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Cornell National Social Survey (CNSS), 2020

Cornell National Social Survey is a random-sample survey of adults aged 18 and over. In 2020, participants were asked their opinions on a range of topics.

Reproduction Materials for the Chapter: \"The Empirical Analysis of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Agriculture\" (Handbook of Agricultural Economics)

Ariel Ortiz-Bobea
Agriculture is arguably the most climate-sensitive sector of the economy. Growing concerns about anthropogenic climate change have increased research interest in assessing its potential impact on the sector and in identifying policies and adaptation strategies to help farmers cope with a changing climate, but also how to contribute to climate change mitigation. This chapter reviews recent advancements in the analysis of climate change impacts and adaptation in agriculture with an emphasis on econometric and statistical...

Reproduction Materials for: Despite Appearances: Comparing Emotion Recognition in Abstract and Humanoid Avatars Using Nonverbal Behavior in Social Virtual Reality

Yilu Sun & Andrea Stevenson Won
PI-Provided Abstract: Poverty is prevalent in the small-farm sector of many developing countries. A large literature suggests that contract farming—a pre-harvest agreement between farmers and buyers—can facilitate smallholder market participation, improve household welfare, and promote rural development. These findings have influenced the development policy debate, but the external validity of the extant evidence is limited. Available studies typically focus on a single contract scheme or on a small geographical area in one country. We generate...

Social Interaction and Pain Threshold in Virtual Reality

Andrea Stevenson Won, Swati Pandita & Kaylee Payne Kruzan
This experiment examined the effects of social presence and perceived location of a virtual environment on participants’ pain thresholds in a pre-registered, within-subjects experiment. First, we examined the effects of social interaction vs being alone in a virtual environment. Second, we compared a virtual environment representing a remote location to a replication of the lab environment. While the "location" of the virtual environment did affect social presence, such that participants reported greater social presence with...

Reproduction Materials For: Cooperation with Strangers: Spillover of Community Norms

Mario Molina, Victor Nee & Hakan Nolm
**PI-Provided Abstract**: Why do leaders of organizations cooperate with players whom they may never transact with again? Such transactions can involve the incentives to exploit the other party because these interactions are not recurrent or embedded in networks. Yet in a market economy, organizational actors learn to cooperate with strangers; otherwise they risk closure from new ideas and business opportunities outside of their local community. With a large random sample of CEOs of manufacturing firms...

Cornell National Social Survey (CNSS), 2019

Cornell National Social Survey is a random-sample survey of adults aged 18 and over. In 2019, participants were asked their opinions on a range of topics.

Data from Two-year Randomized Controlled Study on Daily Self-weighing Among Workplace Employees in Ithaca, NY, 2017-2019

David A. Levitsky & Laura K. Barré

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