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Summary tables for 2019 release of JCAP Materials Experiment and Analysis Database

John Gregoire & Edwin Soedarmadji
Plate.csv containing 1 row for each plate and composition.csv containing 1 row for each composition sample described in the seminal public release of the JCAP Materials Experiment and Analysis Database, described in publication "Tracking materials science data lineage to manage millions of materials experiments and analyses", doi: 10.1038/s41524-019-0216-x with web interface hosted at https://htejcap.org or https://doi.org/10.25989/es8t-kswe

OER catalyst data for active learning benchmarking study

John Gregoire, Brian Rohr, Helge S Stein, Dan Guevarra, Yu Wang, Joel A Haber, Muratahan Aykol & Santosh K Suram
Collection of catalyst activity data for 4 sets of compositions. The py3 dictionary .pck is indexed first by the plate_id (identifier for the dataset) and then keys such as "comp" that provides the metals composition for each catalyst and "fom" that provides the catalyst figure of merit (overpotential at 3 mA/cm2) for each catalyst. Example use of dataset in https://github.com/SantoshSuram-TRI/ACE-I

caltechlibrary/dataset: import and uuid support added

You can now import JSON documents from rows of a CSV file. The JSON documents can be created with a generated UUID.

Slab Rollback Orogeny model: A test-of-concept

Luca Dal Zilio
This dataset contains data used in Dal Zilio et al., (2020): Slab Rollback Orogeny model: A test-of-concept

A quantitative sequencing framework for absolute abundance measurements of mucosal and lumenal microbial communities

Jacob Barlow, Said Bogatyrev & Rustem Ismagilov
Full dataset for "A quantitative sequencing framework for absolute abundance measurements of mucosal and lumenal microbial communities" currently in review.

Ungridded TROPOMI SIF (at 740nm)

Ungridded solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (at 740nm) data set in netCDF4 format with explanations in file itself (self contained). Can be opened with standard tools such as Panoply.

REAP-seq protein and mRNA counts

Gennady Gorin, Valentine Svensson & Lior Pachter
Protein count data were acquired from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/query/acc.cgi?acc=GSM2685243, file GSM2685243_protein_2_PBMCs_matrix.txt.gz, and processed into csv format. Aligned bam file was acquired from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/query/acc.cgi?acc=GSM2685238, file mRNA_2_PBMCs_possorted_genome_bam.bam. velocyto processing: velocyto run (bam directory)/mRNA_2_PBMCs_possorted_genome_bam.bam(transcriptome directory)/genes/genes.gtf

Nitrosopumilus maritimus

Atlas of Bacterial and Archaeal Cell Structure

Haloarcula argentinensis

Atlas of Bacterial and Archaeal Cell Structure

Escherichia coli

Atlas of Bacterial and Archaeal Cell Structure

Delftia acidovorans

Atlas of Bacterial and Archaeal Cell Structure

Formation Kinetics of Ethane Clathrate on Titan

Tuan H. Vu
Data behind figures for "Rapid Formation of Clathrate Hydrate From Liquid Ethane and Water Ice on Titan," published in Geophysical Research Letters on Jan 29, 2020

mhucka/readmine: Release 1.0.3 – Fix some TOC links

This release fixes a couple of incorrect internal cross-links in the README file. There are no other changes.


Manuel Bedrossian
This repository contains all code for the automated tracking of particles contained in DHM data as referenced in the PhD Thesis of Manuel Bedrossian. Please refer to the thesis text and appendices for more information on the code as well as instructions on its use.

caltechlibrary/ames: Reports and dependencies updates

Thomas E Morrell & Robert Doiel
This update sets up ames to work on the new 0.1 series release of py_dataset. It adjusts for DataCite content negotiation changes to citations, and more reasonably handles updating the history of records in CaltechDATA. Some dataset collections were renamed so one can run multiple types of reports or updates at the same time. There are new Archives accession format and agent reports. New thesis, funding, and more flexible creator reports are available for CODA...

Phenazine survival TnSeq

Scott Saunders
This dataset is supplementary material for Scott Saunders's thesis. Specifically it is associated with the appendix: IDENTIFYING MECHANISMS OF PHENAZINE CYCLING WITH TN-SEQ. This dataset is the result of a genetic screen for mechanisms of phenazine mediated survival in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Please see the thesis, "Mechanisms of phenazine-mediated extracellular electron transfer by Pseudomonas aeruginosa" for more detail.

caltechlibrary/dataset: cloud storage options

dataset supports collections stored in both Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3. The release also includes + bug fixes + re-indexing specific keys in a collection + joining JSON blobs to existing collection records + added options for _dataset_ command (e.g. --no-newline, -quiet) + added options for _dsfind_ and improved CSV handline + added Let's Encrypt/ACME cert support to _dsws_

Data for \"Seasonal cycle of idealized polar clouds: large eddy simulations driven by a GCM\"

Xiyue Zhang, Tapio Schneider, Zhaoyi Shen, Kyle Pressel & Ian Eisenman
We provide data sets used to produce results in the paper "Seasonal cycle of idealized polar clouds: large eddy simulations driven by a GCM". Data sets include GCM forcing files, ensemble mean LES output files, and offline RRTMG (radiative transfer) files. Update 2021-10-01: Rerun offline RRTMG for cloud liquid + ice and liquid-only cases, then calculated the ensemble average of radiative fluxes

caltechlibrary/py_dataset: Major upgrade of libdataset

Robert Doiel & Thomas E Morrell
This release brings py_dataset up to libdataset v0.1.6. Much has changed including breaking changes. Google Sheet, S3, Google Cloud Storage integration has been dropped. Functions that only returned a error string now return True on success and False otherwise. The error string is available with `dataset.error_message()`. Namaste functions have been added for a collection's metadata. Deplicate function defs have been removed. A few functions got renamed, overloaded functions got split into separate ones (e.g. frames...

Visualizing endogenous fluorescence throughout a cleared mouse vertebral body.

Ken Chan, Alon Greenbaum & Viviana Gradinaru
The movie shows an L4 vertebra body of a mouse. The intervertebral disks labeled in red can be seen in the vertical edge of the image. Longitudinal sections (30 µm thick) of the vertebra body at different depths can also be seen where the red channel shows Sox9+ cells and the green channel shows tissue autofluorescence.

Ryan S. Marshall Thesis Supplementary Video - Ice Grain Growth

Ryan S. Marshall
This repository contains six segments of the 10 second movie of ice grain growth in a Helium plasma recorded by a Photron SA-X2 camera at 4,000 frames per second. The six segments start at t = 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9.9 seconds into the video. Each segment is 0.1 seconds of video recorded in real time. The video is played back at 10 frames per second and so each 0.1 seconds of video...

caltechlibrary/py_dataset: Update Documentation and Match Dataset Release Number

Robert Doiel & Thomas E Morrell
This release includes updated documentation is available via pypi. The version number has been increased to match the underlying dataset shared library version number.

Sequences associated with Anders Knight's thesis research

Anders Knight
DNA and amino-acid sequences for proteins and oligonucleotide primer sequences used as part of Anders Knight's thesis research. Stored in csv format.

drmittelstein/oncotripsy v1.1

This repository includes scripts that simulate cavitating bubbles' amplification of incident ultrasound pressure waves.

Data related to Li et al. (2020). Current Biology.

Ya-tang Li & Markus Meister
This is data and codes related to Li et al. (2020). Functional Architecture of Motion Direction in the Mouse Superior Colliculus. Current Biology.

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