79 Works

Designing the alto.glove

Seth Dominicus Thorn

Schaulust: Sonic Focus Performance : excerpt

Mark Cetilia

CreatureCast - Phylogenies

JD Laurence-Chasen

Balance: A Grounding With My Sisters

CreatureCast – Dracunculus

Hadley Witt

Cold Light

Raisa Khan

The Global Food-Waste Crisis and the Danish Solution

Elise M. Dadourian

Can RNA Splicing Errors Cause Disease?

Human microbiome

Apathy and steel : mountains of cinder

Mark Cetilia

Planetary impact, impact jetting and chondrules in less than 5 minutes

Katherine Pisani

James Bohman: An Oral History

Lena Bohman

Composing with the Limitations of 8-bit Video Game Music

Mark Benis

The CANSCORE: A Guide to the Clinical Assessment of Nutritional Status at Birth

Meredith Adamo

Code library and video from article \"Depinning as a coagulation process\"

Melih İşeri & David C. Kaspar


Seth Dominicus Thorn

Movie: Bioluminescence when injecting coelenterazine directly in cortex (1/2)

Manuel Gomez-Ramirez

Long-term imaging of a new fluorescent protein variant

Nathan Shaner & Gerard Lambert

Off The Record

Will Berry

The Water Detectives

Rotating body-tethered Pseudomonas aeruginosa (phase contrast)

Jordan Bell & Jay X. Tang

Body-tethered Caulobacter crescentus rotating in one direction with multiple speeds (phase contrast)

Jordan Bell & Jay X. Tang

Long-duration rotation of body-tethered Vibrio alginolyticus (phase contrast)

Jordan Bell & Jay X. Tang

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