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Retrieving tip-tilt information from Tomographic Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Systems

Andrew Reeves, Richard Myers, Tim Morris, James Osborn & Nazim Ali Bharmal

Durham AO Real-time Controller (DARC) running on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

Urban Bitenc, Alastair Basden, Nigel Dipper & Richard Myers

Tip-tilt modelling and control for GeMS: a performance comparison of identification techniques

Rémy Juvenal, Caroline Kulcsar, Henri-François Raynaud, Jean-Marc Conan, Cyril Petit, Lucie Leboulleux, Gaetano Sivo & Vincent Garrel

Utilizing field collected insects for next generation sequencing: effects of sampling, storage, and DNA extraction methods

Kimberly Ballare, Nathaniel Pope, Antonio Castilla, Sarah Cusser, Richard Metz & Shalene Jha
DNA sequencing technologies continue to advance the biological sciences, expanding opportunities for genomic studies of non-model organisms for basic and applied questions. Despite these opportunities, many next-generation sequencing protocols have been developed assuming a substantial quantity of high molecular weight DNA (>100 ng), which can be difficult to obtain for many study systems. In particular, the ability to sequence field-collected specimens that exhibit varying levels of DNA degradation remains largely unexplored. In this study we...

Heat flux and temperature at depth beneath InSight landing site through time

Szilard Gyalay, Francis Nimmo, Ana-Catalina Plesa & Mark Wieczorek
The heat flux and thus temperature gradient of the Martian crust is critical for comparison with measurements of crustal properties. This allows for constraints upon the inferred thermal history of Mars. Each file contains the heat flux and temperature at several depths as a function of time after Mars formed, but assuming different crustal properties.

Gardener demographics, experience, and motivations drive differences in plant species richness and composition in urban gardens

Stacy Philpott, Monika Egerer, Peter Bichier, Hamutahl Cohen, Roseann Cohen, Heidi Liere, Shalene Jha & Brenda Lin
Urban agriculture has received considerable attention for its role in supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services, and health and well-being for growing urban populations. Urban gardens managed with agroecological practices and higher plant diversity support more biodiversity and may support higher crop production. Plant selection in gardens is a function of temperature and environmental conditions and also depends on gardener socio-demographic characteristics, motivations for gardening, and gardening experience. In this study, we examined how plant richness...

Data from: Global hotspots for coastal ecosystem-based adaptation

Holly P. Jones, Barry A. Nickel, Tanja Srebotnjak, Will Turner, Mariano Gonzalez-Roglich, Erika Zavaleta & David G. Hole
Helping the world’s coastal communities adapt to climate change impacts requires evaluating the vulnerability of coastal communities and assessing adaptation options. This includes understanding the potential for ‘natural’ infrastructure (ecosystems and the biodiversity that underpins them) to reduce communities’ vulnerability, alongside more traditional ‘hard’ infrastructure approaches. Here we present a spatially explicit global evaluation of the vulnerability of coastal-dwelling human populations to key climate change exposures and explore the potential for coastal ecosystems to help...

Data for Drought-Net rainfall shelters did not cause non-drought effects on photosynthesis for California central coast plants.

Michael Loik
Rainfall interception shelters are frequently used to study the ecological consequences of drought. One common shelter design employs V-shaped plastic troughs spaced on a supporting frame to intercept rainfall. Shading, reflection, and infrared radiation may alter the radiative environment under shelters in ways independent of their intended effect on soil moisture. We measured microclimate and several photosynthetic variables for watered potted plants under rain-out shelters and in open-air, unsheltered plots. We tested whether the shelter...

Evolutionary Game Theory: Simulations

Daniel Friedman & Barry Sinervo
The software examples are all derived in the book by Daniel Friedman and Barry Sinervo, "Evolutionary Games in Natural, Social, and Virtual Worlds", published by Oxford University Press (2016). These Excel simulations, R workspaces, and mathematica programs are designed to illustrate diverse games that can be developed for one-population games such as Hawk Dove, RPS, Defect-Cooperate-TFT, to two population games such as Baseball (pitchers versus batters) or Buyer-Seller. The Excel games D-C-TFT and Baseball are...

Microaggressions Self-Defense: A Workshop for Responding to Microaggressions (Handout)

Christy Byrd
Microaggressions are subtle verbal and non-verbal slights based on group membership, and they are ubiquitous in the lives of racial minorities, women, and LGBTQ individuals (Sue 2010). This is a handout accompanying a paper introducing a role-playing based exercise on effective responses to microaggressions. The workshop draws on the two previous prejudice responding workshops of Plous (2000) and Lawson et al. (2010) but integrates research-based strategies.

Experimental implementation of a Pyramid WFS: Towards the

Charlotte Bond, Kacem El Hadi, Jean-Francois Sauvage, Thirry Fusco, Carlos Coreia, Olivier Fauvarque & Benoit Neichel

AO for MOSAIC, the E-ELT Multiple Object Spectrograph

Tim Morris, Alastair Basden, Trisan Bey, Fanny Chemla, Jean-Marc Cnan, Carlos Correia, Kjetil Dohlen, Thierry Fusco, Eric Gendron, Damien Gratadour, Pascal Jagourel, Richard Myers, Benoit Neichel, Cyril Petit, Phil Rees & Gerard Rousset

Deformable Mirrors developments at ESO

Elise Vernet & Sefan Stroebele

Development of multi time-step tomographic reconstruction with RAVEN

Yoshito Ono, Akiyama Masayuki, Shin Oya & Olivier Lardiere

Laser-only AO, readout noise studies and AO verification and integration for ELTs

Alastair Basden, Tim Morris, Richard Myers, Nigel Dipper, Eric Gendron, Fabrice Vidal, Arnaud Sevin, Gerard Rousset, Damien Gratadour, Zoltan Hubert, Angus Wilson & Carine Morel

Progress report on the ESO 4LGSF

Wolfgang Hackenberg, Domenico Bonaccini Calia, Ivan Guidolin, Thomas Pfrommer, Lothar Kern, Christophe Dupuy, Steffan Lewis, Stephan Huber, Ronald Guzman, Mauro Comin, Dan Popovic, Stewart McLay & Ronald Holzlohner

The GMT Dynamic Optical Simulation

Rod Conan, Antonin Bouchez, Fernando Quiros-Pacheco & Brian McLeod

Commissioning of ARGOS at LBT: adaptive optics procedures

Lorenzo Busoni, Marco Bonaglia, Jose Borelli, Matthias Deysenroth, Simone Esposito, Wolfgang Gaessler, Martin Kulas, Tommaso Mazzoni, Gilles Orban De Xivry, Diethard Peter, Sebastian Rabien, Gustavo Rahmer & Julian Ziegleder

SPHERE extreme AO system On-sky operation, final performance and future improvements

Thierry Fusco, Jean-Francois Sauvage, David Mouilelt, Jean-Luc Beuzit, Kjetil Dohlen, Cyril Petit, Anne Costille, Julien Girard & Marcus Kasper

Calibrating the Non-Common Path Aberrations on the MOAO system RAVEN and

Masen Lamb, David Andersen, Jean-Pierre Veran, Carlos Correia & Olivier Lardiere

Precise and deep photometry from the ground: on-sky science performance of MCAO

Paolo Turri, Alan McConnachie, Peter Stetson, Giuliana Fiorentino & David Andersen

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