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Knowledge Freedom in computational science: a two stage peer-review process with KF Eligibility Access Review

Daniele de Rigo
What is explained below is the peer review process applied by Notes on Transdisciplinary Modelling for Environment (NTMe). Authors and readers are encouraged to understand not only the process, but also the rationale behind the process, which is closely connected with the peculiar challenges faced by the scientific problems (computational-science modelling under uncertainty, in broad and heterogeneous contexts) in the scope of the journal. \(\mathsf{\Large\text{The rationale behind the peer-review process}}\) Computational research problems for more...

A Generic Model Architecture For Perceptual Grouping

Jonas Kubilius, Johan Wagemans & Hans P. Op de Beeck
Gestalt grouping principles provide important cues for organizing visual inputs into coherent percepts. While a number of models for each grouping principle have been proposed, a unifying architecture that would flexibly incorporate all of them is still lacking. Moreover, many of these models operate in mathematical terms, rendering them unsuitable for a wider testing on real input images. Here we present a generic biologically plausible unsupervised architecture, which we term gmin (https://github.com/qbilius/gmin), geared towards a...

Wibed, A Platform For Commodity Wireless Testbeds

Pau Escrich, Roger Baig, Axel Neumann, Alexandre Fonseca, Leandro Navarro & Felix Freitag
Testbeds are a stage between the simulation and the
production stages. To this end they must be as close as possible
to production environments (i.e. real hardware, on the field
deployments) while also keeping the traits of experimentation
facilities (i.e. fault tolerance, ease of deployment, testing and data
collection). This paper presents Wibed, a platform for facilitating
the deployment and management of testbeds for experimentation
on mesh networks based on commodity IEEE802.11 routers. The

Improving The Evaluation Of Marine Ecosystems Environmental Status

Margit Eero & Henn Ojaveer
Assessments of the environmental status of marine ecosystems are increasingly needed to inform management decisions, regulate human pressures and meet policy objectives. Ecosystem assessments however have a number of methodological challenges including the selection of appropriate indicators and definition of reference conditions corresponding to “good” or “bad” status of the ecosystem. Furthermore, the combination of individual indicators to an overall ecosystem status involves a number of methodological choices.

Currently ecosystem assessments usually focus on...

Realising The Full Potential Of Research Data: Common Challenges In Data Management, Sharing And Integration Across Scientific Disciplines

Laurence Field, Stephanie Suhr, Jon Ison, Wouter Los, Peter Wittenburg, Daan Broeder, Alex Hardisty, Susanna Repo & Andy Jenkinson
This document identifies common challenges in data management, sharing and integration across scientific disciplines. The BioMedBridges, CRISP, DASISH and ENVRI projects - covering the biomedical sciences, physics, social science and humanities, and environmental sciences - have come together to identify cross-cutting topics, discuss current approaches and develop recommendations for future actions required to solve them.

Prepare For Citizen Science Challenges At Cern

Jiannan Zhang, Ben Segal, Francois Grey, Peter Skands & Margaret Gold
To inspire more people to contribute to science, and educate the public about science, two Citizen Science "challenges" were prepared during summer 2013: the CERN Summer Webfest 2013 and the Virtual LHC Challenge. The first part of this report summarizes how to organize a Webfest at CERN and the outcome of the CERN Summer Webfest 2013.The second part gives an introduction to the current state of the Virtual LHC Challenge: a development of the...

C-Sibelia Bacterial Genome Comparison Tool: Dataset And Scripts

Ilya Minkin, Hoa Pham, Ekaterina Starostina, Nikolay Vyahhi & Son Pham
Input data and scripts used for comparing the Staphylococcus aureus RN4220 assembly genome and the NCTC 8325 reference genome using C-Sibelia.

Integration Of Network Performance Monitoring Data At Fts3

Rocío Rama Ballesteros, Michail Salichos & Alejandro Álvarez
Project Specification:
The main goal of this project is to optimize the tcp buffer size to make more efficient the file transfers with FTS3. The library that has been implemented provides a way to calculate this providing a source and a destination. This way, whoever is transferring the files does not have to know anything about the logic of how calculate it. In this project, I have done a library to make easy the access...

