680 Works

Statistical Issues In The Design And Analysis Of Clinical Trials

Yanning Liu

Optimizing Supply Chain Design With Green Considerations

Yu Wan

Exploiting Latent User Behavior In Social Media Prediction

Amandianeze Nwana

Search And Discovery: High Throughput Methods For Fuel Cell Materials

Abigail Van Wassen

Environmental Estimation And Smoothing Algorithms For Dynamic And Modular Robots

Daniel Lee

Novel Methods In Meso-Scale And Nano-Scale Actuation

Erick Ball

Study Of Convective Diffusive Irreversibility In Reversing Chaotic And Non-Chaotic Stokes Flows

Pavithra Sundararajan

Amino Acid Supply In Lactating Dairy Cattle

Samuel Fessenden

Sites As Media Of Memory: A Cultural Memory Approach To Heritage Sites In Contemporary China

Annetta Fotopoulos

Dislocation Modeling Of Orientation Gradients In Phase-Transformed Tantalum Thin Films

Ari Kestenbaum

Gods And Scholars: Religion And Cornell University’S Foundation Myth

Fredrika Loew

Facial Width-To-Height Ratio (Fwhr) And Judgments Of Creativity

Hannah Kremer

Maintaining High-Quality Leader-Member Relationships

Haeseen Park

Molecular Modeling Of Solution-Processed Graphene Nanoribbons

Jonathan Saathoff

The Role Of Self-Weighing In The Control Of Body Weight

Lua Wilkinson

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