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The rocks and hard places of MAiD: a qualitative study of nursing practice in the context of legislated assisted death

Barbara Pesut, Sally Thorne, Catharine J Schiller, Madeleine Greig & Josette Roussel
Background: Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) was legalized in Canada in June, 2016. The Canadian government’s decision to legislate assisted dying, an approach that requires a high degree of obligation, precision, and delegation, has resulted in unique challenges for health care and for nursing practice. The purpose of this study was to better understand the implications of a legislated approach to assisted death for nurses’ experiences and nursing practice. Methods: The study used a qualitative...

What bereaved parents want health care providers to know when their babies are stillborn: a community-based participatory study

Lynn L Farrales, Joanne Cacciatore, Christine Jonas-Simpson, Shafik Dharamsi, Jaime Ascher & Michael C Klein
Background Bereaved parents experience higher rates of depressive and post-traumatic stress symptoms after the stillbirth of a baby than after live-birth. Yet, these effects remain underreported in the literature and, consequently, insufficiently addressed in health provider education and practice. We conducted a participatory based study to explore the experiences of grieving parents during their interaction with health care providers during and after the stillbirth of a baby. Methods This community-based participatory study utilized four focus...

The diagnosis “failure to thrive” and its impact on the care of hospitalized older adults: a matched case-control study

Clara Tsui, Kristine Kim & Martha Spencer
Background: “Failure to thrive” and associated diagnoses are non-specific terms applied to older adults when there is lack of diagnostic clarity and imply an absence of medical acuity. We investigated the effect of such admission diagnoses on delivery of patient care in a cohort of older adults admitted to a tertiary care teaching hospital. Methods: Retrospective matched cohort study conducted at a tertiary care hospital in Vancouver, BC. Cases identified were adults aged ≥65 years...

Comprehensive SPECT/CT system characterization and calibration for 177Lu quantitative SPECT (QSPECT) with dead-time correction

Andrea Frezza, Corentin Desport, Carlos Uribe, Wei Zhao, Anna Celler, Philippe Després & Jean-Mathieu Beauregard
Abstract Background Personalization of ¹⁷⁷Lu-based radionuclide therapy requires implementation of dosimetry methods that are both accurate and practical enough for routine clinical use. Quantitative single-photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography (QSPECT/CT) is the preferred scanning modality to achieve this and necessitates characterizing the response of the camera, and calibrating it, over the full range of therapeutic activities and system capacity. Various methods to determine the camera calibration factor (CF) and the deadtime constant (τ) were investigated,...

Treatment de-escalation for HPV-associated oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma with radiotherapy vs. trans-oral surgery (ORATOR2): study protocol for a randomized phase II trial

Anthony C Nichols, Pencilla Lang, Eitan Prisman, Eric Berthelet, Eric Tran, Sarah Hamilton, Jonn Wu, Kevin Fung, John R De Almeida, Andrew Bayley, David P Goldstein, Antoine Eskander, Zain Husain, Houda Bahig, Apostolos Christopoulous, Michael Hier, Khalil Sultanem, Keith Richardson, Alex Mlynarek, Suren Krishnan, Hien Le, John Yoo, S. D MacNeil, Adrian Mendez, Eric Winquist … & David A Palma
Background: Patients with human papillomavirus-positive (HPV+) oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPC) have substantially better treatment response and overall survival (OS) than patients with HPV-negative disease. Treatment options for HPV+ OPC can involve either a primary radiotherapy (RT) approach (± concomitant chemotherapy) or a primary surgical approach (± adjuvant radiation) with transoral surgery (TOS). These two treatment paradigms have different spectrums of toxicity. The goals of this study are to assess the OS of two de-escalation...

Patterns and predictors of exercise behavior during 24 months of follow-up after a supervised exercise program during breast cancer chemotherapy

Ki-Yong An, Dong-Woo Kang, Andria R Morielli, Christine M Friedenreich, Robert D Reid, Donald C McKenzie, Karen Gelmon, John R Mackey & Kerry S Courneya
Background: Understanding the longer-term exercise behavior of patients with breast cancer after chemotherapy is important to promote sustained exercise. The purpose of the current study was to report the longer-term patterns and predictors of exercise behavior in patients with breast cancer who exercised during chemotherapy. Methods: In the Combined Aerobic and Resistance Exercise (CARE) Trial, 301 patients with breast cancer were randomized to three different exercise prescriptions during chemotherapy. Exercise behaviors after chemotherapy were self-reported...

