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Paul J. Green
The Chandra Newsletter contains articles about the CXC and the Chandra mission. The Chandra Newsletter appears once a year and is edited by Paul J. Green, with editorial assistance and layout by Evan Tingle. We welcome contributions from readers. Comments on the newsletter, or corrections and additions to the hardcopy mailing list should be sent to: chandranews@head.cfa.harvard.edu.

Education In Wound Technology

Georgios Vasilopoulos
This Editorial Article deals with the need for education in wound technologies.During the past twenty years, systematic research on wound healing helped healthcare providers to understand the perspectives of this field. Advances in biotechnology and new scientific evidences resulted in the proliferation and differentiation of knowledge on wound treatment. It is believed that workshops on wound care can improve the level of knowledge of health professionals .-

Identifying Your Accompanist

Will Lowe
A short exploration of the consequences of using digital companions to externalise self-quantification and monitoring. Paper presented at the 'Artificial Companions in Society' meeting held at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, October 26th, 2007.

Explanation Trees For Causal Bayesian Networks

Ulf Holm Nielsen, Jean-Philippe Pellet & André Elisseeff
Bayesian networks can be used to extract explanations about the observed state of a subset of variables. In this paper, we ex- plicate the desiderata of an explanation and confront them with the concept of expla- nation proposed by existing methods. The necessity of taking into account causal ap- proaches when a causal graph is available is discussed. We then introduce causal expla- nation trees, based on the construction of ex- planation trees using the...

Wms Installation And Configuration

Emidio - INFN Catania Giorgio
Installation and configuration of an EMI 1 WMS instance

Into The Blue: Euro-Basin Objectives On North Atlantic Ecosystems

Michael St John & Ivo Grigorov
Professor Michael St John discusses the EURO-BASIN project, which aims to bring North Atlantic environmental institutes together, elucidate the inner workings of the Ocean’s ecosystems and reveal how these are affected by climate change and increased human intervention.

Gender, Age And Peer Reviewed Articles

Eva Isaksson
Analysis of peer reviewed article productivity by University of Helsinki researchers by gender and age, based on the University of Helsinki research database TUHAT data, 2006-2012.

Myproxy Yaim, Administrator Guide

Zdenek Sustr
The proxy renewal daemon is responsible for keeping proxy certificates valid throughout all the lifetime of corresponding jobs

Overhead Analysis Of Embedded Wireless Testbeds

Nathan Samson, Glenn Daneels, Bart Braem & Chris Blondia
As community networks are being deployed more often, interest in using them as testbeds is growing too. Frameworks like the cOntrol and Management Framework (OMF) are helpful software tools to organize, control and instrument the testbeds deployed on those networks. However, community networks have a very heterogeneous infrastructure in which less powerful, embedded devices will play an important role due to their low cost. This work will analyze the overhead generated by the OMF framework...

Blogforever D4.7: Final Weblog Digital Repository Component

J. Garcia Llopis, R. Jimenez Encinar, S. Postaci, A. Cinar, H. Kalb & T. Simko
This report presents the implementation activities carried out for the development of the
final BlogForever digital repository component. In this respect, it provides a complete
description of the development performed according to the design done previously, served
with a detailed list of implementation descriptions which explain in more detail what and
how has been developed. Furthermore, this report outlines the adopted collaboration
workflow together with the technologies utilised.

Blogforever D5.3: User Questionnaires And Reports

V. Banos, S. Arango-Docio, P. Sleeman, E. Pinsent, G. Gkotsis, K. Stepanyan, M. Rynning, S. Kopidaki, Y. Manolopoulos & I. Trochidis
This report presents the feedback gathered from third party users during the BlogForever Case Studies. Therefore, the research framework is defined and the case studies results are presented, followed by a summary of conclusions and remarks.

Blogforever D5.1: Design And Specification Of Case Studies

S. Arango-Docio, P. Sleeman, E. Pinsent, G. Gkotsis, T. Farrell, S. Kopidaki & M. Rynning
This document presents the specification and design of six case studies for testing the BlogForever platform implementation process. The report explains the data collection plan where users of the repository will provide usability feedback through questionnaires as well as details of scalability analysis through the creation of specific log files analytics. The case studies will investigate the sustainability of the platform, that it meets potential users’ needs and that is has an important long term...

Simulating Radiative Accretion Disks In General Relativity

Aleksander Sadowski
Simulating radiative accretion disks in general relativity.

The Molecular Gas - Star Formation Connection In An Extended Ultraviolet Disk

Linda Watson
Presentation at the CfA Postdoc Symposium.

Codes And Manuals For Proquad And Escapist

Sandeep Chakraborty, , , &
manualescapist.pdf: Manual for ESCAPIST. Manual for using the ESCAPIST program (includes installation instructions) manualproquad.pdf: Manual for PROQUAD. Manual for using the PROQUAD program (includes installation instructions) pd.CB.score.full: Potential difference for CBeta atom. Distribution of Cbeta values in different amino acid pairs, learnt from the PISCES database. perl_scripts: Source code. Contains the perl source code for PROQUAD and ESCAPIST

Encoding Of Regularity In The Visual Cortex

Jonas Kubilius, Johan Wagemans & Hans P. Op de Beeck
The visual system is very efficient in encoding stimulus properties. To explore the underlying encoding strategies in the early stages of visual information processing, we presented participants with L-, T-, and X-junctions in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) experiment. For each junction type, we manipulated the amount of configuration regularity (or degrees of constraint), ranging from a generic junction configuration to stimuli resembling an ‘L’ (i.e., a right angle L-junction), a ‘T’ (i.e., a...

