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A case study for the implementation of an integrated variable speed limit (VSL) control strategy in a freeway section of I-80 based on SUMO simulations

Hang Gao & Michael Zhang
This project aims at reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission by applying variable speed control (VSL) strategies to the traffic corridors with multi-segment and multi-bottleneck. The dataset is composed of inputs and outputs of the SUMO simulation model via TraCI API. SUMO is a microscopic traffic simulation platform which allows to simulate a given traffic demand through a given network. Namely, the inputs consist of the vehicle trip data obtained from the PeMS database...

Eco-correlates of coloration in primates

Tim Caro & Theodore Stankowich
Primates are noted for their varied and complex pelage and bare skin coloration but the significance of this diverse coloration remains opaque. Using new updated information, novel scoring of coat and skin coloration, and controlling for shared ancestry, we reexamined and extended findings from previous studies across the whole order and the five major clades within it. Across primates we found (i) direct and indirect evidence for pelage coloration being driven by protective coloration strategies...

Data for project: Discontinuance among California’s electric vehicle buyers: Why are some consumers abandoning their electric vehicles?

Scott Hardman
For the market introduction of electric vehicles to be successful first-time adopters need to make continual purchases of the vehicles. Discontinuance, the act of abandoning a new technology after once being an adopter, has implications for market growth and could prevent electric vehicles ever reaching 100% market share. In December 2019 we resurveyed PEV owning housholds who we have prfeviously surveyed in 4 seperate cohort surveys. The data is from 5 survyes. The 5 questionnaire...

Ridehailing, uncertainty and sustainable transportation

Susan Pike
This study investigates how stakeholders throughout the state of California view the potential impacts of ridehailing services such as Uber or Lyft, to transportation systems, and how to address such impacts. Ridehailing is one of several emerging shared use mobility alternatives, poised to impact transportation systems, for better or worse. For better if these new services catalyze the development and maturation of well-integrated multi-model transportation systems that serve all travelers and reduce vehicle miles travelled...

Phylogenomic variation at the population-species interface and assessment of gigantism in a model wolf spider genus (Lycosidae, Schizocosa)

Jason Bond, James Starrett, Ashley Bui, Rowan McGinley & Eileen Hebets
Animal body size has important evolutionary implications. The wolf spider genus Schizocosa has developed as a model for studies on courtship, with visual and vibratory signals receiving attention; however, body size has never been carefully evaluated. Although species of Schizocosa can be distinguished from their close relatives by differences in genitalic structures, male ornamentation, and behavior, some species are morphologically similar, making diagnosis, and identification difficult. Evaluation of species boundaries using genetic data across Schizocosa...

Genomic dosage values of dihaploid progeny of potato accession PI 310467 reveal translocation 8-7

Luca Comai, Kirk Amundson & Benny Ordonez
Large scale structural variations (SV), such as chromosomal translocations, can have profound effects on fitness and phenotype, but are difficult to identify and characterize. Here, we describe a simple method aimed at identifying translocations using only dosage variation information. Using sequence-based analysis of copy-number haplotypes in segregating populations we identify regions of the genome that exhibit unexpected linkage. For each dosage-polymorphic 1Mb bin, we tested linkage disequilibrium in nine potato (Solanum tuberosum) dihaploid families. In...

Data for: Social behavior, ovary size, and population of origin influence cuticular hydrocarbons in the orchid bee, Euglossa dilemma

Nicholas Saleh
Cuticular hydrocarbons (CHCs) are waxy compounds on the surface of insects that prevent desiccation and frequently serve as chemical signals mediating social and mating behaviors. Although their function in eusocial species has been heavily investigated, little is known about the evolution of CHC-based communication in species with simpler forms of social organization lacking specialized castes. Here, we investigate factors shaping CHC variation in the orchid bee Euglossa dilemma, which forms casteless social groups of 2-3...

Reference transcriptomes for three species of sacoglossan sea slug

Serena Caplins
Understanding how species may respond to climate change is of paramount importance. Species that occupy highly heterogenous environments such as intertidal zone estuarine habitats, provide an ideal test case for examining phenotypic and genomic adaptations to different environmental conditions, which may influence their response to rapidly shifting climatic conditions. The California coast is projected to experience changes in both temperature and salinity, which currently vary seasonally and latitudinally. Using comparative transcriptomics, I documented patterns of...

Vulnerability of grassland seed banks to resource-enhancing global changes

Anu Eskelinen, Elise Elwood, Susan Harrison, Eva Beyen & Jennifer Gremer
Soil seed banks represent reservoirs of diversity in the soil that may increase resilience of communities to global changes. Two global change factors that can dramatically alter the composition and diversity of aboveground communities are nutrient enrichment and increased rainfall. In a full-factorial nutrient and rainfall addition experiment in an annual Californian grassland, we asked whether shifts in aboveground composition and diversity were reflected in belowground seed banks. Nutrient and rainfall additions increased exotic and...

