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Water quality assessment in terms of water quality index: a case study of the Halda River, Chittagong

& Riaduddin Arafat Jishan
Water quality index is like a grade which represents overall water quality of a location and time based on several water quality parameters. To achieve the aim, the Weighed Arithmetic Index method was applied on the analytical results of the parameters to obtain a single value that was used to rank the river at each of the sampling station. An exertion has been made to develop water quality index (WQI), using eight physicochemical parameters of...

Multi-Soil-Layering Technology: New Solution for Sanitation Linking Hygiene to Food Security in Developing Countries

Lahbib Latrach, N. Ouazzani, A. Hejjaj, M. Mahi, T. Masunag & L. Mandi
The present study reports the application of multi-soil-layering (MSL) technology for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse. Raw wastewater was collected from height rural households and used to feed MSL system (height 65 cm, diameter 40 cm). The applied hydraulic loading rate (HLR) was 250 L m-2day-1. The obtained results revealed a higher Log removal of fecal bacteria indicators (total coliforms: 1.62 Log, fecal coliforms: 1.87 Log, E. coli: 1.75 Log, fecal streptococci: 1.58 Log and...

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) of Petroleum Stations Worker’s towards Adverse Health Effects of their Activities, Khartoum State, Sudan (2013-2015)

Omer H.Mohamed, M. Elhassan Abdelelah, Abdalla I. Abdalla, Mariam H.Mohamed & ABDELKARIM CHAOUIKI
Considerable attention has been subjected towards the hazards of petroleum station activities and their expected impacts on health and environment. This study involved 15 fuels station and 99 workers in Khartoum State, Sudan. Three cities were selected for the study, including Greater Khartoum, Khartoum North, and Omdurman. The aims the current study is to assess Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice (KAP) of workers involved in petroleum station’s activities towards the expected adverse health effects of their...


Volodymyr Valentynovych Tkach, Nataliia M. Storoshchuk, Sílvio C. De Oliveira, Vira V. Kopiika, Olga V. Luganska, Volodymyr V. Parchenko, Oleksii A. Bigdan &
The possibility of estradiol electrochemical determination on an anode, modified by a new triazolic Schiff base, has been theoretically evaluated. The correspondent mathematical model has been developed and analyzed by means of linear stability theory and bifurcation analysis. It was shown that the Schiff base provides an efficient estradiol electrochemical determination in neutral and basic media. The proper basicity of Schiff base and triazolic ring favors the process. The steady-state stability is easy to establish....

Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide-kaolinite composite and its effect on the removal of aqueous lead(ii) ions

Davidson Egirani, N. R. Poyi, N. Wessey & S. Acharjee
The presence of ZnO coating significantly enhanced the adsorption of Pb2+ ions by kaolinite. This paper investigated synthesis, characterization of ZnO-kaolinite composite and its application in Pb2+ ions removal. Synthesis involved trimetric process and characterization involved the use of standard laboratory procedures. Lead adsorption on ZnO-kaolinite composite was investigated in batch experimental condition at ambient temperature. Reaction mechanism indicated less than one proton coefficient. The mass transfer rates were higher than values for the bare...

Optimization of Process Parameters for the Production of Activated Carbon from Delonix Regia Pod Through Chemical Activation and Carbonization Process

Ganiyu K. Latinwo, Abass O. Alade, Samuel E. Agarry & Ebenezer O. Dada
The objective of this work is to optimize the production of a low-cost activated carbon from Delonix regia (flamboyant) pods through chemical activation with ethanoic acid and carbonization (pyrolysis) process. The effect of production process variables; carbonization temperature, carbonization time and impregnation ratio on the activated carbon yield and surface area (using methylene blue number (MBN) and iodine value number (IVN) as indices) were evaluated using the D-Optimal design of experiment of response surface methodology...

Properties of Brick Waste as Coarse Aggregate Material in Concrete

Sintayehu Assefa & M. Getahun
Peoples around Jimma, Ethiopia use Brick waste as aggregate material traditionally. This is mainly due to the availability of Brick and shortage of coarse aggregate material in the area. However, this material property was not studied and its replacement percentage was not known. To reach on conclusion, Brick wastes were collected from three different categories, which were manufactured in the same area. The first one was Brick waste collected from eighteen years old demolished building,...


Volodymyr Valentynovych Tkach, Marta V. Kushnir, Nataliia M. Storoshchuk, Yana G. Ivanushko, Sílvio C. De Oliveira, Petro I. Yagodynets´ & Zholt O. Kormosh
The system with the electrode modification by thiourea basic derivatives for conducting polymer indirect cathodic deposition has been described from the theoretical point of view. The electrode pretreatment process has been analyzed by means of the linear stability theory and bifurcation analysis. It was shown that the steady-state is realized rapidly and provides the efficient surface pretreatment. On the other hand, the oscillatory and monotonic behavior in this case are also possible, due to the...


