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Where are Used Electric Vehicles and Who are the Buyers?

Jae Hyun Lee Gil Tal

Supporting data: 3D projection electrophoresis for single-cell immunoblotting (Part 3)

Samantha Grist, Andoni Mourdoukoutas & Amy Herr
Immunoassays and mass spectrometry are powerful single-cell protein analysis tools; however, interfacing and throughput bottlenecks remain. Here, we introduce three-dimensional single-cell immunoblots to detect both cytosolic and nuclear proteins. The 3D microfluidic device is a photoactive polyacrylamide gel with a microwell array-patterned face (x-y) for cell isolation and lysis. Single-cell lysate in each microwell is ‘electrophoretically projected’ into the 3rd dimension (z-axis), separated by size, and photo-captured in the gel for immunoprobing and confocal/light-sheet imaging....

Cheung Ek Neutron Activation Analysis

Lisa Kealhofer Peter Grave

[Notes on Yuki tones and verb classes]

Alfred L. Kroeber
Handwritten notes accompanied by letters from Kroeber to Hans Uldall dated October 8 and 21, 1932. Formerly in the possession of Jesse Sawyer.

Curation of Ground-Truth Validated Benchmarking Datasets for Fault Detection & Diagnostics Tools

Armando Casillas, Guanjing Lin & Jessica Granderson

Detecting the undetected: Dealing with non-routine events using advanced M&V meter-based savings approaches

Samuel Fernandes, Eliot Crowe, Samir Touzani & Jessica Granderson

Did COVID-19 Market Disruptions Disrupt Food Security? Evidence from Households in Rural Liberia and Malawi

Shilpa Aggarwal

Targeted occupant surveys: A novel method to effectively relate occupant feedback with environmental conditions

Carlos Duarte Roa, Stefano Schiavon & Thomas Parkinson
Occupant satisfaction surveys are widely used in laboratory and field research studies of indoor environmental quality. Field studies pose several challenges because researchers usually have no control over the indoor environments experienced by building occupants, it is difficult to recruit and retain participants, and data collection methods can be cumbersome. With this in mind, we developed a survey platform that uses real-time feedback to send targeted occupant surveys (TOS) at specific indoor environmental conditions and...

Kanjobal Phonology: A Preliminary Assessment

Jeanie Lerner & Leanne Hinton
Typed class paper, with instructor handwritten comments.

Tentative Phonemicization of Kanjobal

Tony Moy & Leanne Hinton
Photocopy of typed class paper, with instructor handwritten comments (in photocopy).

Person Marking and Ergativity in Kanjobal

Tony Moy, Jean Perry Strange & Leanne Hinton
Typed final co-authored class paper.

A Summary of Imperatives for Acateco-Canjobal

Norine Berenz & Leanne Hinton
Typed class paper.

Kanjobal Verbs

Ernesto Diaz-Couder & Leanne Hinton
Photocopy of typed final class paper.

[Transcription of story of party]

Rafael Pascual & Leanne Hinton
Handwritten transcription with glosses and free translation. See related file bundle for original sound recording.

[Transcription of \"The Tar Baby\" story]

Rafael Pascual & Leanne Hinton
Typed transcription with glosses and free translation, with handwritten annotations by instructor. See related file bundle for original sound recording.

[Letter to Fernando Peñalosa]

Leanne Hinton

A Disability Rights Approach to Climate Governance

Particle-in-cell modeling of Martian magnetic cusps

Andrew Poppe
Datasets supporting the manuscript, "Particle-in-cell modeling of Martian magnetic cusps and their role in enhancing nightside ionospheric ion escape", published in Geophysical Research Letters. All datasets are output from a 1.5-dimensional, particle-in-cell model of magnetospheric-ionospheric particle interactions along an open magnetic field line in a Martian magnetic cusp region. Particles are self-consistently traced according to the combined magnetic mirror force, parallel electrostatic fields, and Martian gravity. Particle densities, velocity distributions, and domain potentials are printed...

Semantic Interoperability to Enable Smart, Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings

Harry Bergmann, Cory Mosiman, Avijit Saha, Selam Haile, William Livingwood, Steve Bushby, Gabe Fierro, Joel Bender, Michael Poplawski, Jessica Granderson & Marco Pritoni

Primer Informe Anual: del Estado de la Industria de La Micromovilidad Compartida

Data Table of Čḯxʷicən Fish Bones

Kristine M Bovy Virginia L Butler

Elicitation of verb paradigms from Goddard (1905)

Verdena Parker & Ramón Escamilla
Audio file: VP-060618-08: Goddard verb paradigm check; ‘he is catching’ (ch’ixa:wh), from Goddard 1905, pp. 96-97 ("Morphology of the Hupa Language," University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology 3).

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