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When Proportionality Equals Diversity: Asian Americans and Affirmative Action

Chan Hee Chu

Assaultive Femicide and the American Felony-Murder Rule

Hava Dayan

When Numbers Lie: the Underreporting of Police Justifiable Homicides

Tiffany R. Murphy

Long May You Run: Drug Courts in the Twenty-First Century

Strain-Induced Variant Selection in Heterogeneous Nucleation of α-Ti at Screw Dislocations in β-Ti

Max Poschmann, Joseph Lin, Ian Winter & Daryl Chrzan
Molecular dynamics trajectories collected and documented for the manuscript of the same title. Starting point for trajectories is bcc supercell containing two <111> screw dislocations. The temperature is held at 1225 K or 1250 K (below the β/α transition temperature for this potential) so hcp nuclei form and grow until the majority of the supercell has transformed. These nuclei can be observed forming at the dislocations. Recommended visualization tool is OVITO with polyhedral template matching...

Wikipedia XML revision history data dumps (stub-meta-history.xml.gz) from 20 April 2017

R. Stuart Geiger & Aaron Halfaker
Wikipedia revision metadata for every edit to every page in seven major language versions of Wikipedia. Files in this collection are database dumps originally from https://dumps.wikimedia.org and were created by the Wikimedia Foundation, which deletes dumps after approximately 6 months. They are being uploaded here to preserve computational reproducibility of research projects based on these specific dumps. Files are in the format [language]wiki-20170420-stub-meta-history[part].xml.gz for English (en), German (de), Spanish (es), French (fr), Japanese (ja), Portuguese...

Modeled ranges of California plant species and scripts to run the models for Spatial phylogenetics of the native California flora (Thornhill et al. BMC Biology)

Andrew Thornhill, Bruce Baldwin, William Freyman, Sonia Nosratinia, Matthew Kling, Naia Morueta-Holme, Thomas Madsen, David Ackerly & Brent Mishler
The species distribution modeling algorithm Maxent was used to model the range of each Californian species, using the cleaned species-level spatial dataset from Baldwin et al. 2017. Models were fit at the species level ; each OTU’s range was then taken to be the union of the ranges of its included species. Models were fit using four predictor variables representing major energy- and water-related variables known to be important for California plant distributions: climatic water...

A Brief History of Hacksilber Project Research

Christine Thompson

Tel Dor, Area G Report

Ilan Sharon

ARCE Sphinx Project 1979-1983 Archive

Megan Flowers Mark Lehner

Taushiro Field Materials

Amadeo García García, Zachary O'Hagan, Nectalí Alicea Ortiz & Juanita Pérez Ríos
Audio recordings of elicitation sessions targeting lexicon, grammar, and history; texts; field notes; previously published materials

Murato Field Materials

Juan Cahuaza Mucushúa & Zachary O'Hagan
Audio recordings of elicitation sessions targeting lexicon, grammar, and history; field notes


Daniella Hirschfeld, Kristina Hill & Ellen Plane
As awareness of climate change increases government agencies, non profits and community groups are working to develop strategic plans for sea level rise adaptation. To better understand specific choices for sea level rise adaptation we examined the relationship between current protective infrastructure and projected water levels from sea level rise and storm events.

BOLD TaxonID Tree for specimen KNWR:Ento:11147, 13.March.2017

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:11200, BOLD TaxonID Tree, 21.Feb.2017

Matt Bowser

BOLD TaxonID Tree for specimen KNWR:Ento:11206 (formerly part of KNWR:Ento:10324), 16.Dec.2016

Matt Bowser

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Potential Stadium Owner Liability for Outdoor Ice Hockey Games

Joshua D. Winneker

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