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The Superconducting Super Proton Synchrotron

Luke Aidan Dyks, David Posthuma De Boer, Aimee Ross, Michael Backhouse, Siobhan Alden, Gian Luigi D' Alessandro & Daniel Harryman
In order to continue pushing the frontiers of high energy physics, a future circular hadron collider, FCC-hh has been proposed. Using 16 T magnets the FCC-hh will be able to collide two beams of hadrons with a centre-of-mass energy of order 100 TeV. In doing so it is hoped that FCC-hh will shed light on some of the mysteries of modern particle physics, in particular the nature of the Higgs potential and the Standard Model...

CERN Rapport annuel 2018

The report will be published end June 2019.

CERN openlab: Tackling tomorrow’s ICT challenges today (with subtitles)

Jacques Herve Fichet, Christoph Martin Madsen & Andrew Robert Purcell
CERN openlab has been supporting the LHC research community since 2001. It is a unique public-private partnership, through which CERN collaborates with leading ICT companies and other research organisations. Together, we work to accelerate the development of the cutting-edge ICT solutions that help make ground-breaking discoveries possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video contains stock footage purchased from an external provider. As such, you should not re-use any shortened clips from this video, as this may...

Michel Elias Entrepreneurship linkedin live

Jacques Herve Fichet
Michal Elias is CEO of ADVANTICS Eurl. Before CERN, he studied electronic engineering in Prague, and worked in telecomunications and the medical industry.
Towards the end of his 5 years at CERN, he founded ADVANTICS an R&D company focusing on high efficiency power converters and charging systems for electric vehicles.
Currently ADVANTICS employs 7 people, out of whom 6 are CERN Alumni.

Helge Voss Entrepreneurship linkedin live

Jacques Herve Fichet
Before becoming a co-founder of Syte, I was a physicist. I studied at the "Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn" in Germany. Afterwards I moved to CERN for a fellowship where in addition to my work on Triple-Gauge-Boson couplings with the OPAL collaboration I also joined CMS to learn about silicon hardware. After my fellowship I joined LHCb with the EPFL in Lausanne, finally really getting my hands onto silicon micro-strip detectors. I stayed with the LHCb Silicon...


Henry Samuel Aapro
Feedback from CMS collaboration for the Drupal tool

Knowledge Transfer Annual Report 2018

Jacques Herve Fichet
Knowledge Transfer Annual Report 2018

CERN Medtech: Hack 2018

Linn Therese Tvede
The Medical Technology Hackathon is an innovation competition organised by the Knowledge Transfer group to explore new ways of developing viable applications for CERN technologies in the medical technology field.

Designing the Future Circular Collider (teaser)

Panagiotis Charitos
A short film about the Future Circular Collider study for a post-LHC large-scale research facility in particle physics. The film highlights the importance of continue exploring the fundamental questions about the universe and shows the importance of collaboration to tackle the technological challenges of this project.

The project is co-funded by EuroCirCol, an EU Horizon 2020 programme.

Designing the Future Circular Collider

Panagiotis Charitos
An introductory film to the FCC study; a global collaboration that explores different scenarios for post-LHC colliders that can push the energy and intensity frontiers.

La nuit est belle au CERN

Jacques Herve Fichet
Du batiment 33

The CLIC accelerator complex

Daniel Dominguez
The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) is a project to accelerate and collider electrons and positrons at energies as high as 3 TeV. A novel acceleration scheme is applied, decelerating a high intensity “drive beam” to produce the radiofrequency power needed to accelerate the electrons and positrons of the “main beam”. The short and intense electron pulses of the “drive beam” are produced by interleaving bunches in a delay loop and two combiner rings. The “main...

A journey through time and space

Giulia Grossmann, Cosmic Neman, Narumi Omori, Claude Tresmontant & A Sujata
Historical CERN videos and photos are mixed to render a lively movie showing amazing images of the past, far from their initial documentary purpose. It is a teaser to show how archived videos can be re-interpreted and perceived in a completely new way.

New Silicon Sensors for CMS

Eva Sicking, Julien Marius Ordan, Paola Catapano & David Barney
The CMS collaboration is designing and testing new silicon sensors for the detector's High Granularity calorimeter, capable to withstand higer radiation, to prepare for the High Luminosity LHC era

Open day teaser

Samuel Joseph Hertzog
Opening the doors of CERN on the 14 and 15th of September

CERNcorridors (week 7)

Noemi Caraban Gonzalez & Carlos Leon Aguilera
The corridor is a series of videos that aim to let the public to participate, inviting them to send the questions they would like to be replied on the next videos.
The proposal will be to launch a video every week, with a text inviting the audience to post the questions they would like to ask to someone is this questionnaire. We also invite the audience to reply the questions made on the published videos...

How to Add & delete Item on TrakaWeb

Celebi Yilmaz
Vidéo décrivant comment se loguer.
Changement de langue.
L'ajout et la suppression d'équipement
Dernière MAJ infos: 27septembre 2021

Chaise - solution

Alicia Daniel & Ruth Cook
Chaise - solution

BL4S 2017 Ghostbusters

Team Ghostbusters
BL4S 2017 video submission of team Ghostbusters from Spain

BL4S 2017 Absolute Uncertainty

Team Absolute Uncertainty
BL4S 2017 video submission of team Absolute Uncertainty from the UK

Visit of his excellency Sergio Matarella President of Italy

Samuel Joseph Hertzog
Footage of the visit of his excellency Sergio Matarella President of Italy

BL4S video playlist 2019

Collection of best submitted videos for BL4S 2019


Jonathan R. Ellis
Traditional TH Christmas Play


Jonathan R. Ellis
Traditional TH Christmas Play

ALICE TPC Extraction angle 2

Maximilien Brice
ALICE TPC Extraction angle 2

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