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Evolutionary Game Theory: Simulations

Daniel Friedman & Barry Sinervo
The software examples are all derived in the book by Daniel Friedman and Barry Sinervo, "Evolutionary Games in Natural, Social, and Virtual Worlds", published by Oxford University Press (2016). These Excel simulations, R workspaces, and mathematica programs are designed to illustrate diverse games that can be developed for one-population games such as Hawk Dove, RPS, Defect-Cooperate-TFT, to two population games such as Baseball (pitchers versus batters) or Buyer-Seller. The Excel games D-C-TFT and Baseball are...

Maximum Likelihood Estimate of Payoffs from Time Series

Jacopo Magnani, Daniel Friedman & Barry Sinervo
We fit the data to a structural model estimated via maximum likelihood (ML) techniques. The model in the matlab code joins discrete time replicator dynamics with a stochastic structure, given by the Dirichlet distribution or, alternatively, by the logistic distribution.

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