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Tracking the resource pulse: movement responses of fish to dynamic floodplain habitat in a tropical river

David Crook & John Morrongiello
Data and code for paper by Crook et al. in Journal of Animal Ecology

Communicative competence in Indonesian

Zane Goebel
The main aim of this research is to examine inter-ethnic interactions that occurred in two neighborhoods (RT) in Semarang, Indonesia, in order to explore how code choice and the use of prosody figured in these speaker's communicative competence. The motivation for doing this study was to provide some input into what appeared to be sociolinguistically uninformed debates about the teaching of variety in Indonesian language programs. This research utilized a number of theoretical approaches and...

A comparative study of the respiratory system of wood-workers and office-workers together with their smoking habits in Darwin, Northern Territory

Robert Chea
The study was undertaken to determine via an epidemiological survey the prevalence of chronic respiratory symptoms in a group of 45 wood workers/cabinet makers and to compare the study groups ventilatory capacities and symptoms with a control group of 45 office workers. The study aimed to discover the influence of wood dust on the respiratory system. The study included a questionnaire on all subjects (90 people) which provided data on their respiratory symptoms. By combining...

The significance of plant-animal interactions in tropical mangrove forests

Chandra Salgado
This research has filled some of the gaps in knowledge of the function of grapsid crabs in mangrove forests by identifying some of the important factors affecting the consumption of mangrove litter. Grapsid numbers were related to mangrove litter consumption, in space and time. Feeding preferences, their significance for the consumption of mangrove, material and the survival of seedlings were also identified. The thesis objectives were accomplished by sampling crab numbers and litter consumption in...

Gender differences in mathematics achievement

David Maclean
The achievement scores of 1532 Year 10 students in the Northern Territory on a common external assessment task in mathematics were analysed to ascertain whether or not there were significant differences, both statistical and educational, between the performances of males and females. The students were streamed by schools into one of three levels; Level One (advanced), Level Two (standard) and Level Three (basic). The analyses were conducted on overall aggregated scores, aggregated curriculum strand scores,...

Communication practices of integrated hearing-impaired students in the Northern Territory

Geoffrey Wilmshurst
This study was an initial investigation to document information on the demographic features and communication practices of hearing impaired children in mainstream placements within the Northern Territory. It dealt with children within Darwin, the largest urban population area in the Northern Territory. Students and teachers from primary and secondary government school settings were surveyed. No information of this type was available within the Northern Territory prior to this study. Rumsey (1984) undertook a similar study...

More than a chip off the old block

Kenneth Mulvaney
The archaeology of the Barkly Tablelands in the Northern Territory is poorly understood. A number of unpublished reports held by the Northern Territory Museum provide some information concerning the distribution and type of sites which occur. Evident is the widespread occurrence of sandstone grinding implements throughout the region. Although sandstone outcrops are found within the Ashburton Range, which lies between Elliott and Tennant Creek on the western margin of the Barkly Tablelands, only one sandstone...

Organising tourism providers on remote touring tracks as geographically distributed teams

Gregory Cartan
This study explains the organisation of tourism providers on remote touring tracks (RTT) as geographically distributed teams (GDTs). The GDT framework adopted comprised seven elements: geographic dispersion, information and communication technologies (ICTs), team membership, cultural diversity, shared mindset, collaboration, and leadership. An inputs-processes-outcomes (I-P-O) model was adopted to configure the elements of the GDT framework and to highlight their dynamic and interdependent nature. A case study research design was adopted. Two similar cases, the Gunbarrel...

The effect of medication reviews on reducing medication anticholinergic burden in elderly patients

Howraa Abed
Introduction: Medications with anticholinergic properties, as their main effect or as a side effect, are widely prescribed, especially among the elderly to manage different health conditions. Recent studies demonstrate that the use of medications with anticholinergic activity increase the risk of cognitive function decline, and physical or mental impairment, however the intensity of this response vary depending on the individual response. Thus, those effects are often missed, especially in the elderly or patients with a...

