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Geology of a Portion of the Lompoc Quadrangle of Santa Barbara County, California

Lozell Charles Hookway
In the southern coastal region of California the Tertiary formations are extensively developed and present many problems of geological interest. The development of their petroleum contents make them of marked economic interest. An area in the Santa Ynez Range was chosen with a view to working out in some detail the structure and stratigraphy of this division of the coast range. The earliest reports of the geology of the Santa Ynez Range are to be...

Biophysical and Network Mechanisms of High Frequency Extracellular Potentials in the Rat Hippocampus

Erik W. Schomburg
A fundamental question in neuroscience is how distributed networks of neurons communicate and coordinate dynamically and specifically. Several models propose that oscillating local networks can transiently couple to each other through phase-locked firing. Coherent local field potentials (LFP) between synaptically connected regions is often presented as evidence for such coupling. The physiological correlates of LFP signals depend on many anatomical and physiological factors, however, and how the underlying neural processes collectively generate features of different...

Dynamics of Resolved Polar Clouds

Xiyue Zhang
The polar regions have been experiencing rapid warming and ice loss as greenhouse gas concentrations have risen. The projected warming in the Arctic varies significantly across climate models, part of which is attributed to polar cloud feedbacks. This thesis addresses the question of what drives the changes in polar clouds as the climate warms, using a large eddy simulation (LES) model. LES is a powerful high-resolution model that resolves the most energetic turbulence relevant for...

Using Earth Deformation Caused by Surface Mass Loading to Constrain the Elastic Structure of the Crust and Mantle

Hilary Rose Martens
Surface mass loads come in many different varieties, including the oceans, atmosphere, rivers, lakes, glaciers, ice caps, and snow fields. The loads migrate over Earth's surface on time scales that range from less than a day to many thousand years. The weights of the shifting loads exert normal forces on Earth's surface. Since the Earth is not perfectly rigid, the applied pressure deforms the shape of the solid Earth in a manner controlled by the...

Ck Continuity of Subdivision Surfaces

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Optimization and Control of Power Flow in Distribution Networks

Masoud Farivar
Climate change is arguably the most critical issue facing our generation and the next. As we move towards a sustainable future, the grid is rapidly evolving with the integration of more and more renewable energy resources and the emergence of electric vehicles. In particular, large scale adoption of residential and commercial solar photovoltaics (PV) plants is completely changing the traditional slowly-varying unidirectional power flow nature of distribution systems. High share of intermittent renewables pose several...

Computer-Aided Measurement of Microwave Circuits

Wyman Lee Williams
Instruments that measure the scattering parameters of microwave circuits generally have large systematic errors due to unavoidable parasitics in the instruments. These errors can be modeled analytically, however, and removed through a calibration procedure. A personal computer is well suited to the performance of the required calculations. Combining a personal computer with a microwave network analyzer results in a flexible and accurate automatic instrument. Two such automatic network analyzers are presented here. A new type...

Providing Easier Access to Remote Objects in Client-Server Systems

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Surface Drawing

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The Deformations of Thin Nematic Elastomer Sheets

Paul P. Plucinsky
Thin structures exhibit a broad range of mechanical responses as the competition between stretching and bending in these structures can result in buckling and localized deformations like folding and tension wrinkling. Active materials also exhibit a broad range of mechanical responses as features that manifest themselves at the microscale in these materials result in mechanical couplings at the engineering scale (thermal/electrical/dissipative) and novel function (e.g., the shape memory effect and piezoelectricity in select metal alloys...

Programming Molecular Association and Viscoelastic Behavior in Protein Hydrogels

Lawrence Joseph Dooling
Recombinant artificial proteins contain genetically encoded information that specifies their assembly into higher order structures by physical or chemical cross-linking as well as elastic behavior and biological or chemical function. This thesis describes the use of artificial proteins to construct molecular networks containing covalent cross-links involving the thiol side chain of cysteine residues and physical cross-links involving the association of helical domains as coiled coils. The goal of this work was to demonstrate how the...

Efficiency and Inefficiency in the Operation of the Bureau of Power and Light of Los Angeles, California

Charles Fordham Stearns
In work of this nature it is advisable to state definitely the problem attempted in order that the reader may have a clear understanding of the object of the work undertaken. The problem involved is to determine the efficiency and inefficiency in the operation of the Bureau of Power and Light of Los Angeles, California, as it exists at the present time. This will be more on the order of a government investigation than a...

Design, construction, and applications of a high-resolution terahertz time-domain spectrometer

Daniel Brian Holland
This thesis reports on the design, construction, and initial applications of a high-resolution terahertz time-domain ASOPS spectrometer. The instrument employs asynchronous optical sampling (ASOPS) between two Ti:sapphire ultrafast lasers operating at a repetition rate of approximately 80 MHz, and we thus demonstrate a THz frequency resolution approaching the limit of that repetition rate. This is an order of magnitude improvement in resolution over typical THz time-domain spectrometers. The improved resolution is important for our primary...

