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Hong Cai

The holographic map as a conditional expectation

Thomas Faulkner

The Renaissance of Quantum Biology

Two mechanisms of chromosome organization: loop extrusion and compartmentalization

Leonid Mirny

Cracking The Nucleus

Clodagh O'Shea

The unreasonable effectiveness of semi-classical gravity

Ahmed Almheiri

Quantum error correction and large N

Alexey Milekhin

Tutorial: Topological Solitons

Ivan Smalyukh

Collective behavior in active matter

Baby Universes, Spacetime wormholes, and Black Hole Interiors

Henry Maxfield & Don Marolf

Open discussion on the Swampland Program

Defining entanglement and edge modes

& William Donnelly

Review of the Hubble Tension

Raphael Flauger

Comments on the no-boundary wavefunction

Thomas Hertog

Understanding Our Physical Universe via Compactified M-Theory - the Inflaton and Other Results

Gordy Kane

Lessons and surprises from flux reductions to 7,4,3,2 and 1 dimensions

Thomas Van Riet

Semi-classical black holes and quantum information

Active matter -- why does it matter?

Cristina Marchetti

Current models for globular cluster formation throughout cosmic time

Oleg Gnedin

Coarse-grained Biophysical Model of Metabolism

Dynamics of multi-defect states in active nematics

Simulatable models of non-Fermi liquids and nodal superconductivity.

Tarun Grover

Causality and Positivity with Gravity

Claudia De Rham

UV meets IR on the string worldsheet

Sergei Dubovsky

Thermal Dark Energy and Other String Candidates.

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