's Fight against Corruption

Heather Marquette

Wolfowitz, the World Bank, and Illegitimate Lending

Joseph Hanlon

The Age of Petrostates

Fareed Zakaria, Jillian Moo-Young & Barron Youngsmith

The Race to the Center and Other Lessons of Globalization

Jagdish Bhagwati & Kenta Tsuda

A Silk Road for Oil: Sino-Kazakh Energy Diplomacy

Janet Xuanli Liao

The Eurasian Energy Triangle: China, Russia, and the Central Asian States

Stephen J. Blank

Calvinism as a Precedent for Islamic Radicalism

Richard Mansbach

Prospects for Post-Western Christianity in Asia and Elsewhere

Lamin Sanneh

The Futile Pursuit of \"Energy Security\" by Military Force

Michael T. Klare

Examining Resource Scarcity: Omniviolence and State Capacity

Daniel Deudney, Andrew Garin, Trevor Gleason & Adrianne Lesser

Europe's Flickering Philadelphia Moment

Russell L. Riley

Cuba's Uncertain Future after Fidel

Edward Gonzalez & Kevin F. Mccarthy

A New Generation of Autocracy in Egypt

Jason Brownlee

The J Curve and Authoritarian Leadership Transitions

Ian Bremmer, Willis Sparks & Craig Kennedy

Genetically Modified Food and Foreign Aid

Peter Singer & Krishna Chokshi

The Social Dimension of Trade: The Village Blacksmith Paradox

Franklin L. Lavin

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