Image processing of multi-frequency polarimetric airsar data to characterise the vegetation communities of the tropical savannas in Northern Australia

Carl Menges
The aim of this thesis was to develop suitable image processing techniques for multi-frequency polarimetric AirSAR data to characterise the vegetation communities of the tropical savannas in northern Australia. Major steps have been taken that overcome some of the obstacles inherent to such data products. Currently, analysis of such data is severely restricted due mainly to the phenomena of speckle and variation of backscatter signatures which are dependent on the varying incidence angles. This thesis...

Intensive child centred play therapy for children who have experienced adversity in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities

Joanne Wicks
Over the past decade, researchers have become increasingly interested in the effects of adverse childhood experiences on brain development, epigenetic modifications, and the risks of medical and psychological disorders throughout the lifespan. Although several studies have examined the negative impact of adversity on Australian Aboriginal children, few studies have explored the effectiveness of developmentally and culturally suitable therapies that are customised for Australian Aboriginal children who reside in remote locations. One of the challenges for...

Assessing the impact of a marine protected area on coastal livelihoods

Ria Fitriana
Global concerns about the need to conserve marine ecosystems have resulted in rapid growth in the establishment of formally protected marine conservation areas. The ecological benefits of marine protected areas (MPAs) are relatively well recognised, however, the extent to which MPAs improve the livelihoods of coastal peoples remains subject to debate. The aim of this research was to assess the potential impacts of the establishment of an MPA on coastal communities on Pantar Island, located...

The development of responsibility and management of Aboriginal community councils in East Arnhem Land and the Tiwi Islands

Adeniba Christian Adepoyibi
Current observer opinion on Aboriginal community councils is almost unified in the conclusion that councils, as imposed European structures, are agents of Government control over Aboriginal people and are therefore inappropriate and cannot provide effective service delivery to Aboriginal communities due to what is termed their ‘unique culture’. This Thesis examines those factors that have been identified in the literature as having effect on organisation performance in tradition-oriented communities and discusses them through a comparative...

The cognitive determinants of psychological well-being

Julie-Anne Sykley
Five major cognitive determinants of psychological well-being identified are: (1) perceived control; (2) optimism; (3) self-esteem; (4) a sense of goal fulfillment; and (5) cognitive hardiness (a sense of control, commitment, and challenge towards life). The present study sought to investigate how well these cognitive variables would predict the experience of psychological wellbeing, and also to test the validity of a control-based model of well-being that related these variables together. A survey instrument designed to...

Ecology, ecophysiology and biogeography of the monsoon rainforest tree, Allosyncarpia ternata (S.T. Blake)

Ian Fordyce
Allosyncarpia ternata S.T. Blake is a large tree endemic to a small area (25 000 km2) in the "Top End" of the Northern Territory, Australia. Within this area, A. ternata dominates the canopy in a variety of topographic settings and vegetation types, from closed-canopy rainforest in ravines to low woodland on cliffs and hilltops. This study examines some of the differences in A. ternata plants at micro-climatically contrasting sites in the Baroalba Springs - Koongarra...

Cultural foundation of the Yidaki in Northeast Arnhem Land

Randin Graves
The didjeridu, or yiaki as it is commonly known in northeast Arnhem Land, is a musical instrument that originated in the far north of Australia, but since European contact has developed into a widely recognized symbol for the whole of Australia and a tool of self-expression for many throughout the world. Many Aboriginal People have expressed concern about the instrument's spread out of their control and without understanding or respect for its traditional origins. Some,...

The voice of reason

Melanie Underwood
This research constitutes the first Australian study to use Coronial reports to analyse nurse-related adverse events resulting in the deaths of patients. As nurses represent the largest group in the health care workforce, providing 24-hour care, they are in a key position to contribute to improving patient safety. James Reason’s theory of accident prevention, including his Swiss cheese model (1990), provided a conceptual framework for the research and underpinned the Human Factors Analysis and Classification...

