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Data from: Effects of dispersal‐ and niche‐based factors on tree recruitment in tropical wet forest restoration

Leland K. Werden, Karen D. Holl, Juan Abel Rosales, Janelle M. Sylvester & Rakan A. Zahawi
Both dispersal‐ and niche‐based factors can impose major barriers on tree establishment. Our understanding of how these factors interact to determine recruitment rates is based primarily on findings from mature tropical forests, despite the fact that a majority of tropical forests are now secondary. Consequently, factors influencing seed limitation and the seed‐to‐seedling transition (STS) in disturbed landscapes, and how those factors shift during succession, are not well understood. We used a 3.5‐yr record of seed...

Proximity and abundance of mother trees affects recruitment patterns in a long-term tropical forest restoration study

Rakan Zahawi, Leland Werden, Miriam San-José, Juan Abel Rosales, Jeffry Flores & Karen Holl
Remnant trees and forest fragments in agricultural landscapes can be important sources of propagules to facilitate forest recovery. However, many studies simply quantify forest cover in the surrounding landscape as a percentage, with little attention given to species composition, and subsequently fail to detect an effect on recruitment patterns. We assessed the relative importance of the spatial distribution and life-history traits of 77 tree species on recruitment patterns at a landscape scale in a well-replicated...

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  • 2021

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