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Evolutionary Game Theory: Simulations

Daniel Friedman & Barry Sinervo
The software examples are all derived in the book by Daniel Friedman and Barry Sinervo, "Evolutionary Games in Natural, Social, and Virtual Worlds", published by Oxford University Press (2016). These Excel simulations, R workspaces, and mathematica programs are designed to illustrate diverse games that can be developed for one-population games such as Hawk Dove, RPS, Defect-Cooperate-TFT, to two population games such as Baseball (pitchers versus batters) or Buyer-Seller. The Excel games D-C-TFT and Baseball are...

Maximum Likelihood Estimate of Payoffs from Time Series

Jacopo Magnani, Daniel Friedman & Barry Sinervo
We fit the data to a structural model estimated via maximum likelihood (ML) techniques. The model in the matlab code joins discrete time replicator dynamics with a stochastic structure, given by the Dirichlet distribution or, alternatively, by the logistic distribution.

Cordillera Huayhuash Water Quality 2010-2011

Timothy Norris
The Cordillera Huayhuash is the second highest mountain range in the Peruvian Andes and is important for tourism, mining, and local livelihoods. These three economic activities all share an interest in the water quality of the over 50 lakes and associated drainages that exist in the region. Water quality monitoring can help ease tensions between interests from these distinct economic sectors. This dataset reports on two rounds of water quality sampling and testing performed at...

Ultrasound Investigation of Irish Palatalization (Phase 1, Connacht dialect)

Ryan Bennett, Grant McGuire, Máire Ní Chiosáin & Jaye Padgett
This dataset documents the production of palatalized and velarized consonants in Connemara Irish gathered in 2010 using a portable ultrasound device. Ultrasound imaging provides direct information about tongue body shape and movement, crucial to an understanding of palatalization and velarization. We also recorded video of lip movement, and audio, simultaneously with the ultrasound video. The shape of the tongue body, and of the lips, were extracted from video and averaged by statistical means. This dataset...

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