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When energy becomes matter


From biomedical applications to nuclear astrophysics, physicists at CERN’s nuclear physics facility, ISOLDE, are probing the structure of matter. To stay at the cutting edge of technology and science, further development was needed. Now, 8 years since the start of the HIE-ISOLDE project, a new accelerator is in place taking nuclear physics at CERN to higher energies. With physicists setting their sights on even higher energies of 10 MeV in the future, with four times...

Location of electrical departures and spare converters in building 269

Oceane Vic, Pierre Zelazny & Konstantinos Papastergiou
- Sirius family of power converters
- Required training and tools
- Location of electrical departures and spare converters in different buildings

Li LE interview

Interview of Li Le from China

Le grand collisionneur



, Jacques Herve Fichet, Laurine Dussolier & Clara Pignolo

CMS experiment : animation showing the construction of the main structural components of CMS together

& Silvano De Gennaro
This 17-minute long animation shows the construction of the main structural components of CMS in the surface hall in Cessy and offers a detailed overview of the installation in the experimental cavern.

No ordinary genius - Richard Feynman (1918-1988)

& Christopher Sykes
The adventures of Richard Feynman, physicist, as told by his colleagues, family and friends - and himself.

Menschen Technik Wissenschaft* : CERN 94

Mit Felicitas Pauss and Peter Jenni

* MTW, Menschen Technik Wissenschaft, Aktuelle und relevante Themen aus den Bereichen Wissenschaft, Industrie, Technik, Natur, Umwelt und Klima. Eine Sendung von Schweizer Fernsehen DRS.

ITW from The Rockefeller University

Building on dreams

, Barrie Whatley & Andrew Millington
A special report on what Britain gains from doing fundamental physics. UK contribution in high energy physics. UK participation in research at CERN. With Leon Lederman, Sir John Kendrew, Sir John Kingman, Carlo Rubbia, Peter Atkins,, Margaret Thatcher, Sir Herman Bondi. Comments: very good images on CERN activities.

LS1, 2 years on

Noemi Caraban Gonzalez & Christoph M. Madsen
This video is about actions done at the LHC during the LS1

The World Today : collapse of the SSC

Face to face : Senator Dale Bumpers (D) (Arkansas) and Professor Leon Lederman, Illinois Institut of Technology

Le LEP, vous connaissez ?

, Jean-Claude Vialis & Jean-Paul Perrot

Le magazine \"Maintenant et plus tard\" : aujourd'hui le CERN

& Robert Stefinger

Les convertisseurs 32,5 kw à double résonance

& Jean-Claude Vialis

L3 experiment : Magnet

Construction and installation of the detector's magnet of the L3 experiment, one of the four experiments of the LEP.

L3 детектор

DELPHI experiment

Travel of the superconducting coil. Mounting mirrors of barrel RICH detector.

Animation 7 TeV pp collisions from ALICE- 30 March 2010

& Pawel Rafal Debski
Run 114783. To show what happens during a proton proton collision. Animation from 7 TeV proton proton collisions in the ALICE experiment. Collisions recorded on the first day of the 7 TeV run, 30 March 2010.

Welcome to CERN

Daniel Boileau, Marilena Streit-Bianchi &
Safety precaution ....

ASP 2010 - Stellenbosch, South Africa - August 1st to 21st, 2010 Part 25

The African School of Fundamental Physics and its Applications First edition

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