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Using Social Network Analysis (SNA) to Assess the Availability of Spatial Data and Data Sharing Mechanisms in Rwanda

Gaspard Rwanyiziri, Ernest Uwayezu, Maurice Mugabowindekwe, Sylvere Hategekimana, Vaillant Rutazuyaza Byizigiro, Emmanuel Muyombano & Jean Pierre Hitimana
This paper aims at analysing the extent to which spatial data are accessed and shared among stakeholders. It also uses Social Network Analysis to investigate institutional and individual behaviour in that process. Finally, it investigates the level of cooperation of all involved actors towards Spatial Data Infrastructure development. Results showed that public and private organizations have been individually engaged data collection and management. However, they are still using different standards and this has led to...

Opérations d’urbanisme et corruption dans le District de Bamako : cas des opérations de lotissement dans la commune VI

Mamadou Koumaré
Notre article porte sur les pratiques de corruption liées aux opérations de lotissement dans le District de Bamako, plus précisément dans la commune VI. Notre démarche a consisté dans un premier temps, à faire une analyse des textes législatifs sur le foncier au Mali, dans un deuxième temps, à réaliser des enquêtes de terrain auprès des acteurs impliqués dans une opération de lotissement. L’analyse des données recueillies nous a permis de nous rendre compte que...

Money, power and the complexities of urban land corruption in Zimbabwe

Manase Kudzai Chiweshe
ABSTRACT Urban land in Zimbabwe is a lucrative economic and thus political asset. Increased demand for urban land across the country has been driven by multiple factors including high rates of urbanization, increased rural-urban migration, urban population growth and serious challenges in housing provision post-independence. This paper uses desk research to map out the actors and contestations over land. It highlights case studies from Harare and Chitungwiza that show how political power leads to primitive...


Sintayehu Abie Diress & Tulu Besha Bedada
Lakes are integrator of environmental changes occurring at a regional to global scale and present a high variety of behaviors on a variety of time scale. Their crucial importance as water stocks and retaining given the significant environmental changes occurring worldwide at many anthropocentric levels has increased the necessity of monitoring all its morphodynamic characteristics i.e. water level, surface area and volume. In this paper a 57 years water level data obtained by combining Bahir...

Market Rent Determinant Variables of Residential Apartments in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Masresha Asnakew Belete
Abstract The purpose of this study was to identify rent determinant variables of residential apartments. Reviews of substantial empirical results in different countries indicate that rental value is a result of the combined contribution of the integrated components of the property, amenities, and externalities. To test the significance of some variables on monthly rent in the case study areas, multiple regression model is used for 164 samples in three purposefully selected case study areas. The...

Illustration de stratégies de sécurisation des droits fonciers des femmes dans un contexte d’acquisition des terres à grande échelle au Sénégal

Ndéye Yandé NDIAYE
L’acquisition de larges superficies de terres arables dans les pays en développement pour y effectuer des investissements a pris forme et ampleur au Sénégal en 2000 avec l’avènement des réformes dans le secteur agricole. Une étude d’IPAR de 2011 dresse un tableau sombre d’attribution de grandes surfaces au profit d’investisseurs privés. Les femmes sont particulièrement touchées par ce phénomène. Leur occupation étant déjà fragilisée par des pratiques discriminatoires, elles se voient aussi déposséder de terres...

Suitability Study of the Locations of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in Southwestern Nigeria

Anthony Olatunbosun Abiri
The Study evaluated the locational suitability of established Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in Southwestern Nigeria and proposed optimum locations for additional CORS in the study area. These were with the view of determining the sufficiency of the existing CORS distribution for various applications in the study area. Secondary data were used for the study. The secondary data used were the shapefiles of the states and local governments as well as the positions of the...

Evaluation des zones potentielles d’eaux souterraines avec l’utilisation des SIG et de la télédétection Cas du sous-bassin de la Sandougou (bassin de la Gambie)

Cheikh Faye, Boubacar Solly, Sidy Dièye & Ababacar Fall
Groundwater is an important natural resource for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. Today, due to climate change, population growth, advanced irrigation practices and industrial uses, the demand for groundwater has increased considerably, and needs to be assessed. This article aims to delimit the potential groundwater zones in the Sandougou basin using GIS and remote sensing. The multi-criteria decision analysis technique (MCDA) is used by integrating different thematic layers. The thematic layers of land cover, drainage...