Mohammed Layelmam, Y.Ahmed Laaziz & S. Benchelha
Soil moisture has been used in several environmental studies. Recent technologies have shown that soil moisture can be measured by a variety of remote sensing techniques, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we compared the soil moisture data from SMOS and GLDAS in two stations with different climate (SIDI SLIMANE station in northern Morocco and SMARA station in the south). At these two stations we analyzed the effect of precipitation on...

Kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies on the adsorption of Crystal Violet dye from Aqueous Solution using Activated Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata) Husk

Adsorption of crystal violet dye from aqueous media by activated cowpea husk (ACPH) was investigated using a batch system under controlled conditions. The activated cowpea husk (ACPH) was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) methods. The kinetic data were best described by pseudo-second order in all the models studied. Adsorption parameters such as effect of pH, contact time, adsorbent dosage and initial concentration were studied for optimization purposes. The...

Chemical composition and potential acaricide of Salvia officinalis and Eucalyptus globulus on Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acarina: Tetranychidae)

Essential oil chemical composition of Salvia officinalis and Eucalyptus globulus was assessed by gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). In order to develop sustainable pest control, the present work aimed to evaluate the toxicity as contact acaricide of these plants against the two spotted spider mite, T. urticae, adults, larvae and eggs using a leaf disc bioassay method. The repellent effect and the persistence were also assessed. Leaf discs treated with increasing concentrations...


Volodymyr Valentynovych Tkach, Marta V. Kushnir, Sílvio C. De Oliveira, Anzhelika Verbovetska, Andrii P. Kusyak, Nataliia V. Kusyak, Inna M. Dytynchenko, Adriano O. Da Silva & Petro I. Yagodynets
In this work, the possibility of methylene blue electrochemical reduction, assisted by a hybrid material, based on polynaphthoquinones, doped by Ti/TiO2/VO(OH) composite, has been evaluated from the theoretical point of view. Two mathematical models, one referent to the electrode preparation and another, referent to its action with methylene blue, have been described and analyzed. It was shown that in both of the processes the steady-state stability may be easily obtained and maintained. On the other...

Remote sensing based vegetation extraction and change detection in the National Park of Niokolo-Koba in southeast of Senegal

M. L. NDIAYE, V. B. Traore & A.T. Diaw
Natural vegetation plays a vital role in the balance of the earth's environment, thanks to its multiple functions as purifier, producer and protector. And the monitoring of vegetation in Sahel regions with Remote Sensing data has become increasingly important over the past decade because it is linked to variation in agricultural production and climate change with implications for wildlife management and tourism. Recent advances in Remote Sensing applied make it possible to better characterize vegetation,...

Multiannual behavior of an alfalfa under water stress

Djamal BELLAGUE, Abdelhamid Gacemi & Ahmed Belouazni
Perrenial alfalfa is widley used in the Saharan regions of Algeria. In weltands, yields are acceptable, whereas in semi-arid to arid areas irrigation is required. But in water scarcity case and large population growth, the urban sector is fovored compared to the agricultural sector. In front of this situation, the use of cubic meters of irrigation water for optimum sustainble production is discussed. Alfalfa considered to be a drought-adapted species is covering and contributes to...

Anticorrosive properties of pulsed laser deposition thin films of magnesium based pseudo-binary oxide materials on steel

Aurel-Valentin Bîrdeanu, Mirela Vaida, Dubravka Milovanovic, Sanja Petronic & Mihaela Ionela Birdeanu
Magnesium based pseudo binary oxide nanomaterials were obtained by hydrothermal synthesis at 250 °C. MgTa2O6, MgNb2O6, MgTa2O8 and MgNb2O8 nanomaterials were used to deposit mono layers and sandwich structures using the pulsed laser deposition technique on alloy steel tubes disks. The morphologies and the roughnesses of the deposited layers were evaluated by using the scanning electron microscopy and the atomic force microscopy investigation techniques. Also, the corrosion inhibition properties of the deposited layers were determined...

The Exploration of Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties for MoS2 and Mo0.95W0.05S2 Photocatalyst Effort on Wastewater Treatment using DFT Functional of First Principle Approach

M.A. Mokit Sikder, Unesco Chakma, Ajoy Kumer, Mohammad Jahidul Islam, Ahsan Habib &
This study examined the theoretical impact and modeling of photocatalyst, MoS2, on organic pollutants and wastewater treatment. The electronic band structures, density of state (total and partial), optical properties, and photocatalytic operation under UV or visible light were investigated by using the first principle method for MoS2 and W doped by 5%. In order to calculate band gap, generalized gradient approximation (GGA) based on Perdew- Burke- Ernzerhof (PBE) was used. The band gap for MoS2...


