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ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue (1900-2009)

Dmitry A. Storchak, Domenico Di Giacomo, István Bondár, James Harris, Eric R. Engdahl, Willie H.K. Lee, Antonio Villaseñor, Peter Bormann & Graziano Ferrari
GEM Technical Report 2012-01

User guide: Field sampling strategies for estimating building inventories

Keith Porter, ZhengHui Hu, Charlie Huyck & John Bevington
GEM Technical Report 2014-02

GEM Global Historical Earthquake Archive

Paola Albini, Roger M.W. Musson, Antonio A. Gomez Capera, Mario Locati, Andrea Rovida, Massimiliano Stucchi & Daniele Viganò
GEM Datasets

Sub-Saharan Africa Geodetic Strain Rate Model 1.0

D. Sarah Stamps, Elifuraha Saria & Corné Kreemer
GEM Technical Report 2015-03

GEM Global Seismic Risk Map v.2018.1

V Silva, D Amo-Oduro, A Calderón, J Dabbeek, V Despotaki, L Martíns, A Rao, M Simionato, D Viganò, C Yepes, A Acevedo, K Berryman, H Crowley, K Jaiswal, M Journeay & M Pittore

the South American Risk Assessment Active Fault Database

Alexandra Alvarado, Franck Audemard, Carlos Benavente Escobar, Isable Santibanez Boric, José Cembrano Perasso, Carlos Costa, Gabino Fabricio Delgado Madera, Julio Antonio García-Pelaez, Enrique Masquelin, Estela Minaya, Myriam Carlota López, Monica Paolini, Irene Perez, & Richard Styron

Economic Vulnerability Map

Miguel Toquica & Christofer Burton
The Global Economic Vulnerability Map is a composite index that was designed primarily to measure the potential for economic losses from earthquakes due to a country’s macroeconomic exposure. This index is also an appraisal of the ability of countries to respond to shocks to their economic systems. Relevant indicators include the density of exposed economic assets such as commercial and industrial infrastructure. Metrics used to measure the ability of a country to withstand shocks to...

Global Historical Earthquake Archive and Catalogue (1000-1903)

Paola Albini, Roger M.W. Musson, Antonio A. Gomez Capera, Mario Locati, Andrea Rovida, Massimiliano Stucchi & Daniele Viganò
GEM Technical Report 2013-01

User guide: Windows tool for field data collection and management

Colm J. Jordan, Keith Adlam, Ken Laurie, Wayne Shelley & John Bevington
GEM Technical Report 2014-04

User guide: Tool for spatial inventory data development

ZhengHui Hu, Charlie Huyck, Michael T. Eguchi & John Bevington
GEM Technical Report 2014-05

GEM Exposure Model for the Andean Countries

Catalina E. Yepes
GEM Datasets

GEM North Africa Active Fault Database

Richard Styron & Valerio Poggi

Hamlet: Hazard Model Evaluation and Testing

Richard Styron &

Socio Vulnerability Map

Miguel Toquica & Christofer Burton
The Global Social Vulnerability Map is a composite index that was developed to measure characteristics or qualities of social systems that create the potential for loss or harm. Here, social vulnerability helps to explain why some countries will experience adverse impacts from earthquakes differentially where the linking of social capacities with demographic attributes suggests that communities with higher percentages of age dependent populations, homeless, disabled, under-educated, and foreign migrants are likely to exhibit higher social...

Recovery/Reconstruction Potential Map

Miguel Toquica & Christopher Burton
The Recovery/Reconstruction Potential Map is closely aligned with the concept of disaster resilience. Enhancing a country’s resilience to earthquakes is to improve its capacity to anticipate threats, to reduce its overall vulnerability, and to allow its communities to recover from adverse impacts from earthquakes when they occur. The measurement of recovery and reconstruction potential includes capturing inherent conditions that allow communities within a country to absorb impacts and cope with a damaging earthquake event, such...

Global geodetic strain rate model

Corné Kreemer, Geoffrey Blewitt, Elliot Klein, Zheng-Kang Shen, Min Wang, Lou Estey, Stuart Wier & Frances Boler
GEM Technical Report 2014-07

GEM Vulnerability Database

Catalina E. Yepes, Vitor Silva, Dina D'Ayala, Tiziana Rossetto, Ioanna Ioannou, Abdelghani Meslem & Helen Crowley
GEM Datasets

GEM Global Seismic Hazard Map v.2018.1

Marco Pagani, Julio García-Pelaez, Robin Gee, Kendra Johnson, Valerio Poggi, Michele Simionato, Richard Styron, Daniele Viganò, Laurentiu Danciu, Damiano Monelli & Graeme Weatherill
The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Seismic Hazard Map depicts the geographic distribution of the Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) with a 10% probability of being exceeded in 50 years, equivalent to a return period of about 475 years, the internationally agreed reference for building safety regulation. The map was created by collating maps computed using national and regional probabilistic seismic hazard models developed by various institutions and projects, and by scientists working at the GEM Foundation....

GEM Central America and Caribbean Active Faults Database

Richard Styron, Julio García-Pelaez & Marco Pagani

GEM Northeastern Asia Active Fault Database

Richard Styron & Valerio Poggi

GEM Building Taxonomy Version 2.0

Svetlana Brzev, Charles Scawthorn, Andrew William Charleson, Luke Allen, Marjorie Greene, Kishor Jaiswal & Vitor Silva
GEM Technical Report 2013-02

Glossary for the GEM Building Taxonomy

Luke Allen, Andrew William Charleson, Svetlana Brzev & Charles Scawthorn
GEM Technical Report 2013-03

User guide: Building footprint extraction and definition of homogeneous zone extraction from imagery

Alessandro Vicini, John Bevington, Georgiana Esquivias, Gianni Cristian Iannelli & Marc Wieland
GEM Technical Report 2014-01

End-to-end demonstration of the Inventory Data Capture Tools

Roxanne Foulser-Piggott, John Bevington & Alessandro Vicini
GEM Technical Report 2014-06

GEM Global Historical Earthquake Catalogue

Paola Albini, Roger M.W. Musson, Antonio A. Gomez Capera, Mario Locati, Andrea Rovida, Massimiliano Stucchi & Daniele Viganò
GEM Datasets

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