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Development of Protein-Catalyzed Capture (PCC) Agents with Application to the Specific Targeting of the E17K Point Mutation of AKt1

Kaycie Marie Deyle
This thesis describes the expansion and improvement of the iterative in situ click chemistry OBOC peptide library screening technology. Previous work provided a proof-of-concept demonstration that this technique was advantageous for the production of protein-catalyzed capture (PCC) agents that could be used as drop-in replacements for antibodies in a variety of applications. Chapter 2 describes the technology development that was undertaken to optimize this screening process and make it readily available for a wide variety...

Application of fiber amplifiers to fiber lasers and terahertz spectroscopy

Namkyoo Park
Starting with a review of the Erbium doped fiber amplifier, this thesis will describe the construction, intensity noise, linewidth, stabilization techniques, and spectroscopic applications of the Erbium doped fiber ring laser developed as a part of the thesis research activity. This laser, which uses the Erbium doped fiber amplifier as its gain module within fiber based ring resonator, exhibits excellent sidemode suppression (>70dB) and intensity noise properties (shot noise limited beyond GHz regime) with ultranarrow...

Visualizing Small Proteins with the cryoEM Platform and The Structure of the Vibrio cholerae Type IV Competence Pilus Secretin PilQ

Sara Jean Weaver
Solving protein structures by single-particle cryoelectron microscopy (cryo-EM) has become a crucial tool in structural biology. While exciting progress is being made toward the visualization of small macromolecules, the median protein size in both eukaryotes and bacteria is still beyond the reach of cryo-EM. To overcome this problem, we implemented a platform strategy in which a small protein target was rigidly attached to a large, symmetric base via a selectable adapter. Of our seven designs,...

Hunting for Hidden Explosions: Exploring the Transient Infrared Sky with the Spitzer Space Telescope

Jacob Edmund Jencson
The study of time-variable astronomical phenomena is undergoing an explosive renaissance ushered in by recent advancements in capabilities to monitor the sky from radio to gamma rays. The infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum provides a unique window to uncover a vast array of stellar eruptions and explosions that are otherwise obscured; however, the dynamic infrared sky has remained largely unexplored. To uncover these hidden cosmic explosions, I undertook a systematic search in the infrared...

High-Cycle Dynamic Cell Fatigue with Applications on Oncotripsy

Erika Figueroa-Schibber
The method of oncotripsy (from Greek, onco- meaning "tumor" and –tripsy "to break") exploits aberrations in the material properties and morphology of cancerous cells to target them selectively using tuned low-intensity pulsed ultrasound. Compared to other noninvasive ultrasound treatments that ablate malignant tissue, oncotripsy has the capability of targeting unhealthy tissue with minimal damage to healthy cells in the ablation process. We propose a model of oncotripsy that follows as an application of cell dynamics,...

Seismic Waveform Modeling of Natural Hazards and Sharp Structural Boundaries

Voon Hui Lai
Seismic waveform modeling is a powerful tool for seismologists to learn about the Earth’s dynamics, either how a natural hazard evolves with time, or the long-term deformation process governed by fine-scale structures along boundaries inside the Earth. Knowing that the recorded seismograms reflect the cumulative effects of the source, the earth structure, and the instrument response, I carefully study the characters of the seismograms such as the arrival time, amplitude, frequency content, and multipathing, for...

Wind tunnel investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of high lift devices on supersonic wings at low subsonic speed

J. E. Densmore
An investigation was made to determine the effect of various high lift devices on a highly sweptforward wing with a leading edge sweep angle of 55 degrees and on a straight wing, both wings having an aspect ratio of 1.72 and the same span. Experimental tests were made in the Cal Tech - Merrill low speed wind tunnel at Pasadena City College on both types of wing with and without fuselage. High lift devices investigated...

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Silicon and Carbon Surfaces

Shenda Mary Baker
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) investigations and additional surface analyses were performed on carbon and silicon surfaces. A number of anomalies have been observed on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG), including large corrugations, distorted images, large range of tip motion and the absence of defects. A mechanism involving direct contact between tip and sample or contact through a contamination layer to provide an additional conduction pathway is proposed. This model of point-contact imaging provides an explanation...

Boundary Integral Equation Methods for Simulation and Design of Photonic Devices

Emmanuel Garza
This thesis presents novel boundary integral equation (BIE) and associated optimization methodologies for photonic devices. The simulation and optimization of such structures is a vast and rapidly growing engineering area, which impacts on design of optical devices such as waveguide splitters, tapers, grating couplers, and metamaterial structures, all of which are commonly used as elements in the field of integrated photonics. The design process has been significantly facilitated in recent years on the basis of...

On the flow of vapor between liquid surfaces

Warren Edward Mathews
An analysis of the one-dimensional flow of vapor between parallel liquid surfaces of identical composition but different temperatures is presented. The low velocity steady flow analysis reported previously by Plesset is extended to steady flows in which the Mach number approaches unity, and to low velocity flows in which the liquid surface spacing and temperatures are allowed to vary slowly with time. More important among the new results obtained are 1) an exact solution in...

Submicron Systems Architecture Project : Semiannual Technical Report

Computer Science Technical Reports

The Charged Particle Multiplicity at Center of Mass Energies from 900 GeV to 7 TeV Measured with the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider

Heather Mary Gray
The first measurements made by the ATLAS experiment at the LHC are presented. The charged particle multiplicity, its dependence on transverse momentum and pseudorapidity, and the relationship between mean transverse momentum and pseudorapidity are measured for events with at least one charged particle in the kinematic range |η| 500 MeV. The charged particle multiplicity distributions are measured at the three centre of mass energies at which protons have been collided in the LHC: 900 GeV,...

