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Data from: Contained Laboratory Earthquakes Ranging From Slow To Fast

Bill S. Wu & Gregory C. McLaskey

Data from: Synergies between mycorrhizal fungi and soil microbial communities increase plant nitrogen acquisition

Rachel Hestrin, Edith C Hammer, Carsten W Mueller & Johannes Lehmann

Identifying Research Priorities for Cisco in Lake Ontario: A Workshop Summary Report

Ellen George, Darran Crabtree, Matthew Hare, Jesse Lepak & Lars Rudstam

An investigation of the role of enzyme phosphopantetheinyl hydrolase in mycobacteria

Annie Geiger

Wsb1 and Ksr1 gene add-backs to Chaos3 mammary tumor cells to analyze their role

Hina Shah

Equine Stereotactic Population Average Brain Atlas with Neuroanatomic Correlation

Philippa J Johnson, Valentin Janvier, Wen-Ming Luh, Marnie Fitz-Maurice, Teresa Southard & Erica F Barry

Chapter 3: Environmental Optical Properties

Shachak Pe'eri, Viktor Feygels, Torbjorn TIngaker, Yuri Kopilevich, Minsu Kim, William Philpot & Chi-Kuei Wang
When the lidar pulse is transmitted out of the ALB system, it interacts with various environmental regions from the time of transmission until the pulse is reflected from the seafloor and received back at the ALB detector. Propagation of the lidar pulse, the change in its shape and distribution, and the light returned to the detector all depend critically on the inherent optical properties (IOPs) of the atmosphere, water surface, water column and bottom. The...

Chapter 7: Applications, Ancillary Systems, and Fusion

Jennifer Wozencraft, Eve Eisemann, Molly Reif & Lauren Dunkin
The number of applications for ALB data has grown exponentially since the first systems became operational in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  In those early days, the primary application was nautical charting. Since then, as more systems were developed and fielded, and users gained access to the unique datasets provided by these systems, uses have expanded into a wide variety of coastal engineering and coastal zone management applications. Many of these applications take advantage...

Mesoscale simulation and analysis of particle-laden flows


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