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Filsafat Socrates Dan Latar Belakang Munculnya Kaum Sofis

Irsyad Maulana
socrates menjadi hal yang begitu pelik bagi para sejarawan. pasalnya banyak yang mengungkapkan banyak hal tentang socrates. Namun tidak semua ungakapan itu benar adanya, pasalnya para sejarawan hanya bisa mengetahui seluk beluk socrates dari para muridnya, itupun tidak pasti apakah mengetahui banyak tentangnya ataupun hanya mengetahui sebagian saja. socrates hidup satu zaman dengan kaum sofis. socrates tidak meninggalkan sedikitpun karyanya, karena memang dia bukan berfilsafat untuk hidup, namun dia hidup berfilsafat. dia menghabiskan waktu untuk...

IOT Based Smart Home

D.Vinodhan, A.Vinnarasi

Investigation of green corrosion inhibitor efficiency in different solutions at different pH and temperature

Sura Ebrahim Mossa, Dr.Falah Kaify Matloub

Interior Thermo elastic Solution of a Hollow Cylinder

Ranjana S. Ghume, Ashwini Mahakalkar, N. W. Khobragade

Influence of hydraulic diameter on heat transfer and pressure drop during condensation of R-134a refrigerant in a brazed plate fin heat exchangers

K.V.Ramana Murthy, Mahesh Bondhu, C.Ranganayakulu. T.P. Ashok Babu

Influence of high content fly ash on concrete durability

S Zulu, D Allopi

IT Governance: Integration of Multi Agents Systems in the framework ITIL’s Processes

Aicha Tounsi, Youssef Sekhara, Hicham Medromi

Internet of things (IOT and information retrieval: an introduction

Mohammed Rahmat Ali

Numerical Simulation for Studying Heat Transfer in Multi Jet Impingement on Sparse and Dense Pin Fin Heat Sinks

Lakshmi Prasad K, A. Ramakrishna, N.V.S. Shankar

Numerical simulations of Jet-A combustion in a gas turbine combustion chamber

A.C. Petcu, C.Sandu, C. Berbente

Non-Repudiation Related Risk Assessments

S. K. Pandey, K. Mustafa

Multiplication of floating point numbers using VHDL

Sumi M.S., Sobin Daniel

Multiple Sign Language Translation into Voice Message

Hussana Johar R.B, Priyanka A, Revathi Amrut M S, Suchitha K, Sumana K J

Moving in Unison after perceptual interruption

Benoit Bardy
Humans interact in groups through various perception and action channels. The continuity of interaction despite a transient loss of perceptual contact often exists and contributes to goal achievement. Here, we study the dynamics of this continuity, in two experiments involving participants (N=7) synchronizing their movements in space and in time. We show that behavioural unison can be maintained after perceptual contact has been lost, for about 7s. Agent similarity and spatial configuration in the group...

Multi Agent Systems Applications

Sophia Faris, Hicham Medromi, Adil Sayouti

Prospek Bimbingan Konseling Islam

Muhammad Abdullah

Trait emotion regulation and stress responsivity

Siobhán Griffin

Anisotropic Fluid Model of Neutron Star in Isotropic Coordinates

Neeraj Pant

Antagonistic Yeast for Controlling Bean Root Rot Disease under Field Conditions

Mokhtar, M.M., El-Mougy, N.S.

Anomaly Data Leakage Detection

B.Chellaprabha, Archana M

Analyzing Planar Dipole Antenna with Different Arm Widths Operating at 1 GHz

Ranga rao Orugu, K. Srinivas, V. Rama Raju, Ch. Rama Krishna, D. N. Bhushan Babu

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