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Hybridized Intrusion Detection and Prevention System Using Static IP Address

Oluwasogo Adekunle Okunade
Internet growth and constant increase in traffic volume, resulted into various misuse and attacks on the internet, that increases security challenges over intrusion detection and prevention system against sophisticated attacks. This has become paramount importance since single mode intrusion detection systems have a lot of difficulties in protecting system and network from sophisticated attacks. However, this paper propose hybridized intrusion detection and prevention system using static IP address whereby the incoming packets are examined for...

Proportional Integral Differential (PID) Controller

Abdullahi Tekanyi, Angulu Rakiya & Kabir Abu-Bilal
Piezoelectric ceramics are used in many areas of applications. One of such areas of applications is in controlling electronic devices for accuracy and improved precision. Piezoelectric ceramics however have the problem of inherent high resonance frequency resulting in the piezoelectric ceramic suffering from hysteresis and delay in response to input parameters. PID controllers have been used in providing improved control and response to the piezoelectric ceramic so as to overcome the problem of hysteresis as...

A Review of Cluster Head Selection Schemes in Wireless Sensor Network for Energy Efficient Routing Protocol

Ibrahim Rahman, Tekanyi A.M.S, Abu Bilal & Kabir Ahmad

Migingo Island Border Dispute in East Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Kenyan and Ugandan Newspaper Coverages

Cyrus Kinyungu & Thomas I. Okinda
Drawing on agenda setting, priming and framing theories, this study compares the coverages of Migingo Island ownership dispute in Kenya’s Nation and The Standard and Uganda’s Monitor and New Vision newspapers. Contents published in 92 issues, between March 1 and December 31, 2009, were studied. The analysis established that both Kenyan and Ugandan newspapers published the conflict mainly in their interior pages with both sides identifying an inexistent border line as a cause. However, the...

Ship Propeller Performance Prediction under Cavitation

Thaddeus C. Nwaoha & Sidum Adumene
In this study, numerically prediction of the screw propeller design that can overcome cavitation is conducted. The research presents a simplified regression model for the analysis of the geometric area ratio, pitch ratio and open water efficiency of propeller, with the aim of revealing quantitatively the effect of cavitation on propeller open water efficiency. The case study takes into consideration factors that can enhance the performance of a propeller. Area of the propeller disc, propeller...

Community-Based LDPE Wastes Recycling Machine

I. D. Okeke, T. M. Ibezim, O. T. Ndusorouwa, U. C. Okonkwo & I. P. Okokpujie
Several efforts have been made to proffer solution to the burden placed by plastic wastes on man’s environment. However, the conspicuous presence of these solid waste pollutants in the communities suggests that the efforts made so far only yielded little result. In this study, a small scale hot extrusion process machine which recycles low density polyethylene was designed and constructed. The machine is powered by a 2 Horse power, 3-phase electric motor which transmits a...

A Review of Voice-Base Person Identification: State-of-the-Art

Folorunso C.O., Asaolu O.S. & Popoola O.P.
Automated person identification and authentication systems are useful for national security, integrity of electoral processes, prevention of cybercrimes and many access control applications. This is a critical component of information and communication0 technology which is central to national development. The use of biometrics systems in identification is fast replacing traditional methods such as use of names, personal identification numbers codes, password, etc., since nature bestow individuals with distinct personal imprints and signatures. Different measures have...

Mismatch Between Anthropometry Characteristics of Nigerian Occupational Bus Drivers and the In-Vehicle Measurement.

Fajobi Moses O., Onawumi Ayodele S., Mfon Udoh M. O., & Awoyemi, Elijah A.
The characterization of interfacing elements of in-vehicle and driver’s anthropometric variables of a randomly selected operators with sample size of 161 subjects of commercial buses in the study area were considered in this work. Participatory ergonomic intervention approach was employed in data mining, opinion gathering and subsequent analysis. Related variables between the two systems were compared to establish fitness as well as the level to which human operator were accommodated in the vehicle dimension. A...

