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Differentiating Act from Ideology: Evidence from Messages For and Against Violent Extremism

Sheryl Prentice, Paul Taylor, Paul Rayson & Ellen Giebels

Jacob Bercovitch: Understanding Hands Across the Divide

Daniel Druckman & Carmela Lutmar

Commentary 2

Thomas Kochan

Islamic Mediation in Turkey: The Role of Ulema

Talha Kose & Nimet Beriker

The Effect of Past Performance on Expected Control and Risk Attitudes in Integrative Negotiations

Laura Kray, Layne Paddock & Adam Galinsky

Making a Positive Impression in a Negotiation: Gender Differences in Response to Impression Motivation

Jared Curhan, Jennifer Overbeck & Jennifer Overbeck

Leadership, Interpersonal Conflict, and Counterproductive Work Behavior: An Examination of the Stressor–Strain Process

Stacey Kessler, Kari Bruursema, Burcu Rodopman & Paul Spector

Ask and Ye Shall Receive? How Gender and Status Moderate Negotiation Success

Emily Amanatullah & Catherine Tinsley

The Role of Hierarchy in Face‐to‐Face and E‐Supported Mediations: The Use of an Online Intake to Balance the Influence of Hierarchy

Katalien Bollen & Martin Euwema

Mediators' Cognitive Role Schema

Adi Zarankin, James Wall & tal Zarankin

Positive, Proactive, and Committed: The Surprising Connection Between Good Citizens and Expressed (vs. Suppressed) Anger at Work

Lisa Stickney & Deanna Geddes

Avoiding the Agreement Trap: Teams Facilitate Impasse in Negotiations with Negative Bargaining Zones

Taya Cohen, Geoffrey Leonardelli & Leigh Thompson

Initiation Behavior in Negotiations: The Moderating Role of Motivation on the Ability–Intentionality Relationship

Roger Volkema, Ilias Kaoutsis & Andreas Nikolopoulos

Kraft Foods' 2009 Conflict in A rgentina: Turning‐Point Analysis of a Labor–Management Negotiation

Ariel Llorente, Roberto Luchi & Alejandro Sioli

Women in Negotiation: Effects of Gender and Power on Negotiation Behavior

Alain Hong & Per van der Wijst

Corporate Communication and Worker Perceptions of Conflict Management and Justice

Katharina Kugler & Felix Brodbeck

Barriers to Transforming Hostile Relations: Why Friendly Gestures Can Backfire

Tanya Menon, Oliver Sheldon & Adam Galinsky

Intragroup Conflict and Conflict Management Approaches as Determinants of Team Performance and Satisfaction: Two Field Studies

Isabel Dordio Dimas & Paulo Renato Lourenco

Enhancing Environmental Quality and Sustainability through Negotiation and Conflict Management: Research into Systems, Dynamics, and Practices

Michael Elliot & Sanda Kaufman

Lessons Learned from Working with Roy J. Lewicki

Edward Tomlinson, Beth Polin, Barbara Gray & Bruce Barry

Navigating Stigma and Group Conflict: Group Identification as a Cause and Consequence of Self‐Labeling

Jennifer Whitson, Eric Anicich, Cynthia Wang & Adam Galinsky

Do Past Perceptions Shape Future Behaviors? Subjective Value and Behavior Styles in a Multi‐Round Negotiation

Wenxue Lu, Wenhui Ren & Wenqian Guo

En Hommage: The Contributions of I. William Zartman

Larry Crump, Terrence Hopmann, Terrence Lyons & Bertram Spector

Linking Tolerance to Workplace Incivility, Service Innovative, Knowledge Hiding, and Job Search Behavior: The Mediating Role of Employee Cynicism

Nader Mohammad Saleh Aljawarneh & Tarik Atan

Weaving Together Theory, Research, Practice, and Teaching: A Four‐dimensional Approach to Negotiation and Conflict Management Work

Noam Ebner & Jennifer Parlamis

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