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Out of the Crisis. A radical change of strategy for the Eurozone

Andrea Ginzburg & Annamaria Simonazzi
The European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 14. no. 1, p. 13-37

Policy issues on crypto-assets

Carlo Gola & Andrea Caponera
This paper describes the economic characteristics of crypto-assets and the regulation of the exchanges and custodian wallet providers adopted in various jurisdictions. The possible accounting and prudential treatments are then analysed. The paper provides a taxonomy of DLT digital tokens based on mutually exclusive classes. Bitcoin belongsto the class of private digital tokens with no underlining claim or liability against an issuer, exchangeable at a floating rate, which operate through an electronic protocol called permissionless...

The impact of exchange rate, oil price and gold price on the Kuwaiti stock market: a wavelet analysis

Ahmad Alrazni Alshammari, Basheer Altarturi, Buerhan Saiti & Latifah Munassar
This paper examines the impact of the exchange rate, oil price and gold price on the Kuwaiti stock market using a wavelet analysis, namely, cross-wavelet coherency and partial cross-wavelet coherency. This method is used to test for nonlinear causality and decompose the data into various time frequencies to better understand various investment horizons. These interactions were examined based on daily observations from 02 January 1996 to 28 September 2017. The findings show a positive relationship...

Carbon emissions, income inequality and environmental degradation: the case of Mediterranean countries

Fateh Belaïd, Sabri Boubaker & Rajwane Kafrouni
This study examines the main driving forces affecting short- and long-term CO2 emissions pattern due to changes in growth and income inequality for 11 Mediterranean economies over the period 1990—2012. It proposes an autoregressive dynamic distributive lag dynamic panel specification to (i) test for non-linearity between income inequality and CO2 emissions, (ii) assess whether there is a differentiated effect of income inequality on CEO2 emissions depending on the level of GDP, and (iii) test for...

Symposium Editorial: Recent issues in the analysis of energy prices

Duc Khuong Nguyen & Benoît Sévi
The European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 13. no. 1, p. 63-65

Outward Foreign Direct Investment from BRIC countries: Comparing strategies of Brazilian, Russian, Indian and Chinese multinational companies

Wladimir Andreff
The European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 12. no. 2, p. 79-131

Are both dimensions of property rights 'efficient'?

Pál Czeglédi
The European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 12. no. 1, p. 41-69

Worker mobility and the purchase of low CO2 emission vehicles in France: a datamining approach

Raphaël Homayoun Boroumand, Stéphane Goutte, Thomas Péran & Thomas Porcher
This paper seeks to pattern a non-driven geographical classification of French departmental territorial units based on both mobility behavior and passenger car fleet composition. With no mathematical regression analysis but applying datamining methodology to behavior, consumption and geography variables, we have grouped French territorial units into 8 clusters with similar characteristics. The main results reveal that commuters’ behavior with respect to the choice of transport mode varies substantially across clusters (rural and highly rural, urban...

Open innovation nelle piccole e medie imprese familiari: spinte, modi, ostacoli e soluzioni

Valentina Lazzarotti, Fernando Giuseppe Alberti, Federico Visconti, Rafaela Gjergji & Stefania Ferrario
l presente lavoro analizza l’esperienzadi quattro giovani imprenditori, che alla guida della propria impresa di famiglia, hanno contribuito a determinarel’approccio delle medesime all’innovazione, in particolare quella collaborativa (Open Innovation: OI).Quattro sono le aree concettualiinvestigate(governance, contesto di business e risorse; fattori familiari –obiettivi non economici e/o atteggiamentisocio-emozionali;determinanti dell’innovazione; dimensioni dell’innovazione) al fine di esaminare le relazioni fra di esse e di spiegare comeil giovane imprenditore abbia contribuito alle scelte di innovazione della propria azienda. I risultati...