Precipitation and Temperature trend analysis by Mann Kendall test: The case of Addis Ababa methodological station, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sintayehu Abie Diress & Tulu Besha Bedada
The impact of climate change on annual and monthly air precipitation and temperature has received a great deal of attention by scholars worldwide. This study focuses on detecting trends in annual precipitation and temperature for Addis Ababa methodological station located in Addis Ababa. SPSS in combination with the excel spreadsheet used for analyzing the statistics. We were also used the Mann-Kendall trend test and Sen’s slope method to detect trends and the magnitude of change....

Using cartographic documents and GIS for creation a hydrodatabase in the Hodna basin - Algeria

Djamel KHOUDOUR, Abdelghani ZEDAM & Sofiane BENSEFIA
The Hodna basin, one of the most important basins of Algeria, marks the transition between the Tellian domain in the north and the Sahara in the south. In addition, hydro-agricultural developments (construction of dams for irrigation) still have very important impacts on the functioning and hydrogeological characteristics of the basin. The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computerized tool for representing and analyzing all the elements that exist on Earth as well as all the...

Spatialisation du carbone dans la forêt classée de Goungoun (Bénin)

Soufouyane ZAKARI, Ismaël MAZO, Erick S. SOGBOSSI & Ismaïla TOKO IMOROU
L’objectif de la présente recherche est de modéliser le stock de carbone dans la forêt classée de Goungoun et ses terroirs riverains (FCGTR) au Nord-Bénin. Pour ce faire, des données d’inventaire forestier et des variables environnementales ont été utilisées. Ces données ont été collectées dans 150 placeaux de 18 m de rayon. Le diamètre des arbres permis de quantifier le carbone à partir d’un modèle allométrique. La combinaison d’indices spectraux et de variables structurales ont...

Extent of Rental Income Tax Compliance by Taxpayers’ in Zambia: Case of Residential Properties in Kitwe City

Anthony Mushinge, Bwalya Shilengwe, Jeff Kanyense & Chota M. Mwenya
Government mainly raises domestic revenue through taxation such as income tax, value added tax and customs and excise duty. Residential rental income tax is a component of income tax. There is low rental income tax collections in Zambia caused by among other things low taxpayers’ compliance. In order to obtain insights about the actual realities on the ground and using Kitwe city as a case study area, the research evaluated the extent of residential rental...

Towards elimination of corruption in the land sector: incorporation of Geospatial Technologies in land governance at the local level

Anthony Kwabena Sarfo & Prince Aboagye Anokye
the paper advances a course for the incorporation of technology in land management as an indispensable endeavor to eliminating the bottlenecks and contributing to the fight against corruption in the land sector. Employing a mixed-method approach, chiefly qualitative, 250 individuals, including personnel selected nationwide from the five-lap implementing agencies and patrons of their services as well as individuals in academic and research institutions were interviewed. It was evident from the findings that there is generally,...

Over promising while Under Delivering: Implementation of Kenya’s Community Land Act

Collins Odote Oloo, Rahma Hassan & Husna Mubarak
Kenya’s constitution of 2010 provides for recognition, protection, and registration of community land. This is significant because it recognizes customary tenure after decades of historical bias towards private property and brings to the fore the uniqueness of the African commons. We revisit the debate on managing communal land by reviewing the process of implementation of the Community Land. The paper is based on a review of the legal framework, discussions on the implementation of the...

Diachronic study of the dynamics of the forest of Aït Bouzid (Central High Atlas, Morocco)

This work presents the results of the study of the spatio-temporal dynamics of the Aït Bouzid forest between 1984 and 2019 (35 years old), based on remote sensing tools and the GIS tool. This study domain covers an area of 12,060 ha, given its location in the central High Atlas (near Lake Bine El Ouidane) several conditions are favorable to a very remarkable dynamic. In order to study this dynamic, we used the images from...

In Quest of Customary Tenure Security: Opportunities and Challenges of Land Use Planning in Tanzania

Method Julius Gwaleba
Mainstreaming land use planning for tenure security in rural areas is a key issue to both scholars, academia and policymakers as well as governments in most developing countries. The need for local land use decision-making for enhancing tenure security as well as trade-offs for deliberative decision-making are crucial to improving local community needs, interests and concerns. Deliberative decision-making seeks to respond to local needs, interests and concerns with legitimate and acceptable social, cultural and institutional...

