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Imaging the breakdown of ohmic transport in graphene

Alec Jenkins, Susanne Baumann, Haoxin Zhou, Simon Meynell, Daipeng Yang, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Andrew Lucas, Andrea Young & Ania Bleszynski Jayich
Ohm's law describes the proportionality of current density and electric field. In solid-state conductors, Ohm's law emerges due to electron scattering processes that relax the electrical current. Here, we use nitrogen-vacancy center magnetometry to directly image the local breakdown of Ohm's law in a narrow constriction fabricated in a high mobility graphene monolayer. Ohmic flow is visible at room temperature as current concentration on the constriction edges, with flow profiles entirely determined by sample geometry....

Surgeonfish foraging data at Palmyra Atoll

Laura E. Dee, Jacob G. Eurich, Darcy Bradley, Peter M. Carlson, Kathryn Davis, Jessica Schem, April D. Ridlon & Jennifer E. Caselle
This dataset includes surgeonfish foraging metrics quantified during focal follow trials and includes: (a) bite composition, (b) bite rate, (c) foraging time, (d) foraging depth, and (e) forager size (cm). Data was collected at Palmyra Atoll on the back reef and fore reef habitats in 2013. Four common surgeonfishes (Acanthuridae) were selected as study species; Ctenochaetus striatus, Ctenochaetus marginatus, Acanthurus lineatus, and Acanthurus nigricans. The raw data is aggregated by a unique ID, which consists...

Disease's hidden death toll: Using parasite aggregation patterns to quantify landscape-level host mortality in a wildlife system

Mark Wilber, Cheryl Briggs & Pieter Johnson
Worldwide, infectious diseases represent a major source of mortality in humans and livestock. For wildlife populations, disease-induced mortality is likely even greater, but remains notoriously difficult to estimate -- especially for endemic infections. Approaches for quantifying wildlife mortality due to endemic infections have historically been limited by an inability to directly observe wildlife mortality in nature. Here, we address a question that can rarely be answered for endemic pathogens of wildlife: what are the population-...

Analysis Data for \"Identifying and characterizing pesticide use on 9,000 fields of organic agriculture\"

Ashley Larsen, Sofie McComb, Claire Powers & Sofie McComb
We identify the location of ~9,000 organic fields from 2013 — 2019 using field-level crop and pesticide use data, along with state certification data, for Kern County, CA, one of the US’ most valuable crop producing counties. We parse apart how being organic relative to conventional affects decisions to spray pesticides and, if spraying, how much to spray. We show the expected probability of spraying any pesticides is reduced by about 30 percentage points for...

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