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The Legal Production of Identities: A Narrative Analysis of Conversations with Battered Undocumented Women

Margot Mendelson

\"Domestic Violence on the Reservation: Imperfect Laws, Imperfect Solution\"

Sumayyah Waheed

Mendez and the Legacy of Brown: A Latino Civil Rights Lawyer's Assessment

Thomas A. Saenz

Litigators and Communities Working Together: Grutter v. Bollinger and the New Civil Rights Movement

Miranda Massie

Berkeley Women's Law Journal: A Powerful Force at Twenty

Herma Hill Kay

Taking the Long View: Reflections on the Road to Marriage Equality

Alison Beck

Can She Do That

Lauren Shapiro

Abortion: When Choice and Autonomy Conflict

Jennifer Denbow

Soft on Defense: The Failure to Confront Militarism

Ann Scales

Rights in a Failed State: Internally Displaced Women in Sudan and Their Lawyers

Mark F. Massoud

Same-Sex Marriage through the Equal Protection Clause: A Gender-Conscious Analysis

Justin Reinheimer

Analyzing the Impact of Coercion on Domestic Violence Victims: How Much is Too Much

Tamara L. Kuennen

\"Psychic Charlatans, Roving Shoplifters, and Traveling Con Artists: Notes on a Fraudulent Identity\"

Alexandra Oprea

We Want Them Alive: The Culture and Politics of Human Rights

Rosa-Linda Fregoso

\"Accessing Reproductive Technologies: Invisible Barriers, Indelible Harms\"

Judith F. Daar

\"Gender, Geography \"

Lisa R. Pruitt


Hannah Alsgaard

Book Review: Reshaping the Work-Family Debate: Why Men and Class Matter

Erin Everett

\"Chivalry Is Not Dead: Murder, Gender, and the Death Penalty\"

\"Book Review: Dangerous Sex, Invisible Labor: Sex Work and the Law in India\"

Rebecca Lee

Still Hidden in the Closet: Trans Women and Domestic Violence

Kae Greenberg

\"Bearing Injustice: Foster Care, Pregnancy Prevention, and the Law\"

Taylor I. Dudley

Book Review: Intersexuality and the Law: Why Sex Matters

Kai Haswell

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