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Extragenic Suppresors of Heat Shock Activated GOα. Topic I: Cyclin in Heat Shock Response. Topic II: Signalling by Go and Gq in C. elegans

Wen J. Chen
In the nematode C. elegans, heterotrimeric G proteins have been shown to regulate the behavior of locomotion, feeding and egg-laying. Go belongs to Gi family and only exists in organisms with a nervous system. The signaling downstream of Go has been a mystery since its discovery, and it is what we are determined to find out. Loss of Goα causes animals to be hyperactive and lay eggs constitutively. Overexpressing Goα causes opposite phenotypes. Another α...

Cryogenic Strain Application to Two-Dimensional Electron Systems and the Stripe State

Bart Hunter McGuyer
Electrons confined to move in a plane are collectively known as a two-dimensional electron system (2DES). Engineered GaAs/AlGaAs samples are grown to create 2DESs between internal layers. At very low temperatures and in the presence of a large perpendicular magnetic field, 2DESs have lead to the discovery of striking new physics such as the various quantum Hall effects and a recently discovered anisotropic state. Characterized by a large difference between conduction along two orthogonal in-plane...

The Manto Type Limestone Replacement Deposits of Northern Mexico

John Wilfred Patterson
A study has been made of the principal manto type limestone replacement deposits of northern Mexico. Three of the districts, Los Lamentos and Santa Eulalia in Chihuahua, and Mapimi in Durango, are described in detail. The sedimentary rocks are correlated with the Texas Comanchean formations. The ore deposits are confined to certain beds of Upper Trinity and Lower Fredericksburg age. Data show that it is the physical and not the chemical properties of the limestone...

Scour and fill in ephemeral streams

A study of the entrainment and turbulence in a plane buoyant jet

Tsunamis: Non-Breaking and Breaking Solitary Wave Run-Up

Wave uplift pressures on horizontal platforms

Process Migration and Transactions Using a Novel Intermediate Language

Application Development using Compositional Performance Analysis

Perturbation Methods for Image Synthesis

IDebug: An Advanced Debugging Framework for Java

Gauge Theories of Vector Particles.

A Parallel Programming Model with Sequential Semantics

Energy-Delay Complexity of Asynchronous Circuits

Concurrent Simulations of Plasma Reactors for VLSI Manufacturing

A Compiler for a Subset of Modula-3

Capture efficiency of a constant gradient electron synchrotron

A Chip Assembler

Design Rules for Non-Atomic Implementations of PRS

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