Rad21l1 cohesin subunit is dispensable for spermatogenesis but not oogenesis in zebrafish

Sean Burgess, Yana Blokhina, Michelle Frees, An Nguyen, Daniel Chu & Bruce Draper
During meiosis I, ring-shaped cohesin complexes play important roles in aiding the proper segregation of homologous chromosomes. RAD21L is a meiosis-specific vertebrate cohesin that is required for spermatogenesis in mice but is dispensable for oogenesis in young animals. The role of this cohesin in other vertebrate models has not been explored. Here, we tested if the zebrafish homolog Rad21l1 is required for meiotic chromosome dynamics during spermatogenesis and oogenesis. We found that Rad21l1 localizes to...

Early resources lead to persistent benefits for bumble bee colony dynamics

Neal M Williams, Rosemary Malfi, & Elizabeth Crone
Conditions experienced early in development can affect the future performance of individuals and populations. Demographic theories predict persistent population impacts of past resources, but few studies have experimentally tested such carry-over effects across generations or cohorts. We used bumble bees to test whether resource timing had persistent effects on within-colony dynamics over sequential cohorts of workers. We simulated a resource pulse for field colonies either early or late in their development and estimated colony growth...

Data from: The role of spatial averaging scale in leaf-to-canopy scaling of non-linear processes in homogeneous canopies

Eric R. Kent & Brian N. Bailey
Canopy biophysical models require averaging fluxes over some spatial scale (sub-leaf, leaf, sub-crown, crown, whole-canopy, etc.). Choice of averaging scale can be important when modeling processes like stomatal conductance and photosynthesis that have a non-linear response to environmental variables such as light interception. The model results archived here were used to quantify errors in canopy-level flux simulations due to averaging scale choice. A detailed leaf-resolving model was used to simulate light interception for a series...

Control failures following insecticide applications in commercial agriculture: How often do they occur? A case study of Lygus hesperus control in cotton

Jay Rosenheim
Although surveys of pest populations documenting evolved insecticide resistance often suggest abundant potential for insecticide control failures, studies documenting the actual occurrence of such failures in commercial agriculture are rare. If farmers currently practice adaptive management, abandoning the use of insecticides once resistance emerges, actual control failures could be rare. Here I use data gathered by independent pest management consultants to describe a case study of the realized efficacy of commercial field applications of insecticides,...

The atomic-level physiochemical determinants of T cell receptor dissociation kinetics

Zachary Rollins, Roland Faller, Ilias Tagkopolous, Jun Huang & Steven George
The force-dependent bond lifetime of a T Cell Receptors (TCR) to 17 peptide-Major Histocompatibility Complexes (pMHCs) was simulated using Steered Molecular Dynamics. Physiochemical descriptors of the TCR-pMHC interaction during simulation were then filtered and selected to understand the best feature sets that predict bond lifetime. This methodology sets precedence on the rational design of TCRs via force-dependent bond lifetime enhancement.

Plain-text conversions of U.S. Final Environmental Impact Statements from 2013-2020

Tyler Scott, Nicholas Marantz & Nicola Ulibarri
Administrative procedures are intended to increase transparency and help agencies make better decisions. However, these requirements also increase agency workload. Understanding how public agencies satisfy procedural requirements is a critical facet of agency performance. This analysis focuses on the language agencies use in Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) required by the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) – specifically, the reuse of similar text within and between assessments. We synthesize theories of institutional isomorphism and bureaucratic...

Data for: Effects of physical impairments on fitness correlates of the white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus

Francesca I. Rubino, Kelly Oggenfuss & Richard S. Ostfeld
Physical impairments are widely assumed to reduce viability of individual animals, but their impacts on individuals within natural populations of vertebrates are rarely quantified. By monitoring wild populations of white-footed mice over 26 years, we assessed whether missing or deformed limbs, tail, or eyes influenced the survival, body mass, movement, and ectoparasite burden of their bearers. Of the 27,244 individuals monitored, 543 (2%) had visible physical impairments. Persistence times (survival) were similar between mice with...

A solitary ground-nesting wasp truncates its parental investment in response to detection of parasites

Jay Rosenheim
1. Parental investment by solitary nest-building wasps and bees is predicted to be plastic, responding to variation in the sex of the offspring, the availability of food used as provisions (‘resource limitation’), the female’s inventory of mature oocytes (‘egg limitation’), and risk imposed by nest parasites. 2. I observed nest provisioning by Ammophila dysmica, a solitary, ground-nesting wasp that provisions its nest with one or two caterpillar prey to evaluate the hypotheses that provisioning is...