Evaluation of Frictional Heat and Oil Cooling Rate in Mechanical Contact Due to Debris Formation

Achebe C. H., Nwagu I. A., Chukwuneke J. L. & Sinebe J. E.
This paper evaluated experimentally, the amount of frictional heat generated in a Mitsubishi main journal bearing and the cooling performance of the lubricating oils A, B and C. The test rig used in this experiment is a mechanical apparatus that consists of mechanical drive, metal support, bevel gear, a rotating shaft and a bearing attached at its lower end. When the shaft was rotated by the mechanical drive of power 0.75kw and speed 1440rpm, the...

Resurgence of Militancy and the Challenges of Sustainable Peace and Development in the Niger Delta

Oyinlola Abodunrin
The Niger Delta region has been a theatre of conflict especially after the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in the area. One of the reasons responsible for intermittent and simmering conflicts in the area is prolonged hardship experienced by the people in the region due to activities associated with oil exploration and neglect of the region as far as development is concerned. Various governments have proffered different solutions to the crisis but all ended...

The Politics of Foreign Aid: A Study of China-Zambia Economic Relations

Praise A. Ayinla & Sheriff F. Folarin
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted globally in September 2015 are set to measure development and progress in countries until 2030. China, second to the United States in the global development agenda, by its relations with Africa and Zambia, particularly in the provision of foreign aid currently plays an important role in the development of Zambia’s economy. The large amount of foreign aid provided by China has led to assertions that Zambia is being put in...

Bleeding the Commonwealth: An Assessment of Odu’a Investment Company Limited, 1985-2008

Abimbola Oyarinu
Corruption is a scourge destroying public enterprises in Nigeria but the idea that corruption is the major reason why public enterprises fail might be far from the truth. Enormous corruption occurred in Odu’a Investment Company Limited between 1992 to 2008, which led to the obliteration of the Yoruba patrimony. While associated companies, which are run by private hands are making profits and paying dividends, the subsidiary companies are being bleed white owing to massive corruption...

Exploring Nigeria’s Potential for Labour Exportation: Lessons from the Republic of Philippines

Maureen Fubara & Sheriff Folarin
The paper examines Nigeria’s potential for labour exportation by assessing the performance of labour exportation in the Republic of Philippines. Imperatively, the trend of international labour migration presently influences the nature of international economic relations between developed and developing nations. Many developing nations have utilized their huge population base to accrue major financial and non-financial gains through labour exportation to developed climes. However, Nigerian is yet to borrow a leaf from nations like the Republic...

Girl-Child Education for National Development in Nigeria: A Critical Discourse

Edidiong E. Udofia & Daniel E. Gberevbie
Education is the fundamental basis for the development of any nation. Education not only promotes development but also ensures that development attained can be sustained. Sadly, in most countries in Africa and even across the world girl-child education is still far behind, Nigeria today in international ratings ranks very low with about fourteen million children out of school and sixty percent of these children are girls as a result of many societal factors such as...

Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa and Nigeria’s Foreign Policy: Rethinking Nigeria’s Afro-Centric Foreign Policy Posture

Oluwaseyi Ogunnowo and Segun Joshua
This study advocates for a review of Nigeria’s foreign policy from its afro-centric posture in response to the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The xenophobic attacks in South Africa have drawn the focus of state and non-state actors in the international system. Among other nationals, the attacks in South Africa have been against Nigerians. A total of 121 Nigerians have been killed since February 2016. Nigeria’s response to these attacks have been conservative and...

Sensitivity Analysis of the Gonorrhea Disease

Akanni John Olajide, Adediipo Adeola David & Akinpelu Foluke O.
In this paper we formulate an SEIR (Susceptible – Exposed - Infective - Recovered) model of Gonorrhea disease transmission with constant recruitment. The threshold parameter R0< 0, known as the Basic Reproduction Number was found. This model has two equilibria, disease-free equilibrium and endemic equilibrium. By constructing suitable Lyapunov function, it was discovered that the disease-free equilibrium is globally asymptotic stable whenever R0 is less than one and when it is greater than one, the...

Magnetohydrodynamics Flow of a Third Grade Fluid Through a Cylindrical Pipe in an Inclined Plane With Radiation

Bolarin, G., Yusuf A., Emmanuel, O. and Aiyesimi, Y. M.
This work considered the natural convection of a one-dimensional heat generation and viscous dissipation model of a Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) third grade fluid in an inclined cylindrical pipe with radiation. The governing dimensional equations of the momentum and energy were first non-dimensionalized and then solved analytically using the Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM). The results obtained are displayed on graphs. From the graphs, we observe that increase in the grashof number leads to increase in both the...

