2,791 Works

Information Resources for Forest Researchers and Managers: Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities

Alan G. Brown

Brain to Web -- Simply

Reaching the Engineering and Science Communities: New Technologies and Approaches at MIT

Stephanie Hartman J. Darcy Duke

Creating a BUZZ: Attracting SCI/TECH Students to the Library!

Ray Bedner Mary Axford

Accessing and Sharing Research Information in the ASEAN Region: Malaysia's Perspective

Why Not Market Yourself?

Barbara MacAlpine

Internet Guide to Food Safety and Security

Ruth Riley

Compendex Engineering Village 2

Meghan Lafferty

Are Article Influence Scores Comparable across Scientific Fields?

Julie Arendt

Historical Dictionary of Environmentalism

Melissa L. Gold

What Does It Mean to Be a Science Librarian 2.0?

Missy Harvey

Comparing Safari Tech Books Online and Books24x7 E-book Collections: A Case Study from the University of British Columbia Library

Lisa Schattman Eugene Barsky

Science Experiments: Reaching Out to Our Users

Lori Tschirhart Maureen Nolan

DOE Data Explorer

Meredith Ayers

An Old Fogey Looks at the Reference (R)Evolution

Linda Shackle

Comparison of Journal Citation Reports and Scopus Impact Factors for Ecology and Environmental Sciences Journals

Edward Gray

Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage: A Critical Discourse

Ann Jensen

Community of Science Databases from Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

Yelena Pancheshnikov

On Impact of OA, the Jury is Still Out

David Flaxbart

A Study of References in Mining Engineering Publications

Linda Musser

Agronomy: Selected Resources

Marianne Stowell Bracke

Breathe New Life Into Your Science Reference Collection

Angela M. Gooden

An Evaluation of Library Instruction Delivered to Engineering Students Using Streaming Video

Jack M. Maness

Integrating an Engineering Library's Public Services Desk: Multiple Perspectives

Linda Bryan Jill Powell

Ecology Articles in Google Scholar: Levels of Access to Articles in Core Journals

Marilyn Christianson

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