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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Termination as a Tactic and Norwegian Mediation in Sri Lanka

Kristine Hoglund & Isak Svensson

Negotiation Offers and the Search for Agreement

Michael Prietula & Laurie Weingart

Seeing Conflict: A Study of Conflict Accuracy in Work Teams

Ariel Avgar & Eric Neuman

Competent or Competitive? How Employee Representatives Gain Influence in Organizational Decision‐Making

Ana Belen Garcia, Lourdes Munduate, Patricia Elgoibar, Hein Wendt & Martin Euwema

Far and Away: Police Negotiators on Overseas Deployments

Heidi Nieboer-Martini, Adam Dolnik & Ellen Giebels


Wayne Brazil

Discovering the Importance of Mediator Style—An Interdisciplinary Challenge

Patrick McDermott

Transformative Mediation at the United States Postal Service

Lisa Blomgren Bingham

Just My Style: The Practical, Ethical, and Empirical Dangers of the Lack of Consensus about Definitions of Mediation Styles

Lorig Charkoudian

From “Sad People on Bridges” to “Kidnap and Extortion”: Understanding the Nature and Situational Characteristics of Hostage and Crisis Negotiator Deployments

Amy Rose Grubb, Sarah Brown, Peter Hall & Erica Bowen

Conflict and Decision‐Making: Attributional and Emotional Influences

Kevin Hurt & Jennifer Welbourne

Avoidance Brings Japanese Employees What They Care About in Conflict Management: Its Functionality and “Good Member” Image

Ken-ichi Ohbuchi & Emi Atsumi

Gender Differences in Negotiation: A Status Characteristics Theory View

Edward Miles & Elizabeth Clenney

Folk Wisdom About the Effects of Relationship Conflict

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, Eric Neuman, Oscar Ybarra, Shirli Kopelman, Hyekyung Park & Karen Goh

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Judi Mclean Parks

Are We Becoming Part of the Problem? Gender Stereotypes in Negotiation Research

Deborah Kolb

Negotiators’ Information Sharing: The Effects of Opponent Behavior and Information about Previous Negotiators’ Performance

Tal Zarankin & James Wall

Fusing Creativity: Cultural Metacognition and Teamwork in Multicultural Teams

Susan Crotty & Jeanne Brett

Go‐Go Global: Teaching What We Know of Culture and the Negotiation Dance

Wendi Adair

Trust and Treason: Social Network Structure as a Source of Flexibility in Peace Negotiations

Jannie Lilja

Conceptualizing Managerial Influence in Organizational Conflict—A Qualitative Examination

Kalle Siira

Effects of Attachment Anxiety and Avoidance on Negotiation Propensity and Performance

Julia Bear & Dikla Segel-Karpas

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Judi McLean Parks

Preferences for Third‐Party Help in Workplace Conflict: A Cross‐Cultural Comparison of Chinese and Dutch Employees

Ellen Giebels & Huadong Yang

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