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The effect of oxygen on the reaction between copper and saphire

Thomas Edward O’Brien
The effect of oxygen potential on the wetting behavior and interfacial energy between copper and sapphire was studied using the sessile drop technique in a CO-CO₂ atmosphere. A linear relationship was found between γ[sub SL] and log P0₂ from 10⁻⁶ to 10⁻⁵ atmosphere. Beyond 10⁻⁵ atmosphere γ[sub SL] approached a constant value asymptotically. A barrier surface layer was proposed to explain this change. The Gibbs' adsorption equation was used to evaluate the characteristic of the...

Pharmacological blockade of the cardiovascular dive response : effects on heart rate and diving behaviour in the harbour seal (Phoca vitulina)

Nicole M. Elliott
While diving, harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) manage their oxygen stores through cardiovascular adjustments including bradycardia, a concurrent reduction in cardiac output, and peripheral vasoconstriction. At the surface, post-dive tachycardia facilitates rapid reloading of these oxygen stores. Although harbour seals can tolerate over 20 min of submergence, the majority of their natural dives are only 2 to 6 min and are usually followed by surface intervals that are less than 1 min, so they spend about...

Soviet economic reforms : 1950-1970 ; an examination and assessment of the economic reforms undertaken in the Soviet Union in industry, agriculture and trade : 1950-1970

David Lawrence Tha
The purpose of this study is to examine the modifications made in the mechanics of allocation utilized in the Soviet Union, since the death of Stalin, in industry, agriculture, and trade. These sectors of the economy have been chosen because they comprise the predominant portion of productive activity in the Soviet Union, and because these sectors have undergone the most significant changes of their forms of allocation. The crux of the original Stalinist allocation mechanics...

The extracellular role of granzyme B in abdominal aortic aneurysm

Lisa Shouning Ang
Background: Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is an age-related disease characterized by progressive degradation of elastic lamellae, defective collagen architecture and medial smooth muscle cell loss. We previously demonstrated that knocking out the serine protease granzyme B (GZMB) reduces incidence and severity of AAA in mice; however, while GZMB is known for its role in apoptosis, it also accumulates extracellularly during inflammation and can cleave extracellular matrix (ECM) components such as decorin and fibrillin-1. We hypothesized...

白沙子 : 八卷 4

Chen, Xianzhang, 1428-1500, Author & 陳獻章, 1428-1500, Author
A collection of essays and poems. On double leaves, East Asian binding, in 3 cases. Sealed by Wang Shizhen and Yao Junshi. 首嘉靖癸巳高簡"刻白沙子叙"云: "予柄維揚, ...命卞生崍也輩刻之"。末卞崍"跋刻白沙子"亦云:"崍梓是書既,...於是退而跋諸此,以告吾揚同志之士". 王士禛印: "王印/士禛"白文方印,"阮亭"朱文長圓印. 姚鈞石印: "姚鈞石/藏書"朱文長方印,"蒲坂書樓"白文長方印,"民國/庚辰" 朱文方印.

[Postcard depicting two children playing croquet]

Verso marked "Azo".

The conversion of British Columbian softwoods into hardwoods, by the methylol ureas; and The preparation of methyl trimethlol methane

Roderick Francis Robertson
[No abstract submitted]

Downlink scheduling optimization and performance analysis over fading channels in a CDMA network

Raymond Kwan
Due to technological advances in mobile communications, together with the explosive growth of internet access, transmitting multimedia applications over wireless channels is no longer a remote concept. In third generation (3G) multimedia CDMA networks, a variety of techniques will be used to meet the quality of service (QoS) requirements for various types of traffic. These include adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) which improves performance by adapting the employed modulation and coding scheme (MCS) to changing...

Critical time in the PWC 170 test: the influences of work load duration, work load intensity, and state of training

Robin Victor Carr
The purpose of this study was to examine the concept of "critical time" (i.e. the time required to achieve steady-state heart rates) in the administration of the PWG 170 three-stage submaximal bicycle ergometer test. Specifically, the problem involved determining the effects of four different work load duration protocols on 'D' scores (which reflected the relative attainment of steady-state heart rates) and on PWG 170 scores. The combined effect of the order and relative intensity of...

Control of apnea in the hibernating ground squirrel

Rhonda J. Garland
During hibernation the breathing pattern of the golden-mantled ground squirrel consists of short episodes of breathing separated by pauses ranging in length from less than a minute to greater than 30 minutes. A breathing pattern as such results in wide fluctuations in the partial pres sure of oxygen (PO₂ )and carbon dioxide (PCO₂)in the blood and lungs; the increase in PO₂ and decrease in PCO₂ during a breathing episode are reversed in the following apnea....

Imaginative space and the construction of community : the drama of Augustine’s two cities in the English Renaissance

Gretchen E. Minton
This thesis traces the development of Augustine's paradigm of the two cities (the City of God and the earthly city) in the cultural poetics of the English Renaissance. Although scholars have studied the impact of Augustine's model on theology, historical consciousness, and political theories in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, little attention has been paid to the genealogy of the more specifically "literary" aspects of the idea of the two cities. My line of inquiry...

[Card photograph depicting a group posing with croquet equipment]

Graves, Jesse A. (Jesse Albert)

Parc et jeux divers

Verso marked with the initials, "C. L. B.

The game of croquet


[Card depicting a woman playing croquet]


[Little playmates]


George eliot's versions of the pastoral

Mary J. Harker
In an attempt to explain the discrepancy between the intellectual and imaginative elements in George Eliot's art, her version of the pastoral in Adam Bede, The Mill on the Floss, and Silas Marner is examined. Based on the Warwickshire countryside of her childhood and on the Wordsworthian notion of childhood, her pastoral is the environmental correlative to the spiritual development of a character according to Ludwig Feuerbach's "Religion of Humanity." The pastoral is used to...

The Moosilauke


A juvenile game of croquet

Bellew, Frank, 1828-1888
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Plant (Asclepias) - insect (Oncopeltus) chemical relationship

Sean Stephen Duffey
The association of the Large Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus Dallas, with, a potentially poisonous Asclepiad, Asclepias, has been investigated to determine the fate of sequestered cardiac glycosides in this insect and to investigate the possibility that these compounds and/or odorous and volatile alkyl secretions of this insect may be serving as (an) anti-predator device(s). Nineteen species of Asclepias from diverse parts of North America have been shown to contain cardiac glycosides. Evidence is also given...

Women who have undergone mastectomy : their experiences making the decision about breast reconstruction : a qualitative study

Anne Elizabeth Claydon
This study was designed to explore post-mastectomy women's decision-making experience in relation to their choosing or refusing breast reconstruction. The literature review clearly illustrates a lack of knowledge about the factors that influence breast reconstruction decision-making. A phenomenological approach was used to guide this qualitative study. Data were collected via a series of semi-structured interviews from 16 women who had consulted a plastic surgeon regarding breast reconstruction. Of these women 13 underwent breast reconstruction and...


British Columbia. Legislative Assembly

[A girl playing croquet, two pug dogs in the foreground, with a hot air balloon and a view of Gopsall Hall, Leicestershire]

Unknown (English School)

Effects of headings on the written recall and organization of expository text in grades 5 through 10 with emphasis on grades 7 and 8

Cynthia Marilyn King
This study investigated the effects of headings and text organization on grade 5 through 10 students' written recall of expository prose passages written in a classification/description mode. Emphasis was placed on the results from students in grades 7 and 8. This study was a component of a three part study. The other two parallel studies emphasized grades 5 and 6 (Stables, 1985) and 9 and 10 (Gibbs, 1985). Each subject read and recalled two passages:...

Un coup douteux

French advertisement for Chocolat Félix Pontin written on verso. Verso marked with printer's name, "Imp. F. Champenois".

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