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The KGHM Ajax Mine proposal : policy analysis and brief

Quinn Runkle
The Green Party of British Columbia (GPBC) uses its “Ten Green Principles” as a filter to determine its support or opposition to any given policy or project proposal. This report utilizes the Ten Principles to determine the GPBC stance on the proposed KGHM Ajax Mine (KAM) project in Kamloops, BC. KGHM International Ltd. operates in Canada, the USA, and Mexico and is pursuing a 25 square-kilometre gold-copper mine in Kamloops, a city of 87,000 in...

Genetic diversity and population structure of the potential biocontrol agent, Valdensinia heterodoxa, and its host Gaultheria shallon (salal)

Jennifer Wilkin
Valdensinia heterodoxa Peyronel is an ascomycete fungus currently being considered as a potential biocontrol agent for Gaultheria shallon Pursh. (salal). In order to design an effective biocontrol agent and to assess its effectiveness and risks, the population structure of both V. heterodoxa and salal must be investigated. Infected salal leaves were collected from three geographically separate populations on Vancouver Island and coastal mainland British Columbia. Uninfected salal was collected from two additional sites. V. heterodoxa...

La historia tragicómica de don Henrique de Castro : la primera novela histórica hispanoamericana

Fresia Inés Sánchez Sanchez
In 1617, Francisco Loubayssin de la Marca published his Historia tragicómica de don Henrique de Castro, a novel that narrates the adventures of several characters, their relationships with one another, and their travels throughout the world. The work has been categorized within the scope of several different literary genres, such as the Byzantine, the sentimental, and the picaresque, to name a few. Though the text has received some historical criticism by George Ticknor, José Toribio...

Newton on line: The electronic revolution in mathematics [audiorecording]

Peter Borwein
Item consists of a digitized copy of an audio recording of a Vancouver Institute lecture given by Peter Borwein on April 5, 1997. Original audio recording available in the University Archives (UBC AT 2014).

The effect of oxygen on the reaction between copper and saphire

Thomas Edward O’Brien
The effect of oxygen potential on the wetting behavior and interfacial energy between copper and sapphire was studied using the sessile drop technique in a CO-CO₂ atmosphere. A linear relationship was found between γ[sub SL] and log P0₂ from 10⁻⁶ to 10⁻⁵ atmosphere. Beyond 10⁻⁵ atmosphere γ[sub SL] approached a constant value asymptotically. A barrier surface layer was proposed to explain this change. The Gibbs' adsorption equation was used to evaluate the characteristic of the...

New integral equation methods for mobility and capacitance problems in elasto- and electrostatics

Manas Rachh

Pharmacological blockade of the cardiovascular dive response : effects on heart rate and diving behaviour in the harbour seal (Phoca vitulina)

Nicole M. Elliott
While diving, harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) manage their oxygen stores through cardiovascular adjustments including bradycardia, a concurrent reduction in cardiac output, and peripheral vasoconstriction. At the surface, post-dive tachycardia facilitates rapid reloading of these oxygen stores. Although harbour seals can tolerate over 20 min of submergence, the majority of their natural dives are only 2 to 6 min and are usually followed by surface intervals that are less than 1 min, so they spend about...

Capacity development for local participation in community based natural resource management of Namibia : the #Khoadi //Hôas conservancy experience

Meseret Taye
Namibia’s community based natural resource management program (CBNRM) integrates local participation in rural development and biodiversity conservation. This effort was launched through key legislation that devolved the right to manage wildlife and other renewable resources on communal lands from the state to community level conservancies. Local participation is dependent upon the capacity of the locals to self mobilize and establish conservancies, plan and implement their programs, and monitor and evaluate their progresses and impacts. Accordingly,...

Community Informatics

Michael Gurstein
The application of information and communications technology (ICT) to enable and empower community processes, the goal of Community Informatics is to use information communication technologies (ICT) to enable the achievement of community objectives including overcoming “digital divides” both within and between communities. However, community informatics goes beyond discussions of the “Digital Divide” to examine how and under what conditions ICT access can be made usable and useful to the range of excluded populations and communities...