The non-traditional Coriolis terms and tropical convective clouds

Matthew Igel
The full, three-dimensional Coriolis force includes the familiar sine-of-latitude terms as well as frequently dropped cosine-of-latitude terms (Nontraditional Coriolis Terms [NCT]). The latter are often ignored because they couple the zonal and vertical momentum equations which in the large-scale limit of weak vertical velocity is considered insignificant almost everywhere. Here, we ask whether equatorial mesoscale clouds which fall outside the large-scale limit are affected by the NCT. A simple scaling indicates that a Lagrangian parcel...

Limnological data for Lake Tahoe seasonal and long-term clarity trend analysis report

Shohei Watanabe & Geoffry Schladow
This data set includes imnological data used for a report "Lake Tahoe Seasonal and Long-Term Clarity Trend Analysis Report." The clarity of Lake Tahoe, observed using a Secchi disk, continues to be a sentinel metric. It is influenced by both physical and biological processes and has had a declining trend over decades of monitoring, with differences apparent between summer and winter patterns. The report summarized key findings of an investigation on Lake Tahoe water clarity,...

Mucilage-binding to ground protects seeds of many plants from harvester ants: a functional investigation

Vincent Pan, Marshall McMunn, Richard Karban, Jake Goidell, Eric LoPresti & Marjorie Weber
The seeds of many plant species produce mucilage on their surfaces that when wetted and dried, firmly adheres seeds to surfaces and substrates. Previous studies have demonstrated that seed anchorage to the ground can reduce seed predation, though only a few species have thus far been tested. Here we investigated whether binding to the ground reduces seed removal by harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex subdentatus), an important granivore, for 53 species with mucilaginous seeds. We also explored...

Compositional variation in early life parenting structures alters oxytocin and vasopressin 1a receptor development in prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster)

Forrest Rogers, Sara Freeman, Marina Anderson, Michelle Palumbo & Karen Bales
Paternal absence can significantly alter bio-behavioral development in many biparental species. This effect has generally been demonstrated by comparing the development of offspring reared under biparental care with those reared after removal of the father. However, studies employing this design conflate two significant modifications to early life experience: removal of father-specific qualities and the general reduction of offspring-directed care. In the socially monogamous prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster), the experience of paternal absence without substitution during...

Data from: An improved and highly efficient geometry for facemasks

Christopher Cappa, William Ristenpart & Sanziana Roman
The dataset provided here is associated with the work "An improved and highly efficient geometry for facemasks," by Cappa et al, currently submitted for publication. This includes measurements made of the influence of a new cloth mask, designed originally for singing, on the emission of micron-scale aerosols from various expiratory activities (singing, speaking) and on inhalation of ambient particles. The dataset provided here includes *.txt files exported from an Aerodynamic Particle Sizer that contain time-series...

Phylogenomics and biogeography of leptonetid spiders (Araneae : Leptonetidae)

Jason Bond, Joel Ledford & Marshal Hedin
Leptonetidae are rarely encountered spiders, usually associated with caves and mesic habitats, and are disjunctly distributed across the Holarctic. Data from ultraconserved elements (UCEs) were used in concatenated and coalescent-based analyses to estimate the phylogenetic history of the family. Our taxon sample included close outgroups, and 90% of described leptonetid genera, with denser sampling in North America and Mediterranean Europe. Two data matrices were assembled and analysed; the first ‘relaxed’ matrix includes the maximum number...

Data from: The effects of temperature on the kinematics of rattlesnake predatory strikes in both captive and field environments

Malachi Whitford, Grace Freymiller, Timothy Higham & Rulon Clark
The outcomes of predator-prey interactions between endotherms and ectotherms can be heavily influenced by environmental temperature, owing to the difference in how body temperature affects locomotor performance. However, as elastic energy storage mechanisms can allow ectotherms to maintain high levels of performance at cooler body temperatures, detailed analyses of kinematics are necessary to fully understand how changes in temperature might alter endotherm-ectotherm predator-prey interactions. Viperid snakes are widely distributed ectothermic mesopredators that interact with endotherms...

Lipid mediators detected in COVID-19 patients and healthy controls

Cindy McReynolds, Irene Cortes_Puch, Resmi Ravindran, Imran Khan, Pei-An Betty Shih, Bruce D. Hammock, Jun Yang & Bruce G. Hammock
Polyunsaturated fatty acids are metabolized into regulatory lipids important for initiating inflammatory responses in the event of disease or injury and for signaling the resolution of inflammation and return to homeostasis. The epoxides of linoleic acid (leukotoxins) regulate skin barrier function, perivascular and alveolar permeability and have been associated with poor outcomes in burn patients and in sepsis. It was later reported that blocking metabolism of leukotoxins into the vicinal diols ameliorated the deleterious effects...

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