Evaluation Of Standard Monitoring Tools(Including Log Analysis) For Control Systems At Cern

Vlad Vintila & Fernando Varela Rodriguez
Project Specification:
The goal of this Openlab Summer Student project was to assess the implications and the benefits of integrating two standard IT tools, namely Icinga and Splunkstorm with the existing production setup for monitoring and management of control systems at CERN.
Icinga – an open source monitoring software based on Nagios would need to be integrated with an in-house developed WinCC OA application called MOON, that is currently used for monitoring and managing all...

Implementation And Testing Of Openstack Heat

Davide Michelino, Jose Castro Leon & Luis Fernandez Alvarez
Project Specification:
CERN is establishing a large scale private cloud based on OpenStack as part of the expansion of the computing infrastructure for the LHC. Many cloud based services use auto-scaling and orchestration to expand and contract their resources according to user load. The OpenStack Heat project provides an open source framework to organize the configuration and deployment of cloud applications. After the implementation of a working environment, was tested a sample use case, developing...

Advanced Visualizations Tools For Cern Institutional Data

Alberto Rodríguez Peón & Jiří Kunčar
Project Specification:
The aim of this openlab summer student project is to provide intuitive and powerful visualisation tools for key institutional data about CERN, including budgets and contracts. The project will be done in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation under the framework of CERN's open data policy regarding scientific results from LHC. The student will use the model-view-controller web development framework with Flask/HTML5/jQuery/TwitterBootstrap technologies for the user interface and SQLAlchemy ORM for database persistence....

Improvement Of The It-Pes-Ps Section Services Statistics Page

Alberto Montes López & Jérôme Belleman
Project Specification:
The IT-PES-PS service managers gather a lot of statistics for the services they run. These statistics are currently displayed by SLS (Service Level Status) or Lemon pages. They also use the Web interface provided with OpenTSDB, a DB optimised for time series. And while these various pages give very useful and technical information, they do not always emphasise the important figures. Having different statistics pages makes it difficult to see the relevant numbers...

The Implementation Of Openstack Cinder And Integration With Netapp And Ceph

Gary McGilvary & Thomas Oulevey
Project Specification:
CERN is establishing a large scale private cloud based on OpenStack as part of the
expansion of the computing infrastructure for the Large Hardon Collider (LHC).
Depending on the application running on the cloud, some virtual machines require large
disk capacities or high reliability/performance volumes. This project involves the
configuration, deployment and testing of OpenStack Cinder as well as the integration
with other block storage alternatives such as NetApp and Ceph. A performance...

Improved Metrics Collection And Correlation For The Cern Cloud Storage Test Framework

Carolina Lindqvist, Maitane Zotes & Seppo Heikkila
Storage space is one of the most important ingredients that the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) needs for its experiments and operation. Part of the Data & Storage Services (IT-DSS) group’s work at CERN is focused on testing and evaluating the cloud storage system that is provided by the openlab partner Huawei, Huawei Universal Disk Storage System (UDS). As a whole, the system consists of both software and hardware.
The objective of the Huawei-CERN...

Electronic Ticket And Check-In System For Indico Conferences

Bernard Kolobara & Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez
Project Specification:
This project should build on the existing participant registration module of Indico and provide additional functionalities for managing the check-in process. While in small conferences it is easy to keep track of participants with a simple paper list, such techniques become inefficient when the need to scale the process up arises. Therefore Indico’s participant registration module would be extended with the functionality to generate electronic tickets. This will allow conference organizers to keep...

Integration Of Cloud Services With Invenio Digital Library

Željko Kraljević & Jiří Kunčar
Project Specification:
Connect Invenio digital library with popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Sky Drive. Abstract:
Cloudutils is a standalone python module which provides an interface to popular cloud storage services (e.g. Google Drive, Skydrive…). It is built on top of the PyFilesystem module. In this project Cloudutils module was developed and used to connect Invenio digital library and popular cloud storage services.

