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Field courses narrow demographic achievement gaps in ecology and evolutionary biology

Roxanne Beltran, Erin Marnocha, Alexandra Race, Don Croll, Gage Dayton & Erika Zavaleta
Disparities remain in the representation of marginalized students in STEM. Classroom-based experiential learning opportunities can increase student confidence and academic success; however, the effectiveness of extending learning to outdoor settings is unknown. Our objectives were to examine 1) demographic gaps in ecology and evolutionary biology (EEB) major completion, college graduation, and GPAs for students who did and did not enroll in field courses, 2) whether under-represented demographic groups were less likely to enroll in field...

Año Nuevo Island Animal Count: analyzing citizen science pinniped counts from drone imagery

Sarah Wood
Fluctuations in marine mammal abundance can reveal changes in local ecosystem health and inform conservation strategies. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) such as drones are increasingly being used to photograph and count marine mammals in remote locations; however, counting animals in images is a laborious task. Crowd-sourced science has the potential to considerably reduce the time required to conduct these censuses but must first be validated against expert counts to confirm accuracy. Our objectives were to...

The WeAllWalk Data Set

German Flores & Roberto Manduchi
This data set contains time series from inertial sensors carried by blind subjects walking through pre-determined routes In two buildings in the UCSC campus. The sensors include two MetaWear CPRO (obtaining a tai-axial accelerometer and gyroscope) and two iPhone 6 containing try-axial accelerometer, gyroscopes, and magnetometers.

System analysis of the Segmented Pupil Experiment for Exoplanet Detection - SPEED - in view of the ELTs

Olivier Preis, Patrice Martinez, Carole Gouvret, Julien Dejonghe, Mathilde Beaulieu, Pierre Janin-Potiron, Alain Spang, Frantz Martinache, Yan Fantei-Caujolle, Aurelie Marcotto, Lyu Abe & Marcel Carbillet

GMCAO for E-ELT: a feasibility study

Valentina Viotto, Maria Bergomi, Elisa Portaluri, Marco Dima, Jocopo Farinato, Davide Greggio, Demetrio Magrin & Roberto Ragazzoni

Dissecting Star-forming regions with the GeMS MCAO instrument: lessons learned for optimal post-processing of WFAO data

Ana¨ıs Bernard, Benoit Neichel, Thierry Fusco, Laurent Mugnier, Sophie Bounissou, Manash Samal, Morten Andersen, Annie Zavagno & Henri Plana

Variation around the Pyramid theme: optical recombination and optimal use of photons

Olivier Fauvarque, Benoit Neichel, Thierry Fuso & Jean-Francois Savage

Measuring Segment Piston with a Dispersed Fringe Sensor on the Giant Magellan Telescope

Marcos Van Dam, Brian McLeod & Antonin Bouchez

Dark Wavefront Sensing

Roberto Ragazzoni

OCAM2S: an integral shutter ultrafast and low noise wavefront sensor camera for laser guide stars adaptive optics systems

Jean-Luc Gach, Philippe Feautrier, Tristan Buey, Gerard Rousset, Eric Gendron, Tim Morris, Alastair Basden, Richard Myers, Fabrice Vidal & Fanny Chemla

INO Pyramidal Wavefront Sensor Demonstrator: first closed-loop on-sky operation at Mont-Mégantic Telescope

Olivier Martin, Simon Turbide, Francois Legace, Frederic Levesque, Genevieve Anctil, Francois Chateauneuf, Denis Brousseau, William Deschenes, Simon Thibault & Jean-Pierre Veran

Estimating the outer scale in altitude - L0(h) - using the GeMS profiler

Andres Guesalaga, Benoit Neichel, Thiery Fusco, Javier Valenzuela, Slvain Oberti, Elena Masciadri, Carlos Coreia & Jean Francois Sauvage

Pyramid versus Shack-Hartmann: Trade Study Results for the NFIRAOS NGS WFS

Jean-Pierre Veran, Simone Esposito, Paolo Spano, Glen Herriot & David Andersen

Astrometry with MCAO at Gemini and at ELTs

Tobias Fritz

Commissioning of ARGOS at LBT: adaptive optics procedures

Lorenzo Busoni, Marco Bonaglia, Jose Borelli, Matthias Deysenroth, Simone Esposito, Wolfgang Gaessler, Hans Gemperlein, Martin Kulas, Michael Lefebvre, Tommaso Mazzoni, Gilles Orban De Xivry, Diethard Peter, Alfio Puglisi, Walfried Raab, Sebastian Rabien, Gustavo Rahmer, Alex Sivitilli, Jesper Storm & Julian Ziegleder

Processing of external SLODAR turbulence profile measurements to support adaptive optics performance predictions

Tim Butterley, Richard Wilson & Marc Sarazin

Laser guide star adaptive optics at Lick Observatory

Donald Gavel, Daren Dillon, Renate Kupke & Alex Rudy

On-sky results of Raven, a MOAO science demonstrator at Subaru Telescope

Olivier Lardiere, Andersen Dave, Colin Bradley, Shin Oya, Yoshito Ono, Darryl Gamroth, Carlos Correia & Masen Lamb

Adaptive Optics Program at TMT

Corinne Boyer

Development of an ELT XAO testbed using a self referenced Mach-Zehnder wavefront sensor

Christian Delacroix, Magali Loupias, Maud Langlois, Michel Tallon & Eric Thiébaut

Simulations of AO for the E-ELT and its instruments

Miska Le Louarn

GeMS, the path toward AO facility

Vincent Garrel, Gaetano Sivo, Eduardo Marin, Chadwick Trujillo, Rodrigo Carrasco Damele, Benoit Neichel, Marcos Van Dam, Mark Ammons, Francois Rigaut, Ruben Diaz, Mischa Schirmer, German Gimeno, Pascale Hibon, Lucie Leboulleux, Vanessa Montes, Manuel Lazo, William Rambold, Pedro Gigoux, Ramon Galvez, Cristian Moreno, Constanza Araujo-Hauck, Tomislav Vucina Parga, Jeff Donahue, Gaston Gausachs & Ariel Lopez

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