A Survey of Results in Modern Precision Cosmology

Anthony Robert Pullen
In this work, we evaluate the evidence for some of the more exotic ideas in cosmology for which scientists are searching today, these anomalies being dark matter, statistical anisotropy, and non-Gaussianity. Dark matter, which is estimated to comprise 83% of the matter in our universe, still remains undiscovered. We search data from the Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope for a gamma-ray line in the energy range 0.1-10 GeV from the 10X10 degree region around the...

Toward Understanding Astrophysical Phenomena

Jing Luan
Fast radio bursts (FRBs), a novel type of radio pulse, whose physics is not yet understood at all. Only a handful of FRBs had been detected when we started this project. Taking account of the scant observations, we put physical constraints on FRBs. We excluded proposals of a galactic origin for their extraordinarily high dispersion measures (DM), in particular stellar coronas and HII regions. Therefore our work supports an extragalactic origin for FRBs. We show...

Insights into the Geologic History of Mars’ Northern Lowlands from Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Lu Pan
Hydrated minerals, identified on Mars using near-infrared spectroscopy data, reveal new insights into the aqueous processes and evolution of climate in the history of Mars. Through investigations of the mineralogical record using near-infrared spectroscopy, this dissertation focuses on the geologic history and aqueous processes in the northern lowlands of Mars in order to assess the existence of a long-lived global ocean, the extent and volume of Noachian-Hesperian volcanic flows filling the northern lowlands, the nature...

A Chip Assembler

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Tailoring the Permanent Formula to Problem Instances

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Demographic Studies of Extrasolar Planets

Timothy Davies Morton
Uncovering the demographics of extrasolar planets is crucial to understanding the processes of their formation and evolution. In this thesis, we present four studies that contribute to this end, three of which relate to NASA's Kepler mission, which has revolutionized the field of exoplanets in the last few years. In the pre-Kepler study, we investigate a sample of exoplanet spin-orbit measurements---measurements of the inclination of a planet's orbit relative to the spin axis of its...

Understanding the Symbiosis in Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Through Metabolic, Biosynthetic and Transcriptomic Activities

Hang Yu
Microorganisms provide essential ecological services to our planet. Their combined activities control and shape our environment as we know today. In the deep sea, a microbial mediated process known as anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM) consumes large amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas and a valuable energy resource. How this symbiosis works is poorly understood. In this thesis, I tested current hypotheses on the symbiotic mechanisms in AOM microbial consortia, consisting of a partnership...

Obtaining Steady High-Voltage Direct Current from a Thermionic Rectifier, Without a Filter

Francis William Maxstadt
The usual polyphase high-voltage rectifier produces a potential essentially constant out having superposed on it a "ripple" or alternating component whose amplitude on each side of the mean is from five to seven per cent of the total d-c. voltage. Condensers and reactors are used to filter the ripple out. The paper describes a special type of a-c. generator which will give the proper low-voltage wave form for rectification as a more nearly smooth direct...

Free-Surface Turbulent Shear Flows

Patrice Michel Maheo
The structure and dynamics of turbulent wakes and shear layers in the presence of a clean free surface have been investigated experimentally using digital particle image velocimetry (DPIV). The purpose of this study was to determine the extent and characteristics of the influence, if any, of the free surface on these underlying turbulent shear flows. The free surface was found to affect the dynamics of turbulence within a surface layer on the order of one...

The Origin and Evolution of Amorphous Silica Coatings on Young Hawaiian Basalts

Steven Michael Chemtob
Young basaltic lavas on the Big Island of Hawaii frequently feature brightly colored surface coatings. These coatings, the product of interaction of volcanically-derived acidic fluids with basaltic substrates, provide an opportunity to study the rates and mechanisms of early onset chemical weathering in a natural setting. Lava flows of various ages, from hours to ~40 years, at sites along Kilauea's southwest and east rift zones and at Mauna Loa were visited and sampled to determine...

Recurrence-Based Reductions for Inclusion and Exclusion Algorithms Applied to P Problems

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Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space Science

Charles D. Norton, Sergio Pellegrino, Michael Johnson, Manan Arya, John Steeves, Shri Kulkarni & Christopher D. Martin
This report describes the results of a study program sponsored by the Keck Institute for Space Studies (KISS) at the California Institute of Technology to explore how small satellite systems can uniquely enable new discoveries in space science. The disciplines studied span astrophysics, heliophysics, and planetary science (including NEOs, and other small bodies) based on remote and in-situ observations. The two workshops and study period that comprised this program brought together space scientists, engineers, technologists,...

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