Central Banking without Romance

Thomas L. " "Hogan, Daniel J. " "Smith & Robin" "Aguiar-Hicks

Valutazione multidimensionale dell’introduzione del Sistema BD Vacutainer® Barricor™

Daniele Bellavia, Lucrezia Ferrario, Emanuela Foglia, Antonio Tolla, Vito Pafundi, Andrea Motta, Marta Strollo, Massimo Locatelli & Rita Mancini
L’obiettivo del presente elaborato risulta essere quello di indagare, in ottica multi-dimensionale, i vantaggi correlati all’introduzione della provetta innovativa per le analisi su plasma (BD Vacutainer® Barricor™, di seguito Barricor™), sia per i testin regime di urgenza, sia in regime di routine, in comparazione con la provetta per le analisi su siero con separatore gel, attualmente utilizzata.Per il raggiungimento dell’obiettivo di indagine è stata condotta una valutazione di HTA, volta non solo alla disamina delle...

L’imposta di soggiorno.Amnesie legislative ed esigenze di riforma

Giorgio Beretta
Università Cattaneo Working Papers no. 3, 2017

Ageism and the business cycle:an exploratory approach

Laetitia Challe
European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 14. no. 2 (December 2017), p. 221-264

Does Election of an Additional Female Councilor Increase Women's Candidacy in the Future?

Jekaterina Kuliomina
European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 15. no. 1 (Summer 2018), p. 37-81

Fiscal austerity and monetary easing: which one is to be praised for ending the euro area crisis?

Pompeo Della Posta
European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 15. no. 1 (Summer 2018), p. 165-189

Verso una migliore gestione dei pazienti con accesso venoso periferico: una indagine di HTA

Fabrizio Schettini, Emanuela Foglia & Elisabetta Garagiola
I cateteri venosi periferici (CVP) sono dei dispositivi medici che permettono il collegamento tra la superficie cutanea e una vena del circolo periferico e sono ampiamente utilizzati in ambito ospedaliero. Per generare maggiori benefici per i pazienti, riducendo al minimo l’occorrenza degli eventi avversi, occorre procedere con una selezione corretta della tipologia di CVP da utilizzare, sulla scorta delle necessità e caratteristiche del paziente, effettuando una procedura di cura e gestione puntuale e precisa. Diviene...

Happiness, life satisfaction, well-being: survey design and response analysis

Anna Maffioletti, Agata Maida & Franscesco Scacciati
Several well-established surveys ask questions in order to measure subjective well-being. In some questionnaires, questions relate to happiness, in others, to individual well-being or satisfaction or to both happiness and satisfaction. In the literature of happiness, several papers have compared responses to these questions using available national and international data. However, employed data sets make it hard to properly disentangle wordings or scale effects from other survey design or survey administration effects. For this reason,...

On the Time Varying Relationship between Oil Price and G7 Equity index: a Multivariate Approach

Khaled Guesmi, Zied Fiti, Ilyes Abid & Gazi Salah Uddin
The European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 13. no. 1, p. 67-79

Explaining labor wedge trends: An equilibrium search approach

Coralia A. Quintero Rojas & François Langot
The European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 13. no. 1, p. 3-35

Interdependence between core and peripheries of the European economy: secular stagnation and growth in the Western Balkans

Will Bartlett & Ivana Prica
The European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 14. no. 1, p. 123-139

United States of America, European economy and inequality: A perspective from the economic history, 1910-2010

Carles Manera, Ferran Navinés & Javier Franconneti
The European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 14. no. 1, p. 59-87

Flexible Labour, Flexible Production and Innovation-by-Agreement: International Comparisons Contesting the Lindbeck-Snower Insider-Outsider Thesis and 'Structural Reforms' in the European Union

Teresa Carla Oliveira & Stuart Holland
The European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 14. no. 1, p. 89-107

Single Motherhood in East and West Germany: What Can Explain the Differences?

Uwe" "Jirjahn & Cornelia" "Struewing

Globalization, regulation and profitability of banks: a comparative analysis of Europe, United States, India and China

Elisabeth Paulet & Hareesh Mavoori
The last financial crisis spurred regulators to emphasize enhanced stability indicators for financial institutions. Therefore, banks have to take into account this new element while defining their strategic decisions and their profitability. The aim of this paper is to provide evidence of the transformation of banking activities on a global scale comparing different regulatory and governance regimes. Using a sample of 102 banks from 4 geographic regions (United States, Europe, China, India) we propose pooled...

Young leaders and innovation: does SEW evolution across generations matter?

Valentina Lazzarotti, Federico Visconti & Rafaela Gjergji
Università Cattaneo Working Papers no. 1, 2017

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