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The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, June 5, 1919]

(:Unkn) Unknown

The Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, August 8, 1925]

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The Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, December 21, 1915]

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Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, August 15, 1905]

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The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, June 13, 1928]

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The Nanaimo Free Press [Friday, March 28, 1890]

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The Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, February 22, 1921]

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Nanaimo Free Press [Monday, May 26, 1902]

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The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, April 8, 1915]

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The Nanaimo Free Press [Thursday, June 4, 1908]

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Fostering openness within a higher education institution: Tensions, opportunities and a work in progress

Elizabeth Childs, Jo Axe, George Veletsianos & Keith Webster
At our institution, the authors have engaged in open practices and have sought to promote a culture of openness. In this chapter, we discuss factors that we have identified as fostering a culture of openness at school, faculty, and university levels, and we investigate the tensions and challenges experienced in developing a culture of openness. We approach openness as a dynamic and negotiated space which encompasses “collaborative practices [including]… the creation, use and reuse of...

[Post-print] Impacts of large-scale interior murals on hospital employees: A pharmacy department case study

Lindsay J. McCunn & Cara Frey

Plan Canada - Volume 58, Number 4 (Winter 2018)

(:Unkn) Unknown
Leading global practices: International perspectives for local insights|Pratiques de pointe à l'échelle mondiale : Perspectives internationales pour une vision locale / Robert Catherall & Ken Forrest -- Inclusionary zoning: Six insights from international experience / Martine August & Giuseppe Tolfo -- The city after dark: A European approach to nightlife / Stacey Forrester -- Remembering Habitat '76: A landmark moment of international planning and optimism / Robin Koning, Andrew Martin, & Penny Gurstein -- Lessons...

Plan Canada - Volume 27, Number 5 (July 1987)

(:Unkn) Unknown
Institute news|Affaires de l'Institut -- The use of multiplier in planning / Dr. D.D. Detomasi -- Training planners for the Third World / Oswald A. Fereira -- The changing Canadian suburb / Jacqueline C. Vischer -- Letters|Lettres

Change readiness of laboratory leaders in the system-level organization

Sheryl Thiessen
Successful organizational change hinges on active engagement and endorsement by the change recipients. This research evaluated the change readiness of laboratory leaders from each of British Columbia’s public health authority laboratory organizations as they entered a period of significant change affecting laboratory service delivery. Using an action research engagement methodology, individual interviews were conducted to determine the cognitive and affective change readiness attributes of these leaders, followed by a focus group session to collectively develop...

Stochastic McKendrick-Von Foerster models with applications

Arcady Ponosov, Lev Idels & Ramazan Kadiev
A newly presented McKendrick–Von Foerster model with a stochastically perturbed mortality rate is examined. A transformation method converting the model with nonlocal boundary conditions into a system of stochastic functional differential equations is offered. The method could be viewed as analogous to the one which is widely used for such type of deterministic problems. The derived stochastic functional differential equations yield multiple classic population models with ‘naturally born’ stochasticity, including delayed Nicholson’s blowflies, general recruitment...

Plan Canada - Volume 46, Number 2 (Summer 2006)

(:Unkn) Unknown
A word from the president|Le mot du président / Chris Leach -- Sustainable transportation: Are we there yet?|Le transport durable : Quand est-ce qu'on arrive? / Patrick G. Déoux -- CIP news|Échos de l'ICU -- Jacobs and Gertler obituaries -- Strategies for sustainable transportation planning in Canada / Brian Hollingworth & Geoff Noxon -- The Montréal Car Free Day: A catalyst for multimodal transportation planning / Meirav Even-Har & Charles Hostovsky -- VIVA rapid transit:...

Plan Canada - Volume 26, Number 9 (December 1986)

(:Unkn) Unknown
Politics, power, ethics and practice: Abiding problems for the future of planning / John Forester -- Tightening up the rules: What makes a planner? / Jill Grant -- The education of urban planners: An imaginary interview / John Friedmann -- Planning education: The needs of practitioners / David Witty -- The social theory of planning / Michael Dear & Glenda Laws -- What planners need to know: CIP recognition of planning degrees / Reg Lang,...

Plan Canada - Volume 38, Number 3 (May 1998)

(:Unkn) Unknown
From the editor|De la plume du rédacteur / Antony Parr -- Letters to the editor|Lettres à la rédaction -- Canadian regional planning at 50: Growing pains / Ira M. Robinson & Gerald Hodge -- Grow east, young plan: Regional planning in Atlantic Canada / John Heseltine -- Une Commission Métropolitaine à Montréal : Les difficultés d'un consensus régional / Sylvain Ducas & Marie-Odile Trépanier -- CIP news|Échos de l'ICU -- TImeline|À l'agenda -- Canada's macro-metros:...

The Nanaimo Free Press [Monday, September 21, 1925]

(:Unkn) Unknown

The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, September 2, 1874]

(:Unkn) Unknown

Enigma of aboriginal mixed race families in 19th Century Nanaimo

Jean Barman
Audio recording of Jean Barman's February 2000 presentation to the Nanaimo Historical Society about mixed race marriage and families in 19th Century Nanaimo.

Developing elders support for trauma informed emergency departments (DESTINED): Final report.

Elizabeth Hartney & DESTINED Project Team

A commitment charter for the recognition of the socio-economic actors of the biosphere reserves

Catherine Cibien, Arnaud Larade & Ken Reyna
A commitment charter has been drawn up to recognise the socio-economic actors of the Biosphere Reserves and acknowledge their commitment to the environment and sustainable development. This progress strategy complements the labelling of products and services and has set up networks of eco-actors, who are partners and ambassadors of the Biosphere Reserves.

Integrated assessment of changes in wetland types in The Songor Biosphere Reserve, Ghana

Richard Adade, Denis Worlanyo Aheto & Dickson Yaw Agyeman
The Songor wetlands form an ecologically valuable resource in Ghana, providing numerous sup-port for biological diversity. Despite its relevance, studies have shown that overexploitation due to developmental activities and overdependence on their values for livelihood pose a threat to the existence of the wetlands. This study investigated long-term changes that have occurred as a result of human activities in the area over a 25 year period (1990-2015). Landsat TM and ETM+ and OLI/TIRS images were...

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