Radiation from an Electric Dipole in an Anisotropic Cold Plasma

Hans H. Kuehl
The general expression for the far-zone dyadic Green's function in an anisotropic medium is presented. The radiation of an electric dipole in a cold plasma is considered. Expressions for the far-zone radiation from a dipole for the case of weak magnetic field and low plasma density are derived. Expressions are also obtained for the case of an infinite magnetic field.

Highly Informative Analytical Platforms for Rapid, Non-Invasive Diagnosis and Stratification of Patients with Cancer

Ophir Vermesh
As the tissue that contains the largest representation of the human proteome, blood is the most important fluid for clinical diagnostics. However, although changes of plasma protein profiles reflect physiological or pathological conditions associated with many human diseases, only a handful of plasma proteins are routinely used in clinical tests. Reasons for this include the intrinsic complexity of the plasma proteome, the heterogeneity of human diseases and the rapid degradation of proteins in sampled blood....

Design of an Aerial Tramway

John William Piper
An Aerial Tramway is a device for transporting material in receptacles over wire ropes supported at various elevations above the ground by means of posts or standards. Wire rope has been known for many centuries, and there is a drawing of a ropeway appearing in a book dated 1411.

An experimental investigation of the transfer of heat from small wires to a viscous compressible fluid

Richard J Magnus
A steam tunnel, suitable for making experimental measurements of the heat transfer from fine wires to a viscous compressible fluid, was developed and constructed. Measurements of Nusselt numbers and recovery temperatures were carried out using small-diameter (0.00038 to 0.00254 cm.) tungsten wires in steam flow with Reynolds numbers ranging from about 1 to 12 and with nominal Mach numbers of 0.5 to 1.7. Considerable difference was found between the Nusselt numbers for wires in subsonic...

Neutral pion photoproduction from deuterium in the energy range 1/2 to 1 Bev

Harry H. Bingham
NOTE: Text or symbols not renderable in plain ASCII are indicated by [...]. Abstract is included in .pdf document. Gamma rays from the decay of neutral pions photoproduced in the bremsstrahlung beam of the Caltech synchrotron from high density deuterium and hydrogen gas have been observed with a Thallium Chloride crystal gamma ray spectrometer. Integral gamma ray yields and gamma ray energy spectra have been obtained for several bremsstrahlung endpoint energies from 0.6 to 1.08...

Aspects of Topological String Theory

Paul Langabi Hogan Cook
Two aspects of the topological string and its applications are considered in this thesis. Firstly, non-perturbative contributions to the OSV conjecture relating four-dimensional extremal black holes and the closed topological string partition function are studied. A new technique is formulated for encapsulating these contributions for the case of a Calabi-Yau manifold constructed by fibering two line bundle over a torus, with the unexpected property that the resulting non-perturbative completion of the topological string partition function...

Some approximate solutions of dynamic problems in the linear theory of thin elastic shells

Michael Philip Mortell
Some aspects of wave propagation in thin elastic shells are considered. The governing equations are derived by a method which makes their relationship to the exact equations of linear elasticity quite clear. Finite wave propagation speeds are ensured by the inclusion of the appropriate physical effects. The problem of a constant pressure front moving with constant velocity along a semi-infinite circular cylindrical shell is studied. The behavior of the solution immediately under the leading wave...

A Proximity Formulation of Nuclear Dynamics

Gregory John Ball
The nuclear potential, the transfer-induced dissipation, and the mass diffusion coefficient in heavy-ion collisions are investigated in a proximity formulation. An energy-dependent nuclear potential is calculated in the frozen wave function approximation using two slabs of symmetric nuclear matter, each described by Hartree-Fock single-particle wave functions. Corrections to the inertia parameter are also evaluated from this potential. The flux entering the window formula for the friction between two heavy ions is calculated in a simple...

GW190425: Strain and Data Quality Data Set observed by LIGO and Virgo

LIGO Scientific Collaboration and VIRGO Collaboration

Current on an Infinitely Long Cylindrical Antenna

Hans H. Kuehl
The infinitely long circular cylindrical antenna driven at some cross section by a localized electromotive force, V, circumscribing the cylinder in a peripheral band is considered. The asymptotic expression for the current at large distances from the driving e.m.f. is derived using the saddle point method. It is shown that the amplitude of this current is proportional to the reciprocal of the logarithm of axial distance from the driving e.m.f.

Radiation Patterns of the Noise Emission from a Gaseous Discharge

Nick George
Theoretical and experimental radiation patterns are given in spectral form for the thermal radiation from a cylindrical discharge column which is adjacent to a long thin slot in a metallic plane. A spatial distribution is predicted which exhibits interference minima and maxima when the length of the slot and the wavelength of the emission are the same order of magnitude. The analysis is based on Maxwell's equations and the Leontovich-Rytov distributed-source generalization of Nyquist's noise...

The evaporation rate of liquid droplets in a hot gas

Frederic William Hartwig
Calculations have been carried out in order to determine the rate of evaporation of a liquid droplet surrounded by hot gases. The present study represents an extension of earlier work by Penner on evaporation rates for isothermal droplets. Thus, allowance was made for temperature gradients withing the droplet (a) by considering a droplet composed of an isothermal core and an isothermal shell and (b) by utilizing the actual termperature profile in the droplet as established...

Geology of a Portion of the Lompoc Quadrangle of Santa Barbara County, California

Lozell Charles Hookway
In the southern coastal region of California the Tertiary formations are extensively developed and present many problems of geological interest. The development of their petroleum contents make them of marked economic interest. An area in the Santa Ynez Range was chosen with a view to working out in some detail the structure and stratigraphy of this division of the coast range. The earliest reports of the geology of the Santa Ynez Range are to be...

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