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Patents and Patent Searching

Alice K. Kawakami

Delivering the Goods: Web OPACs and the Expanding Role of the Cataloger

Personnel, Gate Count, and Hours of Operation in ARL Science & Technology Libraries: a Comparison with Medical School Libraries

Marilyn Von Seggern

College Science Librarians Discussion Group

Kathleen Kenny

As It Was in the Beginning: Distance Education and Technology Past, Present, and Future

T Fishman

Taking Local Resources Global: The NCSTRL Experience at UC Berkeley Library

Ann Jensen

Wired Research: The Accessibility of Electronic Journals in Science and Technology, January 11, 1998

Chad Buckley

STS Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group: Summary of MidWinter ALA Presentation, January 10, 1998

Dominic John Farace

The Wannabee Culture: Why No-One Does What They Used to Do

Anne Dixon

The Development and Use of a Genre Statement for Electronic Journals in the Sciences

Jennifer Weintraub

A Note from the Editor

Building the Collections of the California Digital Library

Susan S. Starr

The Story of Spin [Review]

Diane Fortner

Teaching a Visual Rhetoric

Caryn Talty

Terminal Narcissus and the Posthuman: Reflexivity and Augmentation Through the Hypertext Mirror

Steven Wexler

What It Means To Be A Kairosnews Reporter

Matt Barton

Hypertext Theory and the Rhetoric of Empowerment: A Feminist Alternative

Carlton L. Clark

Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Hockey)

Gloria McMillan

Administering Teacher Technology Training

Wendy Bishop: on Teaching with Technology

Sonja Bagby

Distance Education and the Writing Classroom: Shall We Enter the Game

Joel English

Phillip Sipiora: on Kairos

Krista Homicz

Digital Video and Composition: Gauging the Promise of a Low-Maintenance High-Reward Relationship

Heather Ross

Service-Learning in Technical and Professional Communication (Bowden and Scott)

Chidsey Dickson

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