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The Impact of COVID-19 on Older Adults: Findings from the 2021 International Health Policy Survey of Older Adults

Reginald D. Williams II, Arnav Shah, Michelle M. Doty, Katharine Fields & Molly FitzGerald
The pandemic has exposed the economic vulnerability of older U.S. adults; survey findings show the U.S. can do more to help older adults’ meet their care needs.

Will Evaluations of Medicaid 1115 Demonstrations That Restrict Eligibility Tell Policymakers What They Need to Know?

Sara Rosenbaum, Maria Velasquez, Rachel Gunsalus, Rebecca Morris & Alexander Somodevilla
ABSTRACT Issue: With thousands in Arkansas losing their Medicaid benefits under the state’s work-requirement demonstration, the importance of evaluating such experiments could not be clearer. In Stewart v. Azar, the court concluded that the purpose of Section 1115 demonstrations such as Arkansas’s is to promote Medicaid’s objective of insuring the poor; evaluations of these demonstrations, as required by law, inform policymakers whether this objective is being achieved. Goal: To examine the quality of evaluation designs...

The Electronic Health Record Problem

David Blumenthal
It’s no secret that many physicians are unhappy with their electronic health records (EHRs). They say they spend too much time keying in data and too little making eye contact with patients. They say their electronic records are clunky, poorly designed, hard to navigate, and cluttered with useless detail that colleagues have cut and pasted to meet documentation requirements. Meanwhile, the data they really need are buried almost beyond retrieval.

What Is the Status of Women’s Health and Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Ten Other Countries?

Munira Z. Gunja, Roosa Tikkanen, Shanoor Seervai & Sara R. Collins
Women in the United States have long lagged behind their counterparts in other high-income countries in terms of access to health care and health status. This brief compares U.S. women’s health status, affordability of health plans, and ability to access and utilize care with women in 10 other high-income countries by using international data.

Technology Could Transform Care for People on Medicaid

Shanoor Seervai & Lovisa Gustaffson
To date, health care apps, remote-monitoring services, and other digital technologies have mostly been developed for middle- and high-income people, who get health coverage through an employer or purchase it on the private market. Few of these tools have been available to people with low incomes, many of whom have Medicaid. But as a new feature article illustrates, there are millions of low-income Americans who could benefit as well. The Commonwealth Fund's Shanoor Seervai and...

10 Notable Health Care Events of 2018

David Blumenthal & Shanoor Seervai

How Accountable Care Organizations Use Population Segmentation to Care for High-Need, High-Cost Patients

Ann S. O'Malley, Eugene C. Rich, Rumin Sarwar, Eli Schultz, W. Cannon Warren, Tanya Shah & Melinda K. Abrams

Why Easier Access to Hearing Aids Is Not Enough

Amber Willink, Nicholas S. Reed & Frank R. Lin

State Strategies for Establishing Connections to Health Care for Justice-Involved Populations: The Central Role of Medicaid

Jocelyn Guyer, Kinda Serafi, Deborah Bachrach & Alixandra Gould

The Dose, Episode 6: What the U.S. Can Learn from Health Care Abroad

Shanoor Seervai

The Doctor Who Prescribed Cooking Classes

Shanoor Seervai

An Evolving Roadmap to Address Social Determinants of Health

Damon Francis

Personas for People Younger Than 65 Living with a Disability

Tanya Shah, Meredith Brown, Becky Reed, Jason Hessing & Christine Maldonado

Medicare Benefit Redesign: Enhancing Affordability for Beneficiaries While Promoting Choice and Competition

Cathy Schoen, Karen Davis, Christine Buttorff & Amber Willink

The Health of the Small-Group Insurance Market

Mark A. Hall & Michael J. McCue

Premium Tax Credits Are the Individual Market’s Stabilizing Force

Munira Gunja

Sick and Alone: High-Need, Socially Isolated Adults Have More Problems, but Less Support

Corine Lewis, Tanya Shah & Melinda K. Abrams

State 1115 Proposals to Reduce Medicaid Eligibility: Assessing Their Scope and Projected Impact

Sara Rosenbaum, Rachel Gunsalus, Shyloe Jones & Vikki Wachino

Provider Networks and Access in Medicaid Managed Care: A Look at Federal and State Standards

Sara; Schmucker Rosenbaum

Vermont’s Bold Experiment in Community-Driven Health Care Reform

Martha Hostetter, Sarah Klein & Douglas McCarthy

Creating Better Systems of Care for Adults with Disabilities: Lessons for Policy and Practice

Martha; Klein Hostetter

Congress is Making Quit Progress on Drug Costs

Kristi Martin & Jeremy Sharp

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