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Data from: Early-life experience influences dispersal in coyotes (Canis latrans)

Emily Zepeda, Ashley Wurth, Stanley Gehrt, Eric Payne & Andy Sih
Natal dispersal plays an important role in connecting individual animal behavior with ecological processes at all levels of biological organization. As urban environments are rapidly increasing in extent and intensity, understanding how urbanization influences these long distance movements is critical for predicting the persistence of species and communities. There is considerable variation in the movement responses of individuals within a species, some of which is attributed to behavioral plasticity which interacts with experience to produce...

Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems achieve comparable crop yields to specialized systems: a meta-analysis

Caitlin Peterson, Leonardo Deiss & Amelie Gaudin
Production systems that feature temporal and spatial integration of crop and livestock enterprises, also known as integrated crop-livestock systems (ICLS), have the potential to intensify production on cultivated lands and foster resilience to the effects of climate change without proportional increases in environmental impacts. Yet, crop production outcomes following livestock grazing across environments and management scenarios remain uncertain and a potential barrier to adoption, as producers worry about the effects of livestock activity on the...

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