101 Works

New Cophasing and AO strategies for an extremely large telescope dedicated to extremely high contrast: The Colossus Project

Gilles Moretto, Jeff R. Kuhn, Maud Langlois, Michel Tallon, Eric Thiebaut, Svetlana Berdyugina & David Halliday

Analysis of GeMS tip-tilt on-sky data: LQG implementation for vibration rejections

Lucie Leboulleux, Gaetano Sivo, Rémy Juvenal, Caroline Kulcsár, Vincent Garrel, Jean-Marc Conan, Henri-François Raynaud, Cyril Petit, William Rambold, Eduardo Marin, Vanessa Montes & Chadwick Trujillo

Resolving the low-mass content of Westerlund 1 using MCAO

Morten Andersen, Benoit Neichel & Anais Bernard

Optical design of the Post Focal Relay of MAORY

Matteo Lombini, Emiliano Diolaiti & Adriano De Rosa

Measuring Segment Piston with a Non-Redundant Pupil Mask on the Giant Magellan Telescope

Marcos Van Dam, Peter Tuthill & Anthony Cheetham

Near-infrared tip-tilt sensing at Keck: System architecture and on-sky performance

Rachel Rampy, Bruno Femenia, Jim Lyke, Peter Wizinowich, Sylvain Cetre, Sam Ragland & Paul Stomski

Observations of the dynamic turbulence above La Palma using Stereo-SCIDAR

James Osborn, Timothy Butterley, Saavidra Perera, Dora Fohring & Richard Wilson

Preliminary performance analysis of a LGS system for GTC

Iciar Montilla, Marcos Reyes Garcia-Talavera & Dolores Bello

Non Boltzmann Modeling of Sodium Guidestar Returns and Implications for Guidestar Linewidth

Shawn Hackett & Robert Johnson

State of the art IR cameras for wavefront sensing using e-APD MCT arrays

Pilippe Feautrier & Jean-Luc Gach

Anti-aliasing wave-front reconstruction with Shack-Hartmann sensors

Charlotte Bond, Thierry Fusco, Carlos Correia, JeanPierre Veran & Joel Telxeira

Coupling of WFS with a segmented DM “Test of different concepts: SH, Pyramid, Zernike phase sensor”

Nicolas Galland, Kacem El Hadi, Kjetil Dohlen, Jean-Francoiss Sauvage, Thierry Fusco, Franck Marchis & Mamadou N'Diaye

Laboratory tests on HeNOS, the MCAO test bench for NFIRAOS

Matthias Rosensteiner, Paolo Turri, David Andersen, Paolo Spano & Glen Herriot

Optical calibration of the M4 prototype toward the final unit

Runa Briguglio, Giorgio Pariani, Marco Xompero, Armando Riccardi, Mario Adrighettoni, Roberto Biasi, Matteo Tinori & Daniele Gallieni

Coastal Wetlands and Flood Damage Reduction: Using Risk Industry-based Models to Assess Natural Defenses in the Northeastern USA

S. Narayan, M. W. Beck, P. Wilson, C. Thomas, A. Guerrero, C. Shepard, B. G. Reguero, G. Franco, C. J. Ingram & D. Trespalacios

D-raising in Chamorro relative clauses and other A′ constructions

Jake Wayne Vincent

Financing Natural Infrastructure for Coastal Flood Damage Reduction

System analysis of the Segmented Pupil Experiment for Exoplanet Detection - SPEED - in view of the ELTs

Olivier Preis, Patrice Martinez, Carole Gouvret, Julien Dejonghe, Mathilde Beaulieu, Pierre Janin-Potiron, Alain Spang, Frantz Martinache, Yan Fantei-Caujolle, Aurelie Marcotto, Lyu Abe & Marcel Carbillet

GMCAO for E-ELT: a feasibility study

Valentina Viotto, Maria Bergomi, Elisa Portaluri, Marco Dima, Jocopo Farinato, Davide Greggio, Demetrio Magrin & Roberto Ragazzoni

Dissecting Star-forming regions with the GeMS MCAO instrument: lessons learned for optimal post-processing of WFAO data

Ana¨ıs Bernard, Benoit Neichel, Thierry Fusco, Laurent Mugnier, Sophie Bounissou, Manash Samal, Morten Andersen, Annie Zavagno & Henri Plana

Variation around the Pyramid theme: optical recombination and optimal use of photons

Olivier Fauvarque, Benoit Neichel, Thierry Fuso & Jean-Francois Savage

Measuring Segment Piston with a Dispersed Fringe Sensor on the Giant Magellan Telescope

Marcos Van Dam, Brian McLeod & Antonin Bouchez

Dark Wavefront Sensing

Roberto Ragazzoni

OCAM2S: an integral shutter ultrafast and low noise wavefront sensor camera for laser guide stars adaptive optics systems

Jean-Luc Gach, Philippe Feautrier, Tristan Buey, Gerard Rousset, Eric Gendron, Tim Morris, Alastair Basden, Richard Myers, Fabrice Vidal & Fanny Chemla

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