Factors Influencing Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Cervical Cancer Development among Women in Lokoja, North Central Nigeria

Jeremiah Ogah, et al
Cervical cancer is increasingly becoming a high cause of cancer deaths in Nigeria; it has a high prevalence in Nigeria, as it is the case in most developing countries. This study was aimed at screening for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) using Papanicolaou screening procedure, and identifying the influencing factors amongst women in Lokoja, North central Nigeria. This was a cross sectional study involving women between the ages of 16-65 years, selected through convenience sampling of...

Improvement of Oral Glucose Tolerance and Total Lipid Profile of Diabetic Rats Treated with Ficus exasperata Leaf-Based Die

Soji-Omoniwa Omolola, Oloyede, Hussein Oyelola Bukoye
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Ficus exasperata leaf-based diet (FELD) on oral glucose tolerance and total lipid profile of type 2 diabetic rats. Forty-eight wistar rats were randomly selected into 8 groups of 6 animals each. All experimental animals apart from the positive control group were administered with 10 % fructose solution ad libitum for 2 weeks, while those in the negative control group received distilled water. The remaining...

How Nigerian Print Publishers Explore Web-based Income Streams for Survival

Emmanuel Ifeduba & Tosin Olatunji
As traditional mass media grapple with hyper-competition globally with the attendant challenges of web-based alternatives and loss of readership and revenue, they are migrating online for survival in line with the contemporary management models. In Nigeria, it is not certain how they are adjusting to these new realities. This study examines the income-generation profiles of online news media in the country within the context of the technological determinism and mediamorphosis theories. Contents from 183 publishers...

An Assessment of the One Lecture-One Test Learning Model by Journalism Teachers

Oladokun Omojola
This article analyzes transcripts from a knowledgeable group that discoursed at length the one lecture - one test (OLOT) learning model – a system that requires students to write a short test for 10 to 20 minutes after every lecture, for a score that counts toward the overall grade. This model contrasts with the traditional system in most higher institutions that set two or three tests and give one or a few assignments in a...

Exploring Citizens' Constitution Readability Profile in Selected Anglophone African Countries

William K. Gyasi & Julius N. Tettey
A country's constitution describes the basic principles of the state, structures, and processes of government as well as fundamental rights of citizens. All of these make imperative the ability of the citizens to read and understand the document. This paper evaluates the readability profile of citizens of the English speaking African countries concerning their constitution. A descriptive research design was adopted while the stratified random sampling was implemented to select the chapters of the constitutions...

An Assessment of Ghana’s Twi language medical advertisements

Assibey Ginn Bonsu, Atakro Confidence & Adade-Yeboah Asuamah
Health-related advertisements are aired daily on radio in Ghana, many of them in local languages. However, little is known if these advertisements fulfill the conditions stipulated by the country’s authorities. This paper assesses the contents of six commercials in the Twi language on two radio stations - Adehyee FM and Hello FM - using the stipulations of Ghana Food and Drugs Authority as guide. The English transcripts of the spot commercials were produced and analyzed...

Mitigating Research Challenges among Post Graduate Students through Effective Library Service Delivery

Uwaebuka Wisdom Madu, et al
Postgraduate students across Nigerian universities face various challenges in their quest for higher degrees. The study adopted a survey method to examine the research challenges faced by postgraduate students in three selected universities in Osun State and the role that university libraries play in mitigating them. The selected universities are Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Osun State University, Oshogbo and Redeemers University Ede. Structured and validated questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. 370 copies...

Computer Self-Efficacy of Librarians and Users as Influencers of University Libraries’ Information System Security: Evidence From Nigeria

Benedict O. I. Okike and ‘Niran Adetoro
Librarians and their users interact with the library’s information systems for different reasons. The need to protect information and information systems from unauthorized access, modification, data loss and destruction by librarians has become topical in recent times, hence this study. Using survey research design of the correlation type, three University libraries in the South-western Nigeria were purposively selected. Structured questionnaires for 48 librarians and 44,508 registered library users were used. Proportionate stratified random sampling technique...

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