Cern Storage Systems For Large-Scale Wireless

Andrea Azzarà, Xavier Espinal & Massimo Lamanna
The project aims at evaluating the use of CERN computing infrastructure for next generation sensor networks data analysis. The proposed system allows the simulation of a large-scale sensor array for traffic analysis, streaming data to CERN storage systems in an efficient way. The data are made available for offline and quasi-online analysis, enabling both long term planning and fast reaction on the environment.

Using A New Multivariate Technique In High Energy Physics

Viktoria Doneva & Till Moritz Karbach
This project focuses on testing and developing algorithms for multivariate data analysis, that separate signal processes from abundant backgrounds and on helping with organizing and filtering colossal amounts of raw data, gathered from the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment, to find extremely rare events of interest. Moreover, working on this project also meant trying to apply new, faster method to take the place of systems that are now used at CERN to pare down...

Oracle Autotask Enhancement For Multi-Database Environment

Tadeusz Dul & Marcin Błaszczyk
Project Specification:
The goal of my project was to develop a tool for facilitating controlling internal Oracle database maintenance jobs. Optionally I was proposed to extend the tool with additional components for controlling of other database related settings. The tool had to be easily customizable, work in multi-database environment and provide concise report for further review to in order to facilitate database administration.
Document describes DBCheck – reporting tool for multi-database environment. In particular...

Evaluation Of In-Memory Database Timesten

Endre Andras Simon & Miroslav Potocky
Project Specification:
Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is a full-featured, memory-optimized, relational database with persistence and recoverability. For existing application data residing on the Oracle Database, TimesTen can serve as an in-memory cache database. This setup can provide great performance increase and almost instant responsiveness for database intensive applications. Cooperation between application and database support is needed to test integration, benefits and possibilities this product provides for database intensive applications in CERN.
Main goal is to...

Development Of Favorite Collections & Visualizing User Search Queries In Cern Document Server (Cds)

Archit Sharma & Nikolaos Kasioumis
Invenio is an open source web-based application that implements a digital library or document server, and it's used at CERN as the base of the CERN Document Server Institutional Repository and the Inspire High Energy Physics Subject Repository.
The purpose of this project was to add a new feature to CDS, through which users could manage their own favorite collections on top of existing ones. My work involved adding new features to the WebSearch module,...

Open Access & Openaireplus - Infocamp 2013, Chur

Franziska Moser & André Hoffmann
Presentation of Open Access trends and project OpenAIREplus/Zenodo Infocamp, November 9th, 2013, HTW Chur, University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
http://infocamp.ch/ http://www.htwchur.ch/en.html

What Causes The Kanizsa Stimulus To Break Interocular Suppression?

Pieter Moors, Sanne van Crombruggen, Johan Wagemans, Raymond van Ee & Lee de-Wit
A regular, grouped Kanizsa triangle has been shown to break through interocular suppression faster than an ungrouped, random Kanizsa triangle [Wang et al., 2012, PLoS ONE, 7(6): e40106]. In an earlier neuropsychological study Conci et al. [2009, Neuropsychologia, 47, 726-732] showed that low-level collinear contour facilitation and high-level surface filling-in both contribute separately to a reduction in extinction in patients with visual neglect when viewing Kanizsa stimuli. Since Wang et al. (2012) did not include...

Jsim Downloads And Models

Erik Butterworth, Bartholomew E. Jardine, Gary M. Raymond, Maxwell L. Neal & James B. Bassingthwaighte
Jsim/ directory contents: Jsim_license.html - this license applies to all files in the jsim/ directory JSim_linux_2_12.zip - binary Linux distribution JSim_macos_2_12.zip - binary MacOS distribution JSim_src_2_12.zip - source distribution JSim_win32_2_12.zip - binary Windows distribution linux.html - Linux binary distribution installation instructions macos.html - MacOS binary distribution installation instructions source.html - Source distribution build instructions win32.html - Windows binary distribution installation instructions models/ directory contents: BTEX20simple.mod - model code BTEX20simple.proj - JSim project for model figure...

Visual Complexity And Perceived Duration

Letizia Palumbo, Ruth Ogden, Alexis Makin & Marco Bertamini
Poster presented at the AVA christmas meeting in Belgium

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