685 Works

Household Zooarchaeology of Colonial Lamanai

Arianne Boileau

Zooarchaeology of Öküzini Cave

Levent Atici

Up Corpus

Susanne Gahl, Emily Cibelli, Kathleen Hall & Ronald Sprouse
The Up Corpus contains time-aligned transcripts and acoustic analyses (vowel formants, F0, RMS) of portions of the Up series of films featuring eleven participants at ages 21 through 49.

Florida Site Files

Florida State Archaeological Site Files published as part of the DINAA Project

Moorea Biocode 2013 Dataset - Laboratory Information Management System Data

Missouri Site Files

Multi-electrode recordings of ongoing activity and responses to parametric stimuli in macaque V1.

Cheng Chu, Ping Chien & Chou Hung
The data was recorded from primary visual cortex (V1) of the macaque monkey with 64 site multi-electrode arrays (8 shanks, 8 sites per shank). The data is comprised in two parts. One is a 15 minutes spontaneous activity without giving any visual stimulation prior to measuring neuronal tuning. The other is the tuning correlation measured by using parametric stimuli including gratings, checkerboard patterns, and color patches.

Iowa Site Files

EOL Computational Data Challenge: Primary Zooarchaeology Dataset Version 2

David Orton Benjamin S. Arbuckle

Spiking responses of neurons in rodent prefrontal cortex and auditory cortex during a novel stimulus selection task.

Chris C. Rodgers & Michael R. Deweese
The data consists of in vivo extracellular recordings from 121 neurons in the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and 99 neurion in auditory cortex (A1) in rats while they were performing either of two stimulus selection tasks. The two stimulus selection tasks used the same set of auditory stimuli, but required the rats to respond differently depending on which task they were performing. To respond correctly, the rats had to select the appropriate aspect of the...

Bay Area Regional Deformation Network (BARD)

Extracellular recordings from anterior lateral motor cortex (ALM) neurons of adult mice performing a tactile decision behavior

Nuo Li, Charles R Gerfen & Karel Svoboda
These experiments probe neural dynamics in the anterior motor cortex (ALM) and its relationship to voluntary movement. The data represent extracellular recordings from ALM neurons of adult mice performing a tactile decision behavior. Mouse uses whisker to detect which of two possible positions a pole is in. After a delay, the mice indicate the pole position by licking a sensor either on the right or left. During the experiment extracellular recordings were made from ALM...

In vivo calcium imaging of layer 4 cells in the mouse using sinusoidal grating stimuli

Aleena Garner
The data set consists of image data collected using a two-photon microscope with resonant and galvo scanners, and a MaiTai femtosecond laser. The mice, fitted with head-plates and a cranial window, ran on a freely-rotating disc while visual stimuli were presented to the eye contralateral to the imaged layer 4 region.

The University of Queensland Archaeological Reference Collection

Xavier Carah Andrew Fairbairn

Ceramics, Trade, Provenience and Geology: All NAA Samples

Lisa Kealhofer Peter Grave

Extracellular recordings from multi-site silicon probes used for clustering of neuron responses in rat hippocampal and entorhinal regions.

K. Mizuseki, A. Sirota, E. Pastalkova, K. Diba, A. Peyrache & G. Buzsáki
The data set contains additional data that is associated with sessions in the CRCNS.org hc-3 data set, but not included in that data set. Specifically, for a given electrode placement, this data set includes all of the sessions and broadband raw data used to detect putative spikes, as well as all of the derived data used to cluster neuron responses (spike sorting).

Extracellular recordings from multi-site silicon probes in the anterior thalamus and subicular formation of freely moving mice.

A. Peyrache, P. Petersen & G. Buzsáki
The data set contains recordings made from multiple anterior thalamic nuclei, mainly the antero-dorsal (AD) nucleus, and subicular areas, mainly the post-subiculum (PoS), in freely moving mice. Thalamic and subicular electrodes yielding high number of the so-called Head-Direction (HD) cells were likely to be located in the AD nucleus and the PoS, respectively. Electrode placement was confirmed by histology. The data was obtained during 42 recording sessions and includes responses of 720 neurons in the...

Catalog of the California Language Archive

Recordings from grasshopper (Locusta Migratoria) auditory receptor cells.

A.. Rokem, S. Watzl, T. Gollisch, M. Stemmler, A.V.M. Herz & I. Samengo
This data contains recordings from the grasshopper (Locusta migratoria) auditory receptor cell.

Single-unit recordings from two auditory areas in male zebra finches

Frederic E. Theunissen, ME Hauber, Sarah M. N. Woolley, Patrick Gill, SS Shaevitz, Noopur Amin, A Hsu, NC Singh, GA Grace, Thane Fremouw, Junli Zhang, P Cassey, AJ Doupe, SV David & WE Vinje
Data consists of simultaneous single-unit recordings from two auditory areas in male zebra finches.

Zooarchaeology of Neolithic Ulucak

Canan Çakırlar

Çatalhöyük Zooarchaeological Measurements Dataset

David Orton

Çatalhöyük Area TP Zooarchaeological Meaurements Dataset

Arek Marciniak

Supporting data: 3D projection electrophoresis for single-cell immunoblotting (Part 3)

Samantha Grist, Andoni Mourdoukoutas & Amy Herr
Immunoassays and mass spectrometry are powerful single-cell protein analysis tools; however, interfacing and throughput bottlenecks remain. Here, we introduce three-dimensional single-cell immunoblots to detect both cytosolic and nuclear proteins. The 3D microfluidic device is a photoactive polyacrylamide gel with a microwell array-patterned face (x-y) for cell isolation and lysis. Single-cell lysate in each microwell is ‘electrophoretically projected’ into the 3rd dimension (z-axis), separated by size, and photo-captured in the gel for immunoprobing and confocal/light-sheet imaging....

Cheung Ek Neutron Activation Analysis

Lisa Kealhofer Peter Grave

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