An Evaluation Of Bmx6 For Community Wireless Networks

Axel Neumann, Ester López & Leandro Navarro
Nowadays, a growing number of communities of citizens build, operate and own open IP-based community wire- less networks with thousands of low capacity nodes actively participating in routing the data traffic. This article focuses on one of their concerns, routing and its scalability, by presenting BatMan-eXperimental Version 6 (BMX6) and evaluating its performance. BMX6 is a low overhead and scalable mesh network routing protocol inspired by human networks. Its performance is evaluated in comparison with...

Determining An Empirical Emission Model For The Auralization Of Jet Aircraft

Frederik Rietdijk, Kurt Heutschi & Christoph Zellmann
Aircraft noise is a major issue in urban areas and is one of the research topics within the FP7 SONORUS project. Current methods for determining the impact of aircraft noise on annoyance and sleep disturbance are based on energetic quantities neglecting the dynamic character of the sound.
To obtain a more complete representation of annoyance, it would be helpful to predict the audible aircraft sound and determine the impact of the aircraft sound on people....

Ycm 0.1.1

Daniele E. Domenichelli, Paul Fitzpatrick, Lorenzo Natale, Ugo Pattacini, Francesco Romano, Silvio Traversaro, Giorgio Metta, Alessandro Scalzo, Elena Ceseracciu, Francesco Rea, Francesco Nori, Vadim Tikhanoff, Alexandre Bernardino & Alessio Rocchi
YCM 0.1.1 (2015-08-28) Release Notes Changes made since YCM 0.1.0 include the following. Build System If available, use the new MESSAGE_NEVER argument for the file(INSTALL) command. This will remove the "install" output during the build. Fix _YCM_CMAKE_NEXT_DOWNLOAD_NOW function on Windows. Use the full version in offline source packages. Modules 3rdparty/FindEigen3: Update to the last revision (see https://bitbucket.org/eigen/eigen/pull-request/76/). ExtractVersion: Unset macro internal variables before exiting. Import recent changes from yarp to FindFFMPEG and FindPortAudio modules. FindOrBuildPackage:...

Scrm Test003

Paul Staab, Joe Zhu, Gerton , Jonathan Terhorst & Jerome Kelleher
A coalescent simulator for genome-scale sequences

Picardmetrics: Reference Files

Kamil Slowikowski
Reference files used to test picardmetrics: gencode.v19.annotation.refFlat gencode.v19.annotation.rRNA.interval_list iGenomes.UCSC.hg19.genome.fa picardmetrics: https://github.com/slowkow/picardmetrics

Vcf2Maf: Vcf2Maf V1.5.3

Set VEP to shift HGVS indels to 3' end Support user-defined isoforms with arg --custom-enst

Revised Line-Strengths And Peak-Positions For Cis-Hono At 1660 Cm^-1 Using A New Cw-Qc Tildas

Ben H. Lee, Ezra C. Wood, Mark S. Zahniser, J. Barry McManus, David D. Nelson, Scott C. Herndon, Joanne H. Shorter, Joda C. Wormhoudt, Steven C. Wofsy & J. William Munger
Nitrous acid, HONO, is a significant source of atmospheric HOx and the production of HONO may be responsible for the recycling of deposited NOy back into the atmosphere in active form. Many current techniques rely on wet-chemical extractive methods, but are potentially prone to interferences and have not always shown good agreement with optical techniques1. Spectroscopy offers an alternative method with greater specificity, however, the rotational-vibrational transitions of HONO in the mid-infrared region are not...

N2 Collisional Broadening Of Methane In The Thz Region Measured At The Soleil Synchrotron

V. Boudon, T. Gabard, O. Pirali, P. Roy, J.-B. Brubach, L. Manceron & J. Vander Auwerad
Recently, we recorded the THz centrifugal distortion-induced spectrum of methane using synchrotron radiation at the SOLEIL facility. Intensities of pure rotation lines of CH4 were precisely measured, from which the induced dipole moment of this weak spectrum, of great interest for planetology, was accurately inferred. This study should in particular help to measure methane concentrations in Titan’s atmosphere. Here, we continue the work by presenting spectra of CH4/N2 mixtures, again recorded with a 150 m...

Turystyczne Wykorzystanie Krajobrazu Kulturowego W Gminie Koronowo = Tourist Use Of The Cultural Landscape In Gmina Koronowo

Ewa Nowicka, Zbigniew Podgórski & Alicja Gonia
Nowicka Ewa, Podgórski Zbigniew, Gonia Alicja. Turystyczne wykorzystanie krajobrazu kulturowego w gminie Koronowo = Tourist use of the cultural landscape in Gmina Koronowo. Journal of Education, Health and Sport. 2015;5(5):413-426. ISSN 2391-8306. DOI 10.5281/zenodo.18035 http://ojs.ukw.edu.pl/index.php/johs/article/view/2015%3B5%285%29%3A413-426 https://pbn.nauka.gov.pl/works/562072 http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.18035 Formerly Journal of Health Sciences. ISSN 1429-9623 / 2300-665X. Archives 2011 – 2014 http://journal.rsw.edu.pl/index.php/JHS/issue/archive Deklaracja. Specyfika i zawartość merytoryczna czasopisma nie ulega zmianie. Zgodnie z informacją MNiSW z dnia 2 czerwca 2014 r., że w roku 2014 nie...

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