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From “Sad People on Bridges” to “Kidnap and Extortion”: Understanding the Nature and Situational Characteristics of Hostage and Crisis Negotiator Deployments

Amy Rose Grubb, Sarah Brown, Peter Hall & Erica Bowen

Normatively Speaking: Do Cultural Norms Influence Negotiation, Conflict Management, and Communication?

Jimena Ramirez-Marin, Mara Olekalns & Wendi Adair

Globalization: Current Issues and Future Research Directions

Maddy Janssens, William Maddux & ToTran Nguyen

Intergroup Conflict 2020

Nir Halevy & Taya Cohen

Connections and Collaboration—Celebrating the Contributions of Barbara Gray

Jill Purdy, Jennifer Kish-Gephart, Guiseppe (Joe) Labianca & Shaz Ansari

Robert McKersie: Integrative Scholar

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld & Thomas Kochan

An Exploration of the Structure of Effective Apologies

Roy Lewicki, Beth Polin & Robert Lount

Choosing a Group Representative: The Impact of Perceived Organizational Support on the Preferences for Deviant Representatives in Work Negotiations

Stephanie Demoulin, Catia Pinto Teixeira, Celine Gillis, Edwine Goldoni & Florence Stinglhamber

Negotiation Offers and the Search for Agreement

Michael Prietula & Laurie Weingart

Discovering the Importance of Mediator Style—An Interdisciplinary Challenge

Patrick McDermott

Negotiation Success—An Application of the Halpert et al. Path Model

Ray Fells

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Judi Mclean Parks

It’s your turn: The dynamics of conversational turn-taking in father-child and mother-child interaction

Linda Kelly, Elizabeth Nixon & Jean Quigley
The aim of this study was to elucidate the interactive and temporal features of conversational turn-taking during father-child and mother-child play and investigate associations with children’s cognitive and language abilities. Eighty typically developing two-year-olds (M = 24.06 months, SD = 1.39) and their biological mothers and fathers took part in the current study which consisted of a single visit to an Infant and Child Lab. Parent-child conversational turn-taking was measured from dyadic structured play interactions...

Non-word repetition in children learning Yélî Dnye

Alejandrina Cristia & Marisa Casillas

A Turning Points analysis of Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition Negotiations

Yadvinder S. Rana, Daniel Druckman & Jesus Canduela
Despite the recent increase in Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition (CBMA) activity, research has repeatedly determined that over 70 percent of CBMAs fail to deliver the promised results, with evidence pointing to ineffective negotiation process management as one of the crucial factors explaining CBMA failure. We perform a turning points analysis of nine negotiations between automobile manufacturers. The findings indicate that negotiation outcomes are significantly influenced by substantive and strategic elements internal to the negotiation process....

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