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Soil Water Content at MMWD

Peter Hartsough
These data were collected using Decagon (Meter) GS1 sensors at two different depths, 30cm and 60cm. Data were collected hourly and these are mean values at the three different sites.

A microbial survey of the International Space Station (ISS)

Jonathan Eisen, David Coil & Jenna Lang
Background Modern advances in sequencing technology have enabled the census of microbial members of many natural ecosystems. Recently, attention is increasingly being paid to the microbial residents of human-made, built ecosystems, both private (homes) and public (subways, office buildings, and hospitals). Here, we report results of the characterization of the microbial ecology of a singular built environment, the International Space Station (ISS). This ISS sampling involved the collection and microbial analysis (via 16S rDNA PCR)...

Data for analysis of snowmelt timing as a determinant of inflow mixing in Lake Tahoe

Derek Roberts, Shohei Watanabe & S. Geoffrey Schladow
This dataset includes data files pertinent to the manuscript, "Snowmelting timing as a determinant of inflow mixing," accepted for publication in Water Resources Research in January 2018. Included data were used for an analysis of relative stream-lake conditions as they pertain to winter climate conditions and the subsequent mixing of snowmelt inflows into the lake. Included with each of the six files listed below is a [FILENAME]_Reference.txt file with details on data collection, curation, and...

Vibrational Neutron Spectroscopy Data for Small Molecule Organic Semiconductors

Thomas Harrelson, Varuni Dantanarayana, Roland Faller & Adam Moule
Organic semiconductors are a class of molecules that self-assemble into materials that have semiconducting properties. Recently, they have generated a large amount of research interest due to their solution processability, mechanical flexibility, and conducting properties. Small molecule organic semiconductors are highly crystalline, which means molecular vibrations/phonons are the dominant factors affecting charge transport properties. A key to improving small-molecule semiconductors involves designing materials that minimize the effects of vibrations/phonons on charge transport. Vibrational neutron spectroscopy...

Images of individual strawberries (entire fruit, flesh and calyx) with contrasting background

Adrien Durand-Petiteville, Stavros Vougioukas, David Slaughter & Dennis Sadowski
This database contains images of 258 individual strawberries with dark background (a setting typically encountered during post-harvest operations). For each strawberry, six images are provided: 1) a color image of the entire strawberry; 2) a color image containing only the calyx of the strawberry; 3) a color image containing only the flesh of the strawberry; 4) a binary image of the entire strawberry; 5) a binary image of the calyx, and 6) a binary image...

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