Birds as indicators of rehabilitation success at Gove bauxite mine

Christopher Joseph Brady
The potential of birds as bio-indicators of rehabilitation success in the monsoon tropics of northern Australia was investigated at Gove (Nhulunbuy) bauxite mine in north east Arnhem Land. Given the rehabilitation goal of “compatibility” with the surrounding land use, it was reasoned that rehabilitation was successful if the bird community of such areas became similar to the surrounding forest with increasing age. The bird community and avian food resources (arthropods, nectar and seeds) of rehabilitated...

The Northern Territory's one big union

Bernard Norman Brian
This thesis examines the contribution of the labour movement to Northern Territory (NT) history by investigating the origins and evolution of the largest and longest surviving trade union, the North Australian Workers’ Union (NAWU). To do so, it is also necessary to study those unions preceding the NAWU because they developed the structures, practices and leadership that were incorporated into the NAWU when it was formed in 1927. The study also attempts to uncover Darwin’s...

Clinical studies to determine the optimal treatment for drug resistant malaria in Timika, Indonesia

Hadjar Siswantoro
Multidrug resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax pose a significant challenge to Indonesian communities. In southern Papua, Indonesia we conducted a series of studies to determine the efficacy of the existing antimalarial regimens and to compare the safety and efficacy of two fixed dosed artemisinin combination therapies (artemether-lumefantrine/AL and dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine/DP). In the first study, consecutive patients with malaria due to P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. ovale or P. malariae presenting to a rural...

Drivers of change in Darwin's hinterland Jan Salmon

Jan Salmon
Today Darwin, the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory, is a tropical modern metropolis of 120,000 people. Darwin’s hinterland displays a complex mixture of rural living; a multi-million dollar horticulture industry; conservation and water catchment protection areas; and Aboriginal lands. However, surprisingly this development did not occur through the traditional pattern of the transformation of rural land from agriculture. Darwin shows a startlingly different picture. Most of the lands in the hinterland, even in the...

An investigation of microcontaminant impacts in Darwin Harbour using the tropical marine snail Telescopium telescopium

Veronica Angela French
Wastewater effluent is a major source of known and potential endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in aquatic environments due to the large number of anthropogenic chemicals present in these effluents and their incomplete removal by conventional sewage treatment methods. Consequently, aquatic species exposed to wastewater effluent experience chronic exposure to a complex mixture of contaminants. Although many studies have documented the presence of EDCs in freshwater environments, and the adverse effects on aquatic organisms exposed to...

Development of a spatial model to quantify access to services in rural and remote areas of Australia

Dennis Arnold Griffith
This study describes a model, the Griffith Service Access Frame, which quantifies the relative access disadvantage of rural and remote population centres in Australia. The study limits the application of the model to educational services to enable a detailed comparative analysis to be undertaken using the Griffith Service Access Frame and the Commonwealth Department of Employment, Education and Training's Country Areas General Component formula, from the National Equity Program for Schools. The Country Areas General...

Beds are burning

Anthony Griffiths
The management of fire to conserve biodiversity and maintain ecosystem integrity is an ongoing challenge throughout the world. The response of plants and animals to fire is complex due to interactions among factors that include the characteristics of the fire (i.e. intensity and extent), the antecedent fire regime, the habitat, the climatic conditions, the biology of the affected organisms and their interactions. There is a clear need to understand multiple ecological processes if fire is...

Adaptive behaviour assessment system

Susanna Magdalena Petra Du Plessis
The limited availability of culturally appropriate psychological tests for the educational and psychological assessment of Indigenous students is a crucial issue for school psychologists in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT). This has resulted in school psychologists and other educational practitioners relying primarily on mainstream assessment tools when evaluating Indigenous students’ learning and psychological needs. This study sought to culturally adapt and abbreviate the Adaptive Behavior Assessment System –Second Edition Teacher Form (ABAS-II) for use in NT...

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