Living well with chronic illness : aligning tensions, attitudes, strategies, and meanings

Susan Lynn Mills
Chronic illnesses have an enormous impact on individuals and society and consume considerable resources. Increasingly, studies have shown that some people have a good life with these long-term conditions despite the economic hardship, pain, suffering, and disability they create. This raises questions about what characterizes these experiences and how they develop in the context of these challenges. In this interpretive study, these issues were explored using the interview data of 27 women and 4 men...

Application of ring-closing metathesis to the synthesis of unsaturated 14-membered lactams and the marine alkaloids motuporamines A-C

William Peter Donald Goldring
The construction of unsaturated 14-membered lactams 77-92 via ring-closing metathesis (RCM) of a series of diene-amides using Grubbs' benzylidene 3 was examined as part of an ongoing study in our laboratory into the chemistry and formation of macrocyclic compounds. Specifically, nine contiguous sites for ring closure were examined to explore the factors governing the yield and the resulting diastereomeric ratio of the newly formed olefin. The position of the olefin within the lactam products was...

Characterization of 2,3-dihydroxybiphenyl 1,2-dioxygenase, a key enzyme in polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) biodegradation

Frederic H. Vaillancourt
2,3-Dihydroxybiphenyl 1,2-dioxygenase (DHBD[sub LB400], EC from Burkholderia sp. LB400, the extradiol dioxygenase of the biphenyl biodegradation pathway, was investigated using a highly active, anaerobically purified preparation of enzyme. The steady-state kinetic data obtained using 2,3-dihydroxybiphenyl (DHB) fit a compulsoryorder ternary-complex mechanism in which substrate inhibition occurs. DHBD[sub LB400] was also stabilized by small organic molecules. The molecules that stabilized DHBD[sub LB400] most effectively also inhibited the cleavage reaction most strongly. DHBD[sub LB400] was subject...

Statistical analysis of tree growth and some environmental factors of plant communities in a selected area of the coastal western hemlock zone

Slavoj Eis
A study of productivity and environment of forest plant communities was carried out in a selected area of the Coastal western hemlock zone. This study is a part of the composite ecological project on this zone, which includes investigations of soils and vegetation by George Lesko and Laszlo Orloci respectively. In the present investigation, climate, site productivity and environmental characteristics of the associations were statistically evaluated using correlation and regression analyses. The purpose of the...

Novels and the poetry of Philip Larkin.

Joan Sheila Mayne
Philip Larkin has been considered primarily in terms of his contribution to the Movement of the Fifties; this thesis considers Larkin as an artist in his own right. His novels, Jill and A Girl in Winter, and his first volume of poetry, The North Ship, have received very little critical attention. Larkin's last two volumes of poetry, The Less Deceived and The Whitsun Weddings, have been considered as two very similar works with little or...

Pardesan Ka Kam: an essay on Punjabi-Sikh women cannery workers in Northern British Columbia

Amarjit Kaur Pannun
This essay is an ethnographic account of the lives of Punjabi Sikh women cannery workers in northern British Columbia. Using the concept of difference as an analytical tool, I am extending the analysis beyond the intersections of the differences of race, class, and gender to include regional, ethnic, age and caste variations among the members of this community in order to illustrate the complexities of being a South Asian Canadian woman. By employing individual socio-histories...

Just diagonalize: a curvelet-based approach to seismic amplitude recovery

Felix J. Herrmann, Peyman P. Moghaddam & Christiaan C. Stolk

Comparing Safari Tech Books Online and Books24x7 ebook collections : a case study from the University of British Columbia Library

Eugene Barsky, Lisa Schattman & Aleteia Greenwood
Most academic libraries are seeking to provide electronic access to the very dynamic and changing field of technology related material. Safari Tech Books Online and Books24x7 are the major e-book collections in this area. We compared the Safari Tech Books Online and Books24x7 e-book packages as to their usefulness for the University of British Columbia Library, second largest academic library in Canada. In our sample, we found that Books24x7 had more titles to offer (25%...

