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Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth: Toward a Theory for How the Tragedy of the Anticommons Emerges in Organizations

Matthew McCarter, Shirli Kopelman, Thomas Turk & Candace Ybarra

Last Word on Reviewing “Choreografish” for Ground Works

Veronica Stanish
I’m the beginning and the end of the circle; I get the last word. I asked Lise, Sydney, and Eric to write about their experience with Ground Works review because I sensed that it had been so positive and gratifying; now, reading their abounding positive commentary, I squirm with both delight and chagrin. Delight, because Ground Works is so young, and so many risks have been taken but not all of them have proven fruitful...

Reviewing “Choreografish” for Ground Works

Veronica Stanich
When Ground Works Advisor Cheryl Ball suggested that peer review doesn’t need to be a solitary, purely evaluative process, we got excited about the possibility of a conversation among reviewers. Literally, a conversation--in real time, in which reviewers armed with a few preliminary opinions about the work get together and talk about it, preferably with cocktails. We imagined that they might even extend or expand the conversation to include the work’s creators, fostering a back-and-forth...

Groundwork for Ground Works

Veronica Stanich
As early groundwork for Ground Works, a2ru invited submissions of interdisciplinary projects--especially those crossing science, engineering, art, and design--to its 2015 conference. Six of those projects were selected, presented, and given guided critique sessions that were meant to establish an understanding of the review of such projects. This process, and all six projects, played a seminal role in shaping the platform and helping to define the a2ru transdisciplinary space. keywords: Process, transdisciplinary, arts-integrative, science, engineering,...

Tit for Tat and Beyond: The Legendary Work of Anatol Rapoport

Shirli Kopelman

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