Volodymyr Valentynovych Tkach, Marta V. Kushnir, Yana G. Ivanushko, Anzhelika F. Moldianu, Sílvio C. De Oliveira, Genílson R. Da Silva, Petro I. Yagodynets´1 & Olga V. Luganska
The possibility of Insubosin electrochemical determination on acid-group modified conducting polymers has been evaluated from the theoretical point of view. The correspondent mathematical model has been developed and analyzed by means of linear stability theory and bifurcation analysis. It was shown that the introduction of acid groups into the conducting polymer backbone makes more efficient the analyte immobilization, and that in general the modified conducting polymer is an excellent modifier for insubosin electrochemical determination. A...

The increasingly important role of decentralized solar energy in Morocco

To our knowledge, they were no detailed numbers published recently on decentralized solar energy in Morocco, even if it starts to gain importance. In the country, demand for photovoltaic solar modules has experienced three major phases: a long period of "relative gloom" (1995-2010) between two phases of rapid growth (1985-1995 and 2010-2018). Today, the inevitable acceleration of solar PV systems connected to the grid has become a reality, despite the absence of any regulation in...


Volodymyr Valentynovych Tkach, Marta V. Kushnir, Yana G. Ivanushko, Anzhelika F. Molodianu, Sílvio C. De Oliveira, Petro I. Yagodynets´, Zholt O. Kormosh, Olga V. Luganska, Vira V. Kopiika & Nataliia V. Novosad
The metformin electrochemical detection, assisted by cobalt (III) oxyhydroxide has been evaluated from the theoretical point of view. The correspondent mathematical model has been developed and analyzed by means of linear stability theory and bifurcation analysis. It was shown that CoO(OH) may be applied as an efficient electrode modifier in the detection of metformin in neutral and lightly alkaline media. The electrochemical response has to be clear and easy to interpret. The possibility of the...


Volodymyr Valentynovych Tkach, Marta V. Kushnir, Inna M. Dytynchenko, Sílvio C. De Oliveira, Olga V. Luganska, Yana G. Ivanushko, Petro Ye. Kovalchuk, Petro I. Yagodynets´ & Zholt O. Kormosh Zholt O. Kormosh
The mathematical model for the polythiophene paradox for the polymerization of electrochemically synthetized monomers has been modified, in order to allow the description of an alternative polymer oxidation scenario. The analysis of the model, realized by means of the linear stability theory and bifurcation analysis, has confirmed that in the presence of two parallel oxidation reactions of the polymer, the oscillatory and monotonic instability will be more probable than in the simplest polythiophene paradox systems....


Ayobami Olu Ajani
Contamination of the environment by petroleum products such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) is inevitable due to oil production, transportation and distribution activities. The potentials of organic wastes from animal droppings as bioremediation alternative for soils contaminated with naphthalene which is a PAHwas studied. The rate of biodegradation of naphthalene was studied for a period of 28 days under laboratory condition. The result of the microbial counts for soils spiked with 200 mg/kg naphthalene was...

Comparative study of the performance on asymmetric membranes ultrafiltration. Application to the bleaching of colored water with vat dyes

M. Berradi, O. Cherkaoui & A. El Harfi
In the present work, we have conducted a study which is to study the mechanical and hydrodynamic performance (permeability and selectivity) of two asymmetric ultrafiltration membranes, the base matrix is polysulfone PSU UDEL P1700 [1-3]. The first type of these membranes is composed only of polysulfone and the second type is made from polysulfone and polystyrene expanded (PSe) [2]. Both membranes were used in the bleaching of waste water loaded with vat dyes (indigo and...

Modeling and simulation of wind data for a prediction of the electrical energy from wind farms: case of a site in the region of Annaba

I. Barkat, A. Benretem, F. Massouh & A. Chebel
This research work is to the study of a phase prior to provide effective assistance to all those who have to take decisions concerning the planning and implementation of wind energy projects. The main objective is the evaluation of the wind potential and the estimation of the production of a wind farm in the region of Annaba, we began by determining the parameters related to the wind: the velocity distribution, variation in temporal and spatial...

Urban Roadside Monitoring, Modeling and Mapping of Air Pollution

A. Masood, A. Kafeel & A. Shamshad
Our study in its primal stage focused on modeling CO emissions emanating from Mathura road, with the use of CALINE4 model. For the execution of modeling process a set of emission factors employing simplified vehicle classification methodology were utilized. The predicted CO concentrations at the receptor location (722350mN, 3160100mE) were compared with actual monitored concentrations and a fair agreement between the two datasets was observed. 95% confidence interval was deduced for both monitored and predicted...

Synergistic antioxidant activity of three essential oils of Lamiacea family from Morocco

B. Chebli & S. Bounimi
Essential oils are increasingly becoming important in the food industry due to their preservative power. The present study was carried out to evaluate the antioxidant effect of three essential oils namely: Thymus leptobotrys, Origanum compactum and Calamintha officinalis. We also investigated the possible synergistic interactions on antioxidant efficacy of those essential oils. Samples were obtained by steam distillation from the aerial parts and tested for their antioxidant activity alone and in mixture quantitatively by the...

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