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Tea cups

W.H. Grindley And Company
Porcelain "Duraline" teacups decorated with the Green Band pattern of a green border outlined by a green pinstripe with a stylized "C.P.R." logo on a white body, produced for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company

How much does movement and location encoding impact prefrontal cortex activity? An algorithmic decoding approach in freely moving rats

Adrian Lindsay
Specialized brain structures encode spatial locations and movements, yet there is growing evidence that this information is also represented in the rodent medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC). Disambiguating such information from the encoding of other types of task-relevant information has proven challenging. In order to determine the extent to which movement and location information is relevant to mPFC neurons, tetrodes were used to record neuronal activity while limb positions, poses (i.e. recurring constellations of limb positions),...


Contributors, 135

Affixed interjections in English and Polish : a corpus-based study of emotional talk in digital communication and literary dialogue

Lockyer, Dorothy (Dorota)
Extensive cross-linguistic research documents a wide range of functions and semantic-pragmatic meanings of interjections in English and Polish that typically correspond with a primary function of conveying emotion. With many forms that have changed over time and appear in a variety of written and spoken mediums, interjections have been mainly considered ‘morphologically simple’; that is, they typically do not take on affixes. However, recent research has shown that interjections do, indeed, acquire various slang, diminutive...

Topological metals and semi-metals from band representations

Barry Bradlyn

History and Dynamics of Explosive Volcanism at Tseax Cone, British Columbia

Rose Gallo
The eruption of Tseax Cone, approximately 320 years ago, is thought to be the deadliest volcanic eruption in Canadian history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 2000 people. This small eruptive center in northern British Columbia comprises two cinder cones, a highly dissected spatter cone, a tephra deposit covering an approximate area of 2.2 x 10⁷ m², and a 32 km long lava flow. New geochemical, paleomagnetic, petrographic and field data are drawn upon...

The Volunteer Voice, February 1988

Carnegie Centre (Vancouver, B.C.)

British Columbia Record

The British Columbia Record was published in Vancouver, and ran from June 1916 to July 1922. The Record was published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As the official publication for the Architectural Institute of B.C., the B.C. Builders’ Exchange, and the Building and Construction Industries’ Exchange of B.C., the Record primarily covered news related to building, contracting, engineering, real estate, and industrial finance. The Record was published by the Record Publishing Company, which had previously...


British Columbia. Legislative Assembly

Tea pot

Elkington And Company
Silver teapot engraved with the entwined initials "C.P.R."

[Photograph of Roger Kee Cheng 4]

Photograph of Roger Kee Cheng on top of a wooden pole repairing cables.

Antenatal and postpartum anxiety : Increasing awareness for nurse practitioners in primary care

Danae Austrom
Anxiety during the antenatal and postpartum (PP) period is prevalent and can results in adverse ramifications for both mother and child. Research addressing antenatal and PP anxiety lacks in comparison to postpartum depression (PPD), subsequently leading to insufficient screening, misdiagnosis, and poor management of anxiety in maternal women. The literature and guidelines pertaining to how to best care for anxiety in this specialized population is inconsistent. However, the literature consistently identifies that if anxiety is...

UBC Congregation Ceremony [2012_05_30_0830]

University Of British Columbia Ceremonies And Events Office

The relationship between creativity, imitation, and cultural diversity

Liane Gabora & Stefan Leijnen
There are both benefits and drawbacks to cultural diversity. It can lead to friction and exacerbate differences. However, as with biological diversity, cultural diversity is valuable in times of upheaval; if a previously effective solution no longer works, it is good to have alternatives available. What factors give rise to cultural diversity? This paper describes a preliminary investigation of this question using a computational model of cultural evolution. The model is composed of neural network...

St. Lawrence season 1966 : sailings and fares to and from Europe

Canadian Pacific Railway Company
Pamphlet advertising Atlantic sailings and fares for 1966. No. A. 40.

Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide promotes platelet spreading and thrombosis via Cdc42 activation

Vincent Senini
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.


W.H. Grindley And Company
Porcelain "Duraline" plate with Empress pattern of multi-coloured flowers, vase and birds in an Asian motif on a white body

'I feel out of place' : children born into the Lord's Resistance Army and the politics of belonging

Beth W. Stewart
In the aftermath of nearly three decades of conflict in northern Uganda, children born into the rebel group the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) experience social, economic, and political exclusion. Thousands were born to mothers and often fathers who were abducted by the LRA and forced to marry inside the rebel group. The children are part of a global population of people born of sexual violence in conflict. This dissertation contributes to the small but growing...

An exploration of middle-aged and older gay men's health and illness practices

Ingrid Emilia Handlovsky
Background: Despite a wealth of knowledge that demonstrates middle-aged and older gay men experience substantial health inequities when compared to heterosexual men, little information is available pertaining to the health and illness practices of gay men. Methods: This dissertation includes three qualitative manuscripts with the overarching aim of exploring middle-aged and older gay men’s health and illness practices. Data were collected via conversational interviews with 25 men who self-identified as gay. The first qualitative descriptive...

The Health & Fitness Journal of Canada, Vol 4 No 2 (2011): The PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+

The Health

Amenability of quasi-lattice ordered groups

Astrid An Huef
Quasi-lattice ordered groups and their Toeplitz algebras were introduced by Nica in 1992. A quasi-lattice ordered group is amenable if the concrete Toeplitz subalgebra acting on $l^2(P)$ is isomorphic to the universal one. Laca-Raeburn used "controlled maps" to find sufficient conditions for amenability. Here I will discuss a more general notion of controlled map. This is joint work with Ilija Tolich and Iain Raeburn.

Using the CollaboraKTion framework to report on primary care practice recruitment and data collection: costs and successes in a cross-sectional practice-based survey in British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, Canada

Sabrina T Wong, William Hogg, Fred Burge, Sharon Johnston, Ilisha French & Stephanie Blackman
Background: Across Canada and internationally we have poor infrastructure to regularly collect survey data from primary care practices to supplement data from chart audits and physician billings. The purpose of this work is to: 1) examine the variable costs for carrying out primary care practice-based surveys and 2) share lessons learned about the level of engagement required for recruitment of practices in primary care. Methods: This work was part of a larger study, TRANSFORMATION that...

[Letter from Jiguan and Zhuoji to Shiyi and Shifeng]

Jiguan & Zhuoji
Letter concerning donation money for Hu De who was murdered.



Plans for the T. E. V. Princess Marguerite

Canadian Pacific Railway. British Columbia Coast Steamship Service
Technical drawing sets, each containing ten ship sections and charts, titled 'Stability & Trim Particulars.'

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