2,733 Works

Anthropocene Unseen: A Lexicon

Cymene Howe & Anand Pandian

An "A" Word Production: Authentic Design

Douglas Walls

Dotawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies 6: Miscellanea Nubiana

Adam Simmons

A Manga Perfeita

Erin Manning


Smith, James L. (Ed.)

Liquid Life: On Non-Linear Materiality

Rachel Armstrong

Hephaestus Reloaded: Composed for Ten Hands / Efesto Reloaded: Composizioni per 10 mani

Brunella Antomarini, Adam Berg, Vladimir D’Amora, Alessandro De Francesco & Miltos Maneta

Suspended in a Moving Night: Photography, or the Shiny Relation Self–World

Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen
Framed seeing – photography – shows an ambiguous nature, as it is window to the world, shop window for desire, and van-ity mirror for the self. The human action in seeing, in the gaze, and in our desire for capturing an instant that is nevertheless already lost, unveils photography as a mutable surface where the complex relation of self–other develops. The surface, which separates and unites subject and object, allows a dynamic rela-tion between realities...

Italian Anarchism as a Transnational Movement, 1885-1915

Davide Turcato

From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure [Review]

Veronica Calderhead

Entomology Faculty Publications as a Source of Information for Collection Development: A Case Study at the University of Arkansas

Lutishoor Salisbury & Vikramjit Bajwa

Design, Create, Tinker, Explore, oh my! Creating a Tool Library

Kari A. Kozak

Steal This Classroom: Teaching and Learning Unbound

Jody Cohen & Anne Dalke

A Garter Love Letter Lost in the Shuffle

Berger, Michael L. (Ed.)
“Shame is also a force wielded by consensus market-place reality to manufacture servile, unmotivated, identity-dependent, and “de-souled” individuals. Shame is a way to de-wild the human being and to eradicate any aspects that seem atavistic, feral, cre-ative, or irrational.”

Review of Digital Is published by the National Writing Project

Forgette, Karen; Davis, Andrew

Imperial Physique

JH Phrydas
In 2008, JH Phrydas wrote a story about how bodies talk without words. He wanted the story to not just describe the silent ritual of nonverbal communication but to perform it. The interaction would be visceral – the exchange melancholic, yet full of lust. He wanted words to retain the unsayable: the subtle movements of a body in heat. In the years since, Phrydas kept rewriting this story, using different techniques, different syntaxes and forms,...

Gender Trouble Couplets, Volume 1

A.W. Strouse
Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity radically claimed that the sexed body is a fallacy, discursively constructed by the performance of gender. A.W. Strouse has undertaken to rewrite Butler’s classic tome into an octosyllabic poem. Inspired by the rhyming encyclopedias of the Middle Ages, Strouse transforms each of Butler’s sentences into Seussian couplets. This performative repetition of Chapter 1 of Butler’s Gender Trouble, “Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire,” deconstructs Butler’s deconstruction. Relishing in...


Alfie Bown & Dan Bristow

Afterword: Post_Meme

Alfie Bown & Francis Russell

The Post-Pepe Manifesto

Seong-Young Her

Pepe Goes to China, or, the Post-Global Circulation of Memes

Gabriele De Seta

Simulation and Dissimulation: Esoteric Memes Pages at the Limits of Irony

Giacomo Bianchino

Memesis and Psychoanalysis: Mediatizing Donald Trump

Ian Parker

Socialist Imaginaries and Queer Futures: Memes as Sites of Collective Imagining

Thomas Hobson & Kaajal Modi

In the Future, the Means of Production Will Own Themselves


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