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Data from: \"Larger but not louder: bigger honey bee colonies have quieter combs”

Michael L Smith & Po-Cheng Chen

Torres-Rojas Time-Resolved Emissions Data 2018

, Lei Deng, Lauren Shannon, Elizabeth M. Fisher, Stephen Joseph & Johannes Lehmann

Data from: Operational Bayesian GLS Regression for Regional Hydrologic Analyses

Dirceu S Reis, Andrea G Veilleux, Jonathan R Lamontagne, Jery R Stedinger & Eduardo S Martins

EVH-1 and Platelets: Raw data

Tracy Stokol, Wee Ming Yeo, Deborah Burnett, Nicole DeAngelis, Teng Huang, Nikolaus Osterrieder & James Catafamo

Data from: Contained Laboratory Earthquakes Ranging From Slow To Fast

Bill S. Wu & Gregory C. McLaskey

Data from: Synergies between mycorrhizal fungi and soil microbial communities increase plant nitrogen acquisition

Rachel Hestrin, Edith C Hammer, Carsten W Mueller & Johannes Lehmann

Data from: Thermal transport of helium-3 in a strongly confining channel

Dmytro Lotnyk, Anna Eyal, Nikolay Zhelev, Abhilash Sebastian, Eric. N. Smith, Michael Terilli, John Wilson, Erich Mueller, Dietrich Einzel, John Saunders & Jeevak M. Parpia

Equine Stereotactic Population Average Brain Atlas with Neuroanatomic Correlation

Philippa J Johnson, Valentin Janvier, Wen-Ming Luh, Marnie Fitz-Maurice, Teresa Southard & Erica F Barry

Data from: Alternative Sigma factors regulate overlapping as well as distinct stress response and metabolic functions in Listeria monocytogenes stationary phase cells

Renato H. Orsi, Soraya Chaturongakul, Haley F. Oliver, Lalit Ponnala, Ahmed Gaballa & Martin Wiedmann

Cortical Atlas of the Canine Brain


Gluconobacter oxydans Knockout Collection Sequencing Data

Alexa M. Schmitz, Brooke Pian, Sean Medin, Matthew C. Reid, Mingming Wu, Esteban Gazel & Buz Barstow

Data from: Plants and mycorrhizal symbionts acquire substantial soil nitrogen from gaseous ammonia transport

Rachel Hestrin, Peter Weber, Jennifer Pett-Ridge & Johannes Lehmann

Time Series Data Package: Lead in Bald Eagles in the Northeast, United States

, , , , , , , &

ISS Microgravity Experiments: Data Analysis

, &

Data from: The Effects of Host Availability and Fitness on Aedes albopictus Blood Feeding Patterns in New York

Kara Fikrig, Elisabeth Martin, Sharon Dang, Kimberly St Fleur, Henry Goldsmith, Sophia Qu, Hannah Rosenthal, Sylvie Pitcher & Laura Harrington

New York State Wildlife Rehabilitator Logs 2012-2014

, , , , &

Data from: Cereal rye mulch biomass and crop density affect weed suppression and community assembly in no-till planted soybean

Uriel Menalled, Guillaume ADEUX, Stéphane CORDEAU, Richard G. Smith, Steven B. Mirsky & Matthew Ryan

Data from: The Role of Background Stress State in Fluid-Induced Aseismic Slip and Dynamic Rupture on a 3-meter Laboratory Fault

Sara Beth Cebry, Chun-Yu Ke & Gregory McLaskey

Data from \"STRAINS: A Big Data Method for Classifying Cellular Response to Stimuli at the Tissue Scale\"

Jingyang Zheng, Thomas Wyse Jackson, Lisa Fortier, Lawrence Bonassar, Michelle Delco & Itai Cohen

Data containing transaction history and visual traits of eight highly valued Non-fungible token (NFT) collections

Sven Serneels, Jason Cho & David Matteson

Data from: Adverse effects of inbreeding on the transgenerational expression of herbivore-induced defense traits in Solanum carolinense

Chad Nihranz, Anjel Helms, John Tooker, Mark Mescher, Consuelo De Moraes & Andrew G. Stephenson

Data from: Age and body size influence sperm quantity in male Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquitoes

A J Hatala, L C Harrington & E C Degner

Data from: Artificial shaking signals in honey bee colonies elicit natural responses

Phoebe A Koenig, Michael L Smith, Logan H Horowitz, Daniel M Palmer & Kirstin H Petersen

Carbon and metal characterization and incubation studies conducted on soil samples collected in June 2016 from Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest

Angela R Possinger, Scott W Bailey, Thiago M Inaga, Ingrid Kögel-Knabner, James J Dynes, Zachary A. Arthur & Johannes Lehmann

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