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Exploitation, Poverty and Marginality among Unaccompanied Migrant Youth. Policy Brief Vol. 2, No. 12

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Ethnic Concordance May Not Promote Patient-centered Care. Policy Brief Vol.2, No.2

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The EITC Does Not Automatically Stabilize Income for All in a Recession. Policy Brief Vol.2, No.1

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The Impact of Poverty on a Child’s Social and Emotional Competence. Policy Brief Vol.1, No.10

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Immigrant Workers, Native Poverty and Labor Market Competition. Policy Brief Vol.1, No.3

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Linking EITC Income to Real Health Outcomes. Policy Brief Vol.1, No.2

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Poverty during Childhood and Adolescence May Predict Long-term Health. Policy Brief Vol.2, No.10

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California’s School Finance Reforms Target More Funding to Poor Students. Policy Brief Vol. 2, No.8

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State Public Insurance Reduced the Incentive to Work among Childless Adults. Policy Brief Vol.2, No. 11

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U.S. Farms and the Dwindling Labor Supply from Mexico. Policy Brief Vol.1, No.5

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Improve Water Quality in Rural Immigrant Communities. Policy Brief Vol.3, No. 3

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The Supplemental Poverty Measure: A Better Measure for Poverty in America? Policy Brief Vol.1, No.6

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