Non-intentional performance practice in John Cage's Solo for Sliding Trombone

James Gregory Chilton
This dissertation provides a study guide to aid trombonists in understanding and appreciating the Solo for Sliding Trombone (1957-58), one of the many solo parts from the Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1957-58) by John Cage (1912-1992). This seldom-performed piece of contemporary music is often misunderstood and is overlooked as an important part of the trombone repertoire. This document aims to help trombonists seeking to perform unaccompanied trombone music to develop an understanding of Cage's...

Integrating discrete-return scanning LiDAR and spaceborne RADAR to support aboveground biomass assessments

Olivier W. L. Tsui
Forests are considered important reservoirs of organic carbon and have been identified as essential in moderating climate change. Measuring the amount of carbon stored in forests helps improve our understanding of the carbon budget and help with climate change adaptation strategies. Therefore, effective and accurate methods in characterizing changing forest cover and biomass densities are needed. Both LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and radar (radio detection and ranging) technologies can contribute towards the study of...

Effect of fibre reinforcement on the crack propagation in concrete

Anthony Sze-Tong Yam
The influence of fibre reinforcement on crack propagation in concrete was studied. Thirty-five double torsion specimens, made with three types of fibres (fibreglass, straight steel fibres and deformed steel fibres) were tested. The variables were the fibre volume and size of the fibres. The test results indicated that the resistance to rapid crack growth increased somewhat with increasing fibre content up to about 1.25% - 1.5% by volume. The degree of compaction had an enormous...

Un représentant contemporain de l’inquiétude spirituelle

Joseph Jean-Marie Andre Pesseat
En marge de son metier, Roger Besus, ingenieur Normand des Ponts et Chaussees ecrit des romans depuis 1947. Dix-huit le dernier etant sous presse ont deja vu le jour. En marge? c'est trop dire, car son milieu de travail lui offre precisement chaque jour cet echantillon humain, etendu et varie ,dont s'alimente une imagination d'ecrivain. Si Roger Besus a ecrit son premier roman par necessite psychologi-que pour ainsi dire, les suivants repondaient a un besoin...

Member to member learning in a therapeutic enactment group

Bruce Bailey
This study examines the influence of member to member learning in a Therapeutic Enactment group. Using the lens of Bandura’s (1986) Social Cognitive Theory this study utilizes this theoretical framework to examine the extent members have influenced and do influence each other’s therapeutic change process. Using Yalom’s (1985) work on group process as a base and incorporating the elements he has identified as necessary for therapeutic change the study examines the factors as they relate...

National transport policy in Canada : the case of rail transport

Verna Semotuk
National transport policy should be determined by choosing among existing policy and alternatives to it on the basis of national and regional development objectives. This approach to transport policy formulation is explored within one important transport sector: high-bulk, long-haul freight in Western Canada. The implications of national rail policy are most pertinent, and most keenly felt, in economic regions dependent upon the export of primary resources, and it is in these markets which rail displays...

The status of stringed instrument instruction in the public elementary and secondary schools of British Columbia

Peter C. Van Ooyen
The purpose of the study is to identify and describe stringed instrument programs in the public elementary and secondary schools of British Columbia during the 1980-1981 school year. The study is concerned with three main aspects. First, the setting of each program within the community and the general music program of the district is described. This description includes a sampling of program rationales and goals. Because the programs studied are district string programs, the district...

Studies on the role of cyclic GMP in the regulation of contractility in heart and blood vessels

David Dean Wing Ng
This thesis is mainly concerned with the study of the role of cGMP in regulating contractility in the heart and blood vessels. A novel cGMP lowering agent, LY83583 (6-anilino-5,8-quinolinedione), was employed as a tool to determine the involvement of cGMP in mediating pharmacological and biological responses in the tissues being examined. In the first study, the role of cGMP in atriopeptin II-induced vascular relaxation was investigated. Atriopeptin II is believed to produce its vasorelaxant effect...

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