Matriarchy at the Crossroads in Africa: The Clash between its Theoretical and Practical Orientation in Tanzania’s Land Tenure Systems

Jumanne Kassim Ngohengo
Contrary to scholarship that attaches matrilineal practices to women’s control and power over land in Africa. This paper interrogated this theoretical positioning to its contemporary practicality by posing the discussions among the ‘Luguru’ matrilineal of Eastern Tanzania. The article has discussed how land has been claimed, transferred, and owned across gender lens with the apparent changes in political and socio-cultural settings of the community. Shreds of evidence deduced from triangulated approaches provided contradictory conclusions. There...


Vivian Ndidiamaka Asogwa, Francis Ifeanyi OKEKE & Tobie Camille MBARGA MBARGA
ABSTRACT The negative impact of oil spillage cannot be overemphasized. The Niger Delta area which is the hub of oil exploration and exploitation has experienced lots of oil spillage in the past years. This research work was carried out in some parts of Niger Delta area using Nigerian Agip oil Company (NAOC) oil spill data. The research work aimed at identifying the oil spill sites using Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques. The data used were...


In Cote d’Ivoire, as in many African countries, social tensions are frequently linked to a crisis of the rule of property law. These socio-legal conflicts are referred to by various names depending on their subject matter or the time and place in which they arise: law crises, the weakness of the State apparatus, the unsuitability and failure of institutions, and so on. However, in the majority of cases, these conflicts stem from a common phenomenon:...

Governability of Customary Land Tenure Institutions: insights from Odupongkpehe Customary Area in Ghana

Anthony Acquah Mensah
Context and background The role of customary land tenure institutions in land governance is immeasurable. Notwithstanding the enormous role of customary land tenure institutions in local land governance, they are fraught with problems. The governability of customary land tenure institutions is critical to good local land governance. The literature on has mainly focused on examining the role and capacity of customary land tenure institutions with very little attention to good local land governance indicators. Goal...

Towards a regulatory planning of conflicts related to the use in peri-urban and rural areas

Abdelwahed EL IDRISSI
Context and background: Reconciling the sectoral interests of urban planning and agriculture is a challenge. The idyllic ambition to plan the city while enhancing agricultural land through a planning tool is subject to conflicts of use and divergent stakeholder logics. Goal and objectives: This study highlights the problem of conflicts between urban planning and agricultural land. The aim is to identify ways of objectifying and rationalizing the planning process in order to regulate these conflicts....

Dilemma in implementing land use-plans and institutional frameworks for urban agriculture governance: Case of Daraja Mbili and Lemala in Arusha City, Tanzania

Pastory Salvatory Thomas
ABSTRACT Context and background Urban agriculture is one of the urban land uses in the wards of Daraja Mbili and Lemala. Yet, its practice is constrained by limited access to land, unplanned land and the prevalence of claims that the practice is incompatible with non-agricultural and environmental conservation. Goal and objective This study was conducted to investigate the regulation of urban agriculture through land-use planning and institutional frameworks. It examines the extent of successful implementations...

The political economy of land reform in post conflict Rwanda (1994-2020)

Jossam POTEL & Owona Gloria
Insecurity over land ownership in Rwanda was a critical part of the tension between communities. Addressing insecurity around land has consequently been one of the foremost priorities of the post-conflict reforms initiated in Rwanda following the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Rwanda set out to address the issue of land ownership and land-related challenges through passage of several laws and policies. The 2004 National Land Policy which was reviewed in 2019 provides general...


Alpha BA
Context Pastoralism obeys logics that are sometimes misunderstood by public decision-makers and that are at the origin of many interventions that are often inappropriate. The controversial effects of pastoral public policies are accentuated by several exogenous and endogenous hazards. In Senegal, particularly in the Ferlo area, populations are developing endogenous strategies to cope with this situation. Goals of the work This work proposes to analyse the perceptions of pastoralists on the phenomena that threaten the...


GUEBBABI Ismail, Tarik Ghodbani, Abdeldjalil Bougherira, Abdelaziz Kouti, Bilal Belloulou, Djilali Mekhatria & Miloud Sallay
Context and background The Macta wetland is a coveted and fragile area with a biodiversity hot-spot on the Algerian western coast and the southern shore of the Mediterranean. This rural area is affected by the increase of human activity linking, mainly, agricultural and pastoral practices. In the context of put into nature reserve for this wetland, the land mastery has become a major issue that currently represents a determining factor in the relationship between man...

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