Antimicrobial use among adult inpatients at hospital sites within the Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program: 2009 to 2016

Wallis Rudnick, Michelle Science, Daniel J G Thirion, Kahina Abdesselam, Kelly B Choi, Linda Pelude, Kanchana Amaratunga, Jeannette L Comeau, Bruce Dalton, Johan Delport, Rita Dhami, Joanne Embree, Yannick Émond, Gerald Evans, Charles Frenette, Susan Fryters, Greg German, Jennifer M Grant, Jennifer Happe, Kevin Katz, Pamela Kibsey, Justin Kosar, Joanne M Langley, Bonita E Lee, Marie-Astrid Lefebvre … & John Conly
Background: Antimicrobial resistance is a growing threat to the world’s ability to prevent and treat infections. Links between quantitative antibiotic use and the emergence of bacterial resistance are well documented. This study presents benchmark antimicrobial use (AMU) rates for inpatient adult populations in acute-care hospitals across Canada. Methods: In this retrospective surveillance study, acute-care adult hospitals participating in the Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program (CNISP) submitted annual AMU data on all systemic antimicrobials from 2009...

Improved genetic distance-based spatial deployment can effectively minimize inbreeding in seed orchard

Boning Yang, Haihong Sun, Jiandong Qi, Shihui Niu, Yousry A El-Kassaby & Wei Li
Background: Inbreeding in seed orchards is expected to increase with the advancement of breeding cycles, which results in the delivery of crops with suboptimal genetic gain, reduced genetic diversity, and lower seed set. Here, a genetic distance-dependent method for clonal spatial deployment in seed orchards was developed and demonstrated, which reduced the inbreeding levels. The method’s main evaluation parameter of inbreeding is the genetic distance among individuals and the deployment method used an improved adaptive...

A tool to assess alignment between knowledge and action for health equity

Katrina M Plamondon
Advancing health equity is a central goal and ethical imperative in public and global health. Though the commitment to health equity in these fields and among the health professions is clear, alignment between good equity intentions and action remains a challenge. This work regularly encounters the same power structures that are known to cause health inequities. Despite consensus about causes, health inequities persist—illustrating an uncomfortable paradox: good intentions and good evidence do not necessarily lead...

Spawn of China's One Child Policy

Christopher G. Rea

Mo Yan's Nobel Prize in Literature : Interview with Dr. Christopher Rea

Christopher G. Rea

Impact of water solutes on the formation of nitrite under Vacuum UV(VUV) advanced oxidation of nitrate-rich water

Mengqi Han
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.

Analysis of Tsallis entropy-based measures for image fusion quality assessment and a new performance measure based on mutual information

Araz Sholehkerdar
Along with the significant increase in the number of image fusion methods, the research effort to develop effective image fusion quality assessment techniques have accelerated. In this Thesis, we focus on image fusion performance evaluation. This work is divided into three parts. First, the theoretical analysis over a proposed formalism for mutual information based on Tsallis entropy is conducted. The results show that the proposed formalism can not fulfill the desired behaviors that are expected...

Using genomic sequencing technology to provide insight into cancer biology and their mechanisms

My Linh Thibodeau
Genomic sequencing technology provides insight into cancer pathogenesis and tumoural mechanisms. Tumour RNA sequencing can be used to assess the functionality of genes by allowing for gene expression quantification and transcriptome analysis. Mutational signatures are somatic patterns of mutations arising from specific mutagenic processes such as exogenous and endogenous exposures, defective DNA repair mechanisms or DNA enzymatic editing. Such signatures are “genomic scars” informing on the underlying biological processes that led to cancer. Whole genome...

Exploring the tumour microenvironment with non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques

Firas Moosvi
This thesis comprises development and application of several MRI techniques to improve our understanding of tumour growth, drug distribution, and drug effect using pre-clinical tumour models in mice. In the first part of the thesis, a novel high molecular weight contrast agent, HPG-GdF is introduced. This molecule is a hyperbranched polyglycerol labeled with an MRI contrast agent (Gd-DOTA) as well as a fluorescent tag. After injecting the agent into mice within an MRI scanner, contrast-agent...

Investigating sound decrement per doubling of distance as a universal room acoustics parameter

Denny Ng
The suitability of Sound Decay per Doubling of Distance (𝐷𝐿₂), as a universal room acoustics rating parameter was investigated. 𝐷𝐿₂ was combined with the Speech Transmission Index (𝑆𝑇𝐼) to rate acoustical room quality. This follows the methodology of ISO 3382-3, allowing evaluation of room quality using speech intelligibility as a foundation quantity. To prescribe rating criteria, all rooms where unamplified speech is present were postulated to be categorizable into one of three room types: Case...

Inverse tone mapping of standard dynamic range content for high dynamic range applications

Pedram Mohammadi
High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology has revolutionized the field of digital media, affecting different aspects such as capturing, compression, transmission and display. By modeling the behavior of Human Visual System (HVS) when perceiving brightness and color, HDR technology offers a life-like viewing experience that is far superior to what Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) technology could achieve. While HDR technology has a disruptive impact in different fields, it also opens new revenue sources for SDR content...

How commoditization and cross-cultural values influence the sustainability of small-scale fisheries in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Sahir Advani
Globalization, notably through the international seafood trade and commoditization of marine resources, impacts the sustainability of small-scale fisheries and fisher livelihoods. Foremost amongst these impacts are changes in how fishing communities relate to and value marine resources and ecosystems. This dissertation explores the impacts of global seafood markets on the values of four cultural groups involved in fisheries in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (ANI), India. The main aim of this research is to understand...

Observations of turbulence and mixing in the southeastern Beaufort Sea

Benjamin Scheifele
In this thesis, I use a novel set of hydrography and turbulence measurements from the southeastern Beaufort Sea to i. compare estimates of the turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate, ε, obtained independently from shear and temperature microstructure measurements; ii. characterize turbulence and mixing in the Amundsen Gulf region of the southeastern Beaufort Sea; and iii. describe the characteristics of tracer diffusion in an oceanic flow as it transitions between fully turbulent and nearly-laminar. I collected...

A team-based model of care : qualified exercise professionals and the impact on aging health

Nadine Sinnen
Background: Physical inactivity is a rising global concern as it relates to the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCD) and associated burden on health care. Failure to incorporate 150 minutes per week of physical activity (or 15-30 minutes per day) has been shown to increase the risk of NCDs such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes by 20-30%, and decreases longevity by 3-5 years. The importance of 15-30 minutes of physical activity should no longer...

Syilx health and well-being in palliative care

Carmella Alexis
This thesis examines stories shared by Syilx community members in accessing primary healthcare and palliative care within rural and remote hospital systems in the North Okanagan. This thesis reviews the literature on Aboriginal palliative care delivery in addition to analyzing individual interviews with Syilx community members and review of traditional Syilx story. The purpose of examining these stories is to identify gaps within current systems of care that Aboriginal peoples navigate.This research discovered that Aboriginal...

The American fur trade of the Far West : a history of the pioneer trading posts and early fur companies of the Missouri Valley and the Rocky Mountains and of the overland commerce with Santa Fe, Volume I

Chittenden, Hiram Martin, 1858-1917
(Leaf before half-title: American culture and economics series, no. 1)."-- Strathern, G. M., & Edwards, M. H. (1970). Navigations, traffiques & discoveries, 1774-1848: A guide to publications relating to the area now British Columbia. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria, p. 54

“There’s so much more to be seen …”

Evangeline Holtz Schramek
Canadian Literature, No 238 (2019): Rescaling CanLit: Global Readings

Our Children’s Health v. Public Education in 21st Century America

Douglas Selwyn
What would schools and communities look like if the health and well-being of all our children were our highest priorities? More important than test scores, profits, or real estate values? What actions would we take if we wanted to guarantee that all our children were growing up with what they needed to be healthy, happy, and successful—and not just some of them? The United States was once among the healthiest countries in the world. As...

Critical Education, Vol 11 No 4 (2020)

Critical Education
Our Children’s Health v. Public Education in 21st Century America

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