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13:2 Issue Information

Value from Control: Subjective Valuations of Negotiations by Principals and Agents

Adi Amit

Tit for Tat and Beyond: The Legendary Work of Anatol Rapoport

Shirli Kopelman

The Effects of Achievement Motivational Goals and of Debriefing on the Transfer of Skills in Integrative Negotiations

Yoella Bereby-Meyer, Simone Moran & Liat Sattler

Choosing a Group Representative: The Impact of Perceived Organizational Support on the Preferences for Deviant Representatives in Work Negotiations

Stephanie Demoulin, Catia Pinto Teixeira, Celine Gillis, Edwine Goldoni & Florence Stinglhamber

An Exploration of the Structure of Effective Apologies

Roy Lewicki, Beth Polin & Robert Lount

Done But Not Published: The Dissertation Journeys of Roy J. Lewicki and J. Keith Murnighan

Shirli Kopelman, Anne Lytle, Cynthia Wang, Roy Lewicki, Keith Murnighan & Max Bazerman

What's a Masculine Negotiator? What's a Feminine Negotiator? It Depends on the Cultural and Situational Contexts

Wen Shan, Joshua Keller & Lynn Imai

9:4 Issue Information

7:3 Issue Information

Somali Piracy Negotiations: Resolving the Paradoxes of Extortionate Transactions

William Donohue, Franziska Pugh & Sharmaake Sabrie

7:4 Issue Information

Gender and the Emotional Experience of Relationship Conflict: The Differential Effectiveness of Avoidant Conflict Management

Julia Bear, Laurie Weingart & Gergana Todorova

Explaining Negotiation Outcomes: Process or Context?

Cynthia Irmer & Daniel Druckman

Approaching Negotiation at the Organizational Level

Adrian Borbely & Andrea Caputo

10:4 Issue Information

Robert McKersie: Integrative Scholar

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld & Thomas Kochan

Connections and Collaboration—Celebrating the Contributions of Barbara Gray

Jill Purdy, Jennifer Kish-Gephart, Guiseppe (Joe) Labianca & Shaz Ansari

When Should We Disagree? The Effect of Relationship Conflict on Team Identity in East Asian and North American Teams

Lindie Liang, Wendi Adair & Ivona Hideg

10:1 Issue Information

Buffering Against the Detrimental Effects of Demographic Faultlines: The Curious Case of Intragroup Conflict in Small Work Groups

Wendi Adair, Lindie Liang & Ivona Hideg

Addressing Organizational Cultural Conflicts in Engineering with Design Thinking

Sean Eddington, Danielle Corple, Patrice Buzzanelli, Carla Zoltowski & Andrew Brightman

13:4 Issue Information

When White Feels Right: The Effects of In‐Group Affect and Race of Partner on Negotiation Performance

Debra Gillin Oore, Annette Gagnon & David Bourgeois

Negotiation Success—An Application of the Halpert et